Challenge WOW: Mark

Summary: Dean can't take it anymore, he just can't live without him. Tag to 5.23. Suicidal!Dean

Word Count: 100

I Can't Do It Alone

Do it...It'll be over soon...Just do it…

One simple, well known movement. He'd practiced it many times. This was no different.

"Sammy…" He choked, unable to see through his tears. His heart was ragged, bruised, marked with pain. He couldn't take it.

He shut his eyes, tears on his cheeks.

The barrel rested on his temple. One movement and it wouldn't hurt anymore.

Finger on the trigger.

Do it!

A grip stronger than his took it away. He turned.

"Cas?" The angel said nothing. Dean crumpled to his knees, sobbing. Castiel wrapped his arms around him protectively.


"Shh…He's gone."


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