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"Lucy! Lucy, you here?" Ethel shouted walking in from the back door.

"Yes, in here Ethel!" Lucy shouted back, looking through the newspaper trying to see if any stores had any sales.

"Oh there you are dear. Have any plans for today? The boys went down to the club to work on set for the musical this Friday night. I sure do need a new gown to wear." She said, looking down poorly at the dress she was wearing.

Lucy wasn't paying any mind to what Ethel was saying, because an ad caught her eye. Macy was having a great deal; a deal someone just couldn't pass up. She kept her eyes on the paper, throwing out one of her hands to look for Ethel.

"Ethel, Ethel look! Macy's having half off on clothes today! It starts in 2 hours." She said excitedly. Turning to look at Ethel, "This is just perfect, we can get a new dress for Friday, and maybe we can get our hair done too! How about you say we go?" She said excitedly, her eyes gleaming with joy.

Ethel groaned and looked at Lucy. "Oh Lucy! Do you honestly think my penny pincher husband is going to let me get a new dress AND get my hair done too? Just the other day, he dropped a dime and it rolled right under the couch; and guess who had to get it? Me of course." She said rolling her eyes, and shaking her head. Walking over to sit down on the couch.

"Oh come on Ethel, we haven't been shopping once this whole month! I'm sure the boys will allow us to go this one time."

Ethel looked at Lucy like she was crazy. "Are you even listening to what you are saying? The boys, let us go shopping? Are you sure you're feeling alright today Lucy. The boys never like us going shopping. They say we go 'overboard'. Whatever that means." She gave one meaningless chuckle.

Lucy frowned and then snapped her fingers once, walking over to the couch to sit down by Ethel.

"Ohhh…. I guess you're right. But do you have any idea what we are going to wear Friday? Everyone has already seen me in all my dresses; I'll be embarrassed to let them see me in the same dress once again. We sure do have penny pincher husbands now don't we?"

Ethel crossed her arms and shook her head. "You can say that again. I can't even recall the last time I bought a dress. Oh wait I remember now, the day before I said 'I do'. Hmph."

Lucy laughed at Ethel's comment "Oh Ethel, don't be silly." She said, and got up pacing back and forth.

"We just can't miss this sale! There won't be one like this for a while." She said, still frowning. Lucy then clapped her hands together once, and through them in the air.

"What if we don't use a cent at all on the dresses?"

Ethel looked at Lucy curious, but was scared to ask what her crazy plan would be.

"Lucy, where are you getting at?" Ethel asked, a bit unsure if she wanted to hear Lucy's response.