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Red X slowly made his way into the Tower that he'd gotten rather familiar with in the last few months. His mind was elsewhere as he sauntered through the hallways, hands sitting in his leather biker jacket, a solemn look on his face. Even though he knew that everyday that he'd visited, Robin's condition had still been the same. Every time he set foot in that medical room, the Titan leader was still "sleeping".

The thief sighed somewhat, and shook his head.

Slade had told him that he was a fool for visiting the hero as much as he did. That if anything were to happen, anything were to change, they would both be informed. But, somehow, Red X thought differently. He hoped, deep down, that by him constantly by the hero's side, he would be able to get through to the teen. That Robin, on some basic level, at least knew he was there.

It was a small hope. One that Red could almost feel dwindling each day he came here with no results. It made the klepto realize just how deep his feelings for the famous Boy Wonder actually went. It was long past the teasing banter and blushing fun. He actually felt something for this kid, and, even though he knew next-to-nothing about the Titan leader, he wanted to, and that was a start.

Slade placed the weapons he'd used on his heist away, having just finished reloading and washing them. He was standing in his lair, one of the smaller ones around Jump, and contemplating his next move. It was Friday, around three in the afternoon, and it was just about time for him to make an appearance at Titans Tower.

The mercenary swiftly made his way towards his shower, intent on washing before heading over.

It was a small weakness that he allowed himself to indulge in.

Robin, that was.

The teen wonder had caught the assassin's attention, and therefore the man would allow himself his momentary weakness of his weekly Friday visits. Had it been anyone else, he would have stayed away until informed of a change. But, Robin was his weakness.

It didn't bother Slade as much as he'd thought it would.

Especially after that talk he'd had with the Goth girl, Raven.


Slade stepped out of Titans Tower an hour after he'd arrived, two and a half months after the Vince altercation, content in the knowledge that Robin was being cared for. Plus, he couldn't stand the rambling idiot that constantly sat at the teen's side, mumbling gibberish.

Suddenly something dark morphed in front of him. Slade raised himself up into a defensive position, until he realized that it was merely the pale girl, Raven, staring at him with a dull look. However, her wise violet eyes spoke of questions and concerns. Probably about Robin, Slade had no doubt.

The mercenary relaxed and placed his hands behind his back, letting the girl know that she could commence with her "your wrong for Robin" speech.

"Thank you," she finally spoke.

Slade's masked eye widened in surprise.

"You are thanking me?" the man stated more than questioned.

"You saved his life. For the man that I thought you were… well, I have sorely misjudged you, and for that I apologize," the pale girl claimed.

"Make no mistake, girl, that I am just as deadly as I have always been," the assassin said coldly, his steel eye piercing into hard violet.

"Perhaps," Raven said, a small barely noticeable smirk on her face. "He's stubborn," she said randomly.

"The blubbering idiot is as blind as he is-"



"Yes," the empath nodded.

Slade had to be honest with himself, he was having a hard time reading the girl in front of him.

"I've been tracing his mind," Raven started to explain. "He's conflicted…confused about his feelings for you and also Red X."

"Hmm." Slade didn't bother to ask how she knew about any of it at all. She was blessed with such powers.

"I have no doubt that he will not awaken until he has resolved those feelings. Whether or not he chooses to accept them or not, I have no knowledge of," she continued, studying the man before her, just as Slade was doing the same. "What I do know, is that, should he accept those feelings, I, personally, will not hold it against him."

"Why are you telling me this? What about your moral heroic code?" Slade wanted to know, narrowing his steel eye. What was the catch? There had to be one, didn't there?

"I'm telling you this because you'll have to deal with the consequences when he wakes up, just as Red X will. So, be prepared. Even if he does accept those feelings he's been trying to push to the back of his mind, he'll be resistant and confused at first. Might even try to push you away. I know Robin, I've been by his side through many things, through many years, and that is just the way he ticks. Physically, he'll be fine, emotionally…well, that is a different story."

"So I've seen," Slade agreed. "And the heroic code?" he almost scoffed.

"Family is much more important," she said simply with a shrug. " What makes him happy, is what makes me happy."

"I see."

"Be prepared," the pale girl warned. "If you have any doubt about the things that you feel, make sure you don't come back." There was a hint of a threatening tone to her voice that Slade caught on to instantly.

"The concern is admirable," Slade said, moving past the girl. "Never question my intentions however, for those who do? They don't come back."

Raven smirked again.

"Glad we're on the same page, Slade," she then disappeared.

End Flashback

The mercenary had to admit, Raven had balls, and he had gained a whole new respect for her. Despite her meddling into his business, he knew she had been right.

Slade loved a challenge, though. Robin wouldn't be his little bird had he not been challenging. It was simply the way Slade ticked. However, the mercenary didn't want to conquer this conquest, he wanted to taste, tease, and enjoy it. Enjoy Robin, and all the little spitfire had to offer. And perhaps, if Red X learned to shut his mouth, he could join in as well.

It was then, after a refreshing shower, that the man stepped out of the bathroom and heard his communicator going off. He made sure to turn his screen black, as he was naked and not wearing his mask, before answering.


"He's awake," Cyborg's voice rang over the receiver.

"Stable?" Slade questioned, already dressing in a hurried manner, although he would never admit to it.

"Yeah man, he's already thrown the clip board at BB for being an idiot," the half-man chuckled, only to laugh slightly harder when there was a "hey!" in the background.

"I'll be over shortly, is the idiot there as well?"

"He's heading up the ramp now."

"Lovely," the mercenary mumbled, before ending the call. He swiftly made his way to his garage, picked out one of his motorcycles, and heading towards the Tower.

"He's awake?" Red practically screamed when he finally came into the medical room and saw that Robin was no where to be found, only Cyborg, cleaning up. "Or…or…gone?"

"No! He's awake, he's taking a shower in his room!" Cy said quickly, a little irritated at having been scared half to death. "He said that-where'd he go?" the half-man said after turning back around and seeing the thief completely gone.

Slade had just made it into the Tower when he spotted Red X practically fly through the hallway and towards Robin's room. The mercenary resisted the urge to shake his head. He, also, made his way forward and towards the Boy Wonder's room, just as Red X barged into it.

"You have an uncanny ability to not knock, don't you?" Slade glared at the klepto who was glancing around the room quickly. He jumped slightly when the assassin spoke, turning around with a big shit-eating grin on his face. "He's awake!"

"Obviously," the man narrowed his steel eye.

It was then that the door to the bathroom was opened.

Two and a half sets of eyes stared at each other. Robin, clad in only a small towel, felt a blush rise up his entire body, but not only that…he wasn't wearing his mask…and…suddenly all kinds of naughty thoughts started entering his head.

"Perhaps Red X had the right idea," Slade informed everyone in the room. Both teens glanced at the man, both too stunned to move or say anything.

Well, that was until Slade shut and locked the door, removed his mask, threw it to the floor, not caring where it landed, and made his way to the very naked boy standing surprised in the bathroom doorway.

Neither boy had anytime to gaze in awe of the sexy face that was finally revealed to them. Slade seemed to be on a mission, and the objective?

Get Robin as hot and bothered as he could. They could all talk later, it was time to play and place his claim on the teen wonder, once and for all.

Red X seemed very willing to help in his plan, already sucking on a pert nipple that was just begging to be licked…oh, and Robin's begging too.

Robin didn't even have time to say anything except "oh fuck!" before he was kindly thrown on the bed, with two very hungry looks sent his way as the towel finally came off and his flushed, still slightly wet, muscled body was revealed.

Lips and tongues seemed to be everywhere, and clothing seemed to all be on his bedroom floor.

"You kept me waiting for far too long," Slade claimed, working his way up the teen's thigh, nipping and sucking on the inner skin, dangerously close to the hero's most sensitive organ.

Robin only gasped loudly, moaning softly as every one of his sense overloaded and his already weakened body gave up in a shuddered mess of pleasure. The teen wonder decided right then and there that he would never let his villain's out of his sights again.

Red was so worked up that he felt like he was going to come from these small touches alone. Slade was already slicking himself up with some lube that he'd gotten from his belt (why he had it in there, the thief didn't know, but was grateful). Robin was moaning like a wanton whore for someone to fill him, while Red was skilfully using his tongue to lick every inch of the hero's cock.

It wasn't long before Robin was crying out Red's name as spurts of white hot cum burst from his engorged cock and into the klepto's mouth.

They were going fast, but that's what they all needed right now.

Testosterone was taking over, and before Red knew it, he was the one being filled deeply by Robin's newly hardened cock. The klepto moaned softly as he bent down on all fours, the Titan behind him, his hips jutting back and forth, hitting the thief's prostate with every thrust.

Slade sat behind the hero, leering as he finger fucked the Boy Wonder's ass, preparing him for what was to come after he let the teen's have their fun.


"Your so tight," Robin moaned softly, thrusting faster as he felt himself coming closer to the edge once again. He shakily gripped Red's throbbing member and gave it a few hard tugs, feeling his hand flood with cum, seconds before he felt his own orgasm crash over him.

They both laid there panting, trying to catch their breaths, Robin reach over and wiped his hand on his forgotten towel. Slade seemed to smirk in a rather evil way, and gripped the Titan, while pulling him over.


"My turn, don't you think? I let you have your fun," the mercenary purred, making Robin blush and harden again.

The hero glanced down at the swollen head of the assassin's cock and his blue eyes widened. It was huge!

"I…I wanna suck you," the teen said, making both Red and Slade groan at how hot it had sounded. Red was still laying at the front of the bed, too tired to move.

Robin's blush grew as he managed to find a good enough position where he wouldn't strain himself, before blowing on the tip of the man's almost purple shaft. He then engulfed the head, moaning around the lube that was already there.

Slade gripped the Titan's hair and pushed the teen to take more into his mouth. Robin made a sound of discomfort, but then fluttered his eyelashes when he felt his body shudder from pleasure.

Slade lasted five minutes under the teasing licks and sucks from his new lover, before Robin was sitting on his cock, riding in earnest.

The hero's head was thrown back as he was fucked so deeply by the huge cock. It had hurt like hell going inside, but the lube allowed the man to slip in easily despite the pain. There was obviously no pain now.

"Yes! Yes! Oh god! Fuck me…fuck me!" Robin cried out.

Red moaned softly, stroking himself from beside the couple, knowing that it wouldn't take long for him to come again, considering how sensitive he was at the moment.

Slade grunted as the teen rode him faster, feeling his balls tighten. Robin was coming again, his third, only a small spurt of white splashed onto the man's bronzed chest. The mercenary gripped the teen's hips, slamming into him, before groaning softly as his seed filled the Titan, moments after Red gasped in his second orgasm.

They all fell asleep afterwards, managing very well on Robin's small double bed.

They would all have to talk in the morning, but, one thing was for certain, Robin was just glad that he'd be waking up next to his villains.

The End!

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