Holla. Allow me to introduce Boondocks Forever. The entire premise of this is not to tell a single story. The whole idea is to highlight current events and satarize them while implementing them into the plot. Each tale will, hopefully, make you think as well as entertain. My goal is to make sure no character does something OOC for them. So if you think that I got them this way, message me(I enabled the instant messaging thing so this is a possibility).

Now this story is a about an event that we all have had the ire of experiencing these past couple of weeks and it annoyed the hell out of me. Then, an idea popped in my head. This story is a lot like the Martin Luther King,Jr episode as in that it asks, "What if?" So it won't be the status quo like the story's that come after it. Hopefully, you'll like it.

"Yo man," Riley shouted enthusiastically, "Lebron tryna git dat paper."

Huey wasn't paying attention to the sports broadcast or hasn't paid any attention to any source of news since they kept lampooning about the same thing. "Where is Lebron going?" asked by sports announcers and even highly respected political officials. The unwavering social critic took this moment to read a book while his brother and his grandparent discussed this seemingly tremendous event that was paramount to everything else in the world.

"Boy, Lebron don't care about the money." Grandpa argued. "Lebron old school. He wants to git him a championship and a white woman in Miami. Or even those fine ass Latinas. Mhm.

"Whatevah, Granddad." Riley rolled his eyes. "The king knows dat championships and ho's don't mean shit. Nigga gotta keep his paper stack up and head out to New York or even Chicago cuz dats where da money at. Ya know wah I mean?"

"No," Huey flatly interrupted.

"Look at Huey hatin' again," Riley slapped his knee as he giggled and then leaned towards Huey as if trying to provoke his older brother. "What? You mad cuz my man, Lebron doin' bigga thangs den you evah will. Nigga stop hatin'"

"Yeah, Huey," Robert agreed. "Stop hatin' cuz Lebron is successful. Lebron James is out there livin' da dream dat all black folks want."

"And what is that?" Huey begrudgingly asked.

"A multi-million dollar contract and big tittied women."

Huey wished that he didn't ask. Huey sighed and then focused his attention back to his book. Suddenly the door bell rang. The loner took this opportunity to excuse himself from the ignorance around him. While Granddad and Riley continued to discuss the future of Lebron James, the intellectual child only shook his head at the prospect of what his Grandfather stated.

"We should aspire to become more."

Huey finally reached the front door and slowly turned the door knob. When he opened the door, the shadow that the door casted over him was replaced by a shadow that a towering figure loomed over him. Huey's eyes scanned the intimidating presence from bottom to top. The humongous man was only a few inches away from grazing the top of the door frame. He was wearing a black tuxedo and a white head band. When his face escaped the sun's glare, Huey recognized him.

"Yo, little man," the towering man cheesed. "You probably know who I am."

"An introduction and common courtesy are not beyond anyone," Huey reflected back while giving him a bored expression.

The man raised an eyebrow. He certainly wasn't expecting such an abrasive boy.

"Well," the man quickly recovered, "My name is Lebron James. You know. I am referred to as the king of basketball. The second coming of MJ?"

Huey's expression remained the same much to Lebron's chagrin. The four foot child sized the man up and then looked around as if he were waiting for something.

"Why are you here?" The unwavering child asked in an unimpressed tone which only threw Lebron off even more.

"My limo caught a flat on the way to my man's, Melo, wedding and I thought yall could hook me up."

The child held the same expression on his face as if someone had sucked the joy out of him.

"Granddad!" The emotionless boy called out.

Granddad immediately welcomed their guest and invited him inside. The entire family and their celebrity guest gathered in the living room. Riley and Granddad praised him while Huey payed him no mind. Lebron was still kind of bothered by the stoic's attitude towards him.

"Oh, shit," Riley's clasped his fist over his mouth. "I still can't believe my nigga, Lebron, is up in dis bitch."

"Boy," the elderly man called out, "Watch your mouth."

"Whatevah, Granddad," Riley brushed him off and then diverted his attention back to his idol. "So man, you decided what team you signin' to? I mean you gotta go were da money at, man and Miami spendin' on niggas so I would be lik, "Eh, 200 mil."

Lebron chuckled at the little guy's antics.

"You will find out at the conference later on today, little man."

"Now you should go to Miami with D-Fade and what's his name." Granddad stroked his chin and looked up to ceiling imagining, "You don't have any idea how many fine, foxy senoritas there are down there. Shoot, you should go down thur and git me one!"

