He had lost. After coming so close to winning the cup for the first time for his people; he had lost. He stared out onto the now empty stadium in Johannesburg, it had to be close to two in the morning now, but he didn't care. With a sigh the Dutchman dropped to the ground, he could feel the disappointment his people felt. If only he could have played better… Spain had be the favourite to win this match, even that stupid octopus thought so. He looked up and stared to the South African night sky for a few moments before closing his eyes.

His eyes slowly opened as he felt two warm arms wrap around him, he tilted his head slightly looking back at the other.

"You're the second best in the world." The soft voice said as a head was nuzzled into the Dutchman's neck.

"Second best isn't the best, Matthew…" he sighed shaking his head, he glanced down at the top of the blonds head for a moment.

"Maybe not… However you're better than Italy, Germany, England, America, France and almost the rest of the world. Just as the saying goes, there is always someone better than you out there." Matthew smiled before placing a small kiss on Lars' neck.

Lars smiled before shaking his head, "I guess so.. However it still would have been a thrill