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Chapter 1: Problems

The resident citizens, villains, and heroes of Jump City never knew what hit them.

"Let me go, you bastard!" Robin shouted, from inside a metal cell. His uniform was ripped to shreds, mask long since taken off, belt retrieved and placed on a table that was just a few feet away from the cell, as if taunting him of it's presence.

"You are mine. I don't plan to let you go, as I have just captured you. That would be stupid." A voice said from the shadows. Robin snarled in displeasure.

This is all looking too familiar…The hero growled. This isn't Slade though. God, I wish it was Slade…never thought I would ever breath those words…but its true.

"Now, my beautiful little Robin…" the voice purred, stepping from the shadows. The man, or rather, young man as he only looked about twenty-five, did nothing to hide his appearance. There was no full-head mask, half-mask, or eye covering…The man wasn't even wearing a uniform, looking rather comfortable in a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt.

But, Robin knew not to be fooled. This man was not to be misjudged.

"I hope you realize that once I get out of here, you're going to be in a world of hurt!" The hero sneered, gripping the cell bars, his knuckles turning white, as his gloves had been taken off as well.

"Don't be so unpleasant. Who knows, perhaps if your good, I might even make it pleasurable for you as well." His captor spoke, moving closer to the bars, his blue eyes sparkling brightly, blond hair glittering from the small light from the window next to them.

"…what?" The teen glared. "Pleasurable for me too? Wh…what are you planning to do, you scum?" he stuttered, hating himself. His friends had better find him soon, things weren't looking that great. He wasn't as naïve as everything thought. He knew where this was going…Didn't mean he wasn't any less scared, however. But, he couldn't show that. He had to play his face.

"I plan on doing everything I want…and then some." The blond leered at his captor's visible skin through his torn uniform. He proceeded towards the cell and ran a hand along one of the bars, before moving his hand inside and stroking Robin's black hair.

"Do you know how utterly gorgeous you are?"

Robin grabbed the hand and tried to break it, but the man was too quick.

"I'm going to enjoy breaking your spirit. I like them a bit feisty, but I must say I have never fucked someone as stubborn as you. I can only assume you are going to be rather tight, especially since you are a virgin. Such a treat." Blondie grinned evilly.

"Don't think for one second that I would allow that!" Robin growled low in his throat. In reality, he was rather scared at the notion, but he had to be strong. His friends would rescue him, hopefully soon, and they would do away with this bastard once and for all.

"You've completely lost your mind! You sick, sadistic, fuck!"

"I did count on the fact that you would be completely adverse to the idea, so that is why I shot a nano-drug into your system when you were unconscious. It will allow me to do whatever I want to you and, unfortunately for you, this drug affects your hormones…You'll have no choice but to enjoy it."

Robin gasped at the notion, and began screaming, shouting, crying for help, anything so that someone would hear him. He even tried to kick at the cell bars, but it ended up doing nothing. He had to get out of here. He didn't even have his communicator…his friends wouldn't be able to track him anyways…he was caught and now…

"Now…hold still while I active my little drug."


Please, someone has to help me!


"Titans GO!"

All five Titans rushed towards the new villain that had begun reeking havoc on the town. The alarm that had been set off had shown a robbery in progress, but all of them had expected their resident thief, Red X, to be behind such a large theft. It wasn't, something that confused Robin greatly, but he would have to question it later, right now he had a criminal to look after.

"Star! Give me a lift! He's on the roof." Robin shouted, indicating with his finger the form of a man who looked rather young, running with a large bag of, what he guessed, was diamonds from the jewel exhibit that had stopped in their town earlier that week.

Starfire flew both of them on to the roof and Robin took off on foot. All five Titan's had managed to corner the villain in a park not far from their tower. Robin glared fiercely, wiping his bo-staff out and twirling it.

"Hand them over, you thief, and I might let you leave here with all your limbs." The Titan leader sneered.