The NBA superstar burst into laughter.

"Will do, Granddad," Lebron took a sip from his water bottle. "Thanks for inviting me into yall home. I really appreciate it. I won't be here long."

Granddad waved his hand. "It's no problem. You can stay for as long as you like."

Before Lebron could respond, there was a sudden rumbling coming from the front door.

"Robert, I got them gutters clean fah yall chimps!" the voice yelled out.

A portly, old, dark skinned man with a weird eye entered into the living room and his eyes lay upon Lebron.

"So why you brought dis gorilla lookin' nigga in da white man neighborhood?"

"What?" The behemoth of a man couldn't hold his temper.

"Ruckus, you know that this is Lebron James," Granddad stood up.

"Yeah, the nigga looked bettah in a gorilla suit." Ruckus laughed, "You thank you one of the best players of all time? What about Larry Bird? Pistol Pete? Hell you ain't even the greatest dunkah of all time. Brent Barry was bettah den you, boy."

"Is he serious?" Lebron asked the Freeman family.

"Oh, he is just getting started," Huey answered.

"You thank you sumthin, huh? The white man made you into who you are, boy, so da white man can break you," the black white supremacist declared. "Look at dat boy, Allen Iverson. A broken monkey who can't even dribble the ball right no mo."

Lebron stood up, but before he could do anything Robert cut him off.

"Ruckus, get out of here now!"

"Phhmph, whatevah, yall bunch of baboons." The audacious old man retorted while leaving, "The white lord should've nevah gave yall niggas money."

As the door closed behind the unruly old man and his footsteps ceased, Lebron was livid.

"Yo, is dat dude forreal?"

"Don't pay him no mind," Granddad waved, and then glanced at his watch, "Oh no! I got to go get my groceries for the party I'm havin' later today before the Decision comes on. "

The elder Freeman placed his hands on his head struggling to think of a plan. He snapped his fingers and glanced at Lebron.

"Lebron, could you watch Huey while I take Riley to the grocery store for the time being?"

"Sure, old man, but why just Huey?" he couldn't help, but ask.

"Cause," Granddad glared at his grandson who was deeply invested in his book at the time, "Huey just had to stage a protest about how Wal Mart, Publix, and shit poisons the masses or whatevah the hell he is goin' on about and had to get his little narrow behind banned from all markets in the city."

"When you get sick , I won't even waste my breath and say "I told you so."" Huey said as he turned a page in his book.

The boy didn't move an inch since his granddad and his little brother left. The basketball prodigy was starting to wonder why he even needed supervision. The quiet boy didn't even pay any attention to him, and acted as if he was just there alone. Lebron tried to shape some sort of interaction with the kid.

"So," Lebron initiated the conversation, "do you watch basketball?"

"No," the boy quickly responded without even giving the questioner his eyes.

Lebron felt a little relieved by this.

"So that's why you never heard of me."

Oh, I know who you are," Huey corrected him while still focusing on his book. "I just don't really care."

"You don't care?" The basketball prodigy asked with a tinge of anger in his gruff voice.

"Nope," Huey shrugged.

"I am Lebron James! The hottest free agent in the NBA and two-time MVP! Whatever team I play on will forever change the face of that franchise! I am an entire state's economy! Who could possibly be more important than me?"

Huey closed his book and closed his eyes.

"Who won the MVP award in 1970?"

Lebron was perplexed by the boy's obscure question. He raised an eyebrow and tried to think of a response.


"Who won the NBA MVP award in 1970," the afro militant re-iterated, "And who were the NBA champions that year?"

"I don't know…"Lebron answered.

"Who won it in 1967, or 1985, or 1990?"

"I don't know." Lebron lifted an eyebrow in curiosity, "What does this have to do with anything?"

Huey gave the man a stern look.

"Your entire life has been defined by a game. You think you've achieved great things, but there is nothing momentous or exceptional about you or your prestigous awards. "

Lebron was slightly startled by the youth's inquiry.

"Those people do not care about you," Huey continued. "As soon as you become damaged goods, as soon as you do the slightest thing wrong, lose any sort of ability, or when the next big thing arrives, you will fade into obscurity just like every other previous NBA star has before. Look at Allen Iverson."

"Allen Iverson was a great player," the NBA superstar defended.

"Allen Iverson didn't know anything else, but how to play basketball. Now he desperately struggles to make himself seem relevant. His fans left him for the next big thing, his family is torn apart, and all that is left is a broken man who knows nothing else, but basketball," Huey interjected.

Lebron fell to his knees. He couldn't believe it. This kid has gotten to him. Could it be true?

"Your dreams and aspirations have been, in fact, your limitations," Huey's voice and words were now engrained in the man's cranium. "I can see that you are on the edge. I know that you are afraid."

"Afraid of what?" asked the broken man.

"Afraid of achieving your true potential. You're afraid of change," Huey's eyes bore into Lebron's eyes. "I don't know the future. I'm not going to tell you how this is going to end, but I will tell you how this could begin. I'm going to get off this couch. Then I'm going to show you what those people don't want you to see."

"See what?" His mind desperately seeking answers.

"I'm going to show you a world without you," Huey ominously pointed at the 6"8' giant. "A world not bound by their rules and regulations. Without borders. Without boundaries."

Huey got off the couch and walked up the man. The kid looked up to him even though the man was still on his knees and looked him in the eyes.

"A world," the kid dragged on, "where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice that is up to you."

"Boy, hurry up. The thing is about to start!"

Granddad would find an excuse to throw a party for almost any reason. It was his way of maintaining his positive image within the neighborhood and showing off his cooking. Since Tom is a huge basketball fan, he and his family, of course, was the first to be invited. Huey's best friend, Michael Caesar, came over as well, and Riley's closest friend, although he would never admit it, Cindy arrived to the party with her family. All of the kid's save for Riley sat around the living room are while the corn rowed one was stuck running errands for Granddad.

"I can't believe that you guys met Lebron James," Tom laughed and carried on. "Was he a nice guy?"

"Yeah," Granddad yelled from the kitchen. "He even signed Riley's basketball and a few of his expensive ass jerseys."

"And Imma sell dem bitches too and make me some money," Riley deviously said to himself.

"What, boy?"

"Nothing Granddad," he responded back. "But I'm still mad that Granddad left him to babysit Huey and took me ta da grocery store. I mean feel bad fah Lebron havin' to take care of gayass Huey. Sheeyat, no wonder he was in so much in a hurry ta leave."

"Wait," Caesar interrupted. "Yall left Lebron here with Huey?"

"Yeah," Riley answered as if it weren't no big deal, "Ain't that messed up?"

"So did you and Lebron talk about anything," Jazmine asked her friend, who was reading a book.

"This and that," Huey answered.

"Wait," the dread head interrupted again. "You talked to Lebron James."

Huey nodded.

"Man, would it be somethin' if Lebron moved in dis neighborhood?" Cindy pondered. "There would be parties all ovah dis piece."

Caesar was still worried about the revelation that his best friend alone without supervision.

"You didn't do what I- "

"Shhh," Riley cut him off. "It's about to start."

Granddad and the rest of the guests crowded around television set. Everybody's eyes were focused on the images on the screen except for Huey. He didn't care.

Lebron and the reporter sat on the podium with a TV audience in the background. Lebron twitted his thumbs while the entire country awaited his decision. The spotlight was on him like it has always been.

"So have you made your decision," the reporter asked.

"We wouldn't be here if I haven't?" The towering giant chillingly replied.

"Good," the reporter stated with no hesitance in his voice. "So what team are you going to sign on?"

"I'm not signing on any team," Lebron answered with a wide smile on his face. "I am announcing my retirement."

"What?" The reporter channeled what everybody was thinking.

"I'm going to college to get an education, and I am no longer Lebron James." Lebron looked at the camera with a sense of hubris, "I am now known as Lebron X."

The reporter's jaw dropped and so did the entire studio audience.

"I will donate half of my riches to the cause and form many left organizations dedicated to fighting the war," Lebron continued.

"The war on what?" The reporter asked while shocked by this declaration.

Lebron re-focused his attention back on his interviewer.

"The war on poverty," he answered while getting up from his chair.

Granddad…no, the entire room full of guests couldn't believe it. Huey, on the other hand, acted as if nothing happened and continued reading. Noticing the child's apathy and lack of a reaction, everybody diverted their attention from the television and unto the revolutionary.

"So what else is on TV?" Huey asks before he turned a page in his book.

See? Thats why you don't leave guests alone with Huey.

Next time on Boondocks Forever, Granddad's past haunts him again. Can the boys save his ass from the wrath of Nicole in the next chapter of Boondocks Forever, "Niggas ain't shit."