The story is based on a newly formed inside joke with some friends at school. Those boys will always be gay to me :D But for now, I'll just have to take the idea and apply it for Tory and Colin.

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"You want to what?" Colin demanded in through the silence of his bedroom. His sudden outburst caused his felines to jolt in shock and pounce off of the bed he sat on with his boyfriend.

Tory instantly missed the warmth he had cuddled against his chest. He didn't expect such a reaction from his normally introverted partner.

"The army…I thought it'd be useful if I could serve the country and stuff," Tory stated plainly. But the look of horror wouldn't leave Colin's face. Tory tried to figure out what was wrong, but couldn't seem to place it on anything. All he really intended on was making himself more…worthy to be Colin' boyfriend. Colin controlled elements. If Tory wasn't able to protect him, what would he be? Besides he's already have to wait at least three more years until he can go, so what was Colin so worried about anyway?

Colin looked uneasy as he pet one of the cats with reassurance. "Don't you…know?"

Tory leaned in to touch Colin on the shoulder, offering some peace of mind to whatever was bothering him, "What? What is it?"

By now, there were even tears beginning to fall from his eyes. It took a lot to make Colin cry. Things like where he thinks Tory wants to break up with him and—

He thinks I'm going to breakup with him WHAT?

"When men join the army, they leave their wives and partners for years…as the years past, the end up finding someone nicer…in the army." The pitiful look Colin had could tame any wild beast. Or just spring Tory into action.

Before Colin could even comprehend, he was scooped up in Tory's arms again, his back pressed tightly to Tory's chest.

"It's five years Tory…it'll be a long time," Colin whimpered.

A strong hand stroked Colin's hair as if he were a cat himself, "You know there's no one else for me. Besides, we'd write everyday and—"

"You're not trying to get rid of me are you?"

Silence cut through the room and Tory stared in shock. "Why would you ever think that…?"

"You've always told me to consider all the possibilities."

Tory shook his head, almost disapprovingly, "When I decided I wanted to join the army, I was only thinking of protecting you Colin."

The confused, but painstakingly adorable expression was silent, so Tory took the opportunity to continue, "You're really important Colin. The Gaia project is a big thing and I just want to be able to protect you…"

Colin scoffed, "I would be able to take care of my self being the subject of the Gaia project you know." Tory's grasp around him tightened, "Yeah, but what kind of boyfriend would I be if I couldn't protect you?"

"Wouldn't you need to focus on protecting the country and stuff anyway?" Colin inquired sounding amused and curious at the same time.

Tory wore that knowing cocky smirk on his lips again, "Well if I'm thinking of you, it shouldn't be so hard anyway."

"Are you willing to find out?"

Calling them 'Army Boy' is an insult now (: But really; it's a good thing xD

I'm putting another chapter, no idea when it'll be done, but it's generally unrelated to this chapter, but has the same topic on the Army and a lot more smut/kinks. If it isn't guns, whips, bondage, blindfolds, and sexy Colin, is there anything else I should include? Yay for a kink-fest :)