The villain turned around and grinned at the heroes. His blond hair flowing in the slight breeze. Robin had to frown slightly when he realized that this criminal wasn't wearing a uniform or a mask. Maybe he was some common man looking for some extra cash? Then how'd he get past the security guards who'd been monitoring the exhibit?

"And who is this lovely creature?" The man purred, blue eyes staring straight at Robin.

"Enough talk! Hand them over!" The leader spat, narrowing his eyes. He'd give him one more chance, and then he would attack.

"That's not very nice, and who might you be? We never got the time to introduce ourselves. My name is Vince. At your service" he did a mock bow, eyes twinkling in mischief.

Robin was seething on the inside, but never let it show.

"Titans Attack!"

It hadn't ended well, that was for sure. They had sorely misjudged Vince, thinking him to just be some commoner, when in reality he had a rather diverse fighting style, as well as meta-human powers. Robin was still sitting patiently for Raven to finish healing his burnt arm. The man was able to shoot fire, go figure, and let's not forget the fact that he could fly. Sometimes, he wondered what God gave out powers, there had to be some boundaries, having all that fire power into one human wasn't really fair.

"Don't worry, we'll track him down and get the diamonds back." Raven said calmly, after finishing with his arm.

"We should have never underestimated him. We were careless!" Robin growled, clenching his fists.

"It was a mistake, we'll be ready for him next time."

Oh, I'll make sure of that. We will catch that bastard.

But, they didn't, and not the next time either. Soon Vince had begun to consume the Titan's entire weeks, always beginning with a robbery, sometimes minor, sometimes much larger. It wasn't until they arrived at the crime scene, on the third robbery from the same man, that they met up with a very pissed off Red X.

"This is the third time he's gotten here before me kid! I'm starting to loose my patience!" Red growled. Robin was quite startled to hear such a thing, as the kleptomaniac was very humorous and flirty whenever they met.

"Robin! He's over there!" Cyborg shouted, alerting them to Vince's whereabouts. The man in question grinned, before taking off, into the air. Robin mounted his R-cycle, just about to take off, when he felt an additional weight land in the back.


"I'm helping. No way is someone taking over my territory." Red snapped, grabbing the Titan's waist.

"Wow, somebody is jealous." Robin couldn't help but smirk.

"Very! Besides he's claimed to the entire world that you're his new boy toy! I think Slade is a little bit pissed, especially since Vince actually managed to steal from one of his lairs." Red kindly informed him. The hero's eyes widened.

"Man, does he have a death wish? He actually stole from Slade? How'd he manage to do that?" Robin asked insanely, revving up his bike and taking off. "How is he still living?"

"Slade is out of town apparently. He's tricky too…not easily captured. All I know is that this bastard has been kicking around in our territory for two weeks now. I've had enough. I have no more shiny things to steal, and I hardly ever get to see you anymore." the thief whined just a little bit.

Robin manned the bike around town, following his team mates trackers. They were in hot pursuit of the criminal.

"Never thought I'd see the day. I'm almost tempted to turn around and call off my team, just because I know that when Slade is through with this bastard…well…I don't want to think about it, wouldn't be a very heroic thoughts…" The Titan leader said a bit cheekily.

"Aw, kid! You know I love you right?" Red grinned.

Robin snorted. "Yeah, yeah, and I love you about as much as I love tapeworm."

"So mean!" the thief pouted.

"We're here, now get your fat ass off my bike!"

"Fuck you, my ass is perfect."

"Yeah, perfectly smack-able." Robin said out of the blue. He wanted to smack himself in the head. Flirting with Red was always too easy.

"Oooh, I think I'd like that."

"Pay attention to the fight, Vince is over there." Robin said changing the subject, shooing the other away.

"Take the fun out of everything."

"I thought you wanted to get rid of him?"

"Rob! Man, get your ass over here, we could use some help!" Cyborg glared and dodged a stray fire-bolt. He didn't want his processor fried to a crisp.

"Don't worry, my dear, I will win your heart sooner or later." Vince trilled on, while punch after punch hit his gut, curtsey of Robin. Red was just as aggressive, being fuelled by hate for this creature that was declaring his love for the Titan leader like a love-sick puppy dog. It was gross. Especially since Robin was his…well…maybe not all his, as Slade had a pretty strong claim on him that most villain's knew of. But, they had an understanding.

"You have a few screws loose. I think you have lost your mind." Robin declared, his bo shooting out and missing his target. Raven managed to get in a good hit with a broken tree trunk that had been lying around, sending Vince into a building.

The building was rather run down, and as they entered, Vince was nowhere to be found. Robin cursed to himself, keeping his eyes and ears open, for any shadow or sound that might indicate where the bastard was. He told his team to split up, and was almost glad that Red X had decided to stay with him. The building was rather dark after all, and even though he was not afraid, he didn't want to be caught in a jam that might prove rather dangerous.

"There!" Red shouted, firing one of his exploding X's. Vince dodged the shot and grinned disappearing again.

"Fuck!" Robin growled, activating the night vision function on his mask. He couldn't see a damn thing in this godforsaken building.

"Slade's gonna beat your ass, you know that?" Red taunted through the darkness, his night vision already activated. "Even I'm not stupid enough to steal from him." he added with a wince. He really didn't want to be around when Slade got his hands on this guy, it would turn rather ugly.

"I have nothing to fear from some simpleton that cannot even manage to take over a city." Vince said from the shadows. "Nor keep his so-called apprentices."

Robin gaped and had the urge to defend the one-eyed villain, but kept it at bay. This was getting a little too weird for his tastes.

"But, I suppose I can't blame the man for his constant failures. Especially since his foe is as fair as you, my delectable little Robin."

The Titan leader refused to shudder in disgust.

"Is this guy for real?" Red whispered. They both scanned the place, but it was impossible to find him. Robin was starting to get rather frustrated.

"Trust me, that's not the half of it. You don't want to know half the things that he's been going on about." The leader replied, gripping his bo. The made their way to the back of the building, but still there was no sign of Vince.

"I don't think I've ever seen you so collected. You usually just fluster up and blush when I flirt with you." Red kindly informed him, making Robin glare at him, although the klepto couldn't see it. "I guess I'm more special than him!"

"Just shut up and help me you-"

One of Star's bolts flew past them and they saw it make impact with their runaway. Robin smirked and threw an exploding bird-a-rang, doing a mental victory dance when it hit. Although, it was short lived, considering the room suddenly illuminated with red and the hero vaguely realized that a rather powerful fire blast was being shot their way. The leader didn't even think twice and threw himself at Red, pushing them both out of the way.

As they fell to the ground, the rest of his team began their full assault.

"You saved me?" Red asked incredulously. "Awww, I knew you cared about me!" he added with a grin. Robin resisted the urge to slap the older teen that he was currently lying on.

"Yeah, well, don't think too much of it."

"Oh, I wouldn't count on that."

Robin just sighed and flipped backwards using one hand, before running towards the fight.

They had managed to retrieve the stolen goods, but Vince had escaped, not without a few bruises though. Robin sighed to himself, not satisfied in the least. How was is possible for one man to get away from them so many times? Well, that wasn't really justifiable, considering Red X and Slade had managed to do such a thing on several occasions. But, still…new villain's shouldn't be coming into his town and mimicking other vill-

"No way…" The leader suddenly grinned.

"Whoa, someone looks rather evil at the moment." Red commented. They were all standing outside the building, which looked like someone had taken a bulldozer to it a few times.

"I just realized how we can catch this guy. It was so obvious! Why didn't I think about it before."

"Well, spill man, because I don't think I can take much more of this guy wakin' us up at three in the morning." Cyborg complained, accompanied by BB. "And what the heck is Red X doing here? I thought we left him back across town?"

"I wanted to put a stop to that freak." Red huffed, getting weird stares from the other members of the team. The thief just sighed.

"The first time you stole the suit, did you steal anything before we fought you?"

"Uh, how should I remember…" Red said. "It was like, three years ago."

"Try to remember."

"Oh! There was this exhibit, I think, and-"

"A jewel exhibit?" Robin inquired.

"Uh…uh…yeah! I remember, cause this was this really fat chick who looked like she was going to fall over because she was wearing so much crap and-"

"He's mimicking this towns best criminals." The leader smirked. "Vince stole diamonds from an exhibit. Then he hit the jewellery store downtown, the one that Red tried to steal from, but we caught him, remember?"

Five sets of eyes stared at him.

"Dude! Are you saying that this freak is gonna steal a Chronoton Detonator?" Beast Boy screeched.

"Surely this is untrue. I do not wish to be frozen in time." Starfire exclaimed.

"But, wasn't Slade's a fake, just to…lure you to him?" Raven asked a bit hesitantly. The apprentice era was still a little bit shaky between all of them, something that Robin had never talked about to them. They had no idea, beyond what they had seen, of what had happened when their leader had been with that man for over a month.

Red X suddenly gasped, a rather weird sound from him.

"It's like what the Kid said…I never succeeded in stealing from that store downtown, but Vince cleared out the entire place." the thief said, but not without a certain pout to his voice.

"He's trying to out due you and Slade…mark his own territory." The Titan leader said wide-eyed. "Then that would mean that he's going to be using a real Chronoton Detonator!"

"You are not serious?" Cyborg looked panicked, as the rest of the Titan's and Red did.

"Spread out and find him! Now!"

"What are you doing?" Red X asked, a few minutes later. He had decided it would be best to stay with Robin, only because, with the rest of the Titan's on the look-out Robin, even with his amazing skills, was still in danger. Vince was clearly obsessed with the Titan leader, and not in a good way.

"I'm calling Slade." Robin said blank faced.

"Oh, what? Are you telling me that Slade gave you his phone number and you accepted? Is there something going on that I should know about because-"

"No! Now shut up while I call him!"

Red X seemed to pout.

"And stop pouting!" Robin glared while the communicator began his call. "There is nothing going on between me and Slade, and even if there was, it wouldn't be-"

"Oh, there isn't, is there?" said an amused voice from the communicator.

Robin tensed like the a bow-string.

"Hey Slade! I have a bone to pick with you-" Red began to rant. Robin cut him off, however.

"Where are you?" The Titan said, ignoring the man who seemed to be smirking, even though he was wearing his full uniform, mask and all.

"Out of town." The mercenary informed him.

"You are aware that there is a freak on the loose, who has no only managed to evade my team countless times, but apparently stolen from one of your bases?" Robin asked the man.

Slade tilted his head.

"Really now? Why would that concern me? There is nothing of value in any of my old bases and furthermore-"

"He's declared his eternal love for Robin and looks like he's raping the kid with his eyes." Red sneered out, grabbing the communicator. "And, he's been mocking you, calling you incompetent and, I don't know what is valuable to an assassinating giant, but he's apparently stolen a rather expensive chip from your base. Any idea what I'm talking about?"

Robin resisted the urge to roll his eyes and call Red a tattle-tale. But, that had been the gist of why he was calling Slade, minus the part about him, but the way Red talked about the problem made it sound childish. Although, what was he to expect, the thief was childish in everything that he did, so…

"He what?" Slade hissed, eye narrowed. Neither boys knew which he was pissed about, the fact that he'd been stolen from or Robin's new stalker.

The Titan proceeded to relinquish the communicator from Red.

"Red said that you've been out of town for a few weeks? Well, this guy has apparently decided to take over, while you've been gone. He's started with this mumbling idiot and is working his way up to some of your, shall we say, failed crimes. He's copied the failures of Red X and made the crime a success. Any of this ring a bell?" Robin explained.


Red flailed behind him, but Robin glared at him to be silent. It wasn't long before the mercenary was speaking again.

"A Chronoton Detonator would take months to create. Not to mention a lot of power that would completely run the city dry and anything else within a hundred miles." Slade mused to the duo after understanding what the teens were talking about. "Besides, the crime was not a failure, it was a decoy…"

Robin didn't like the sound of that.

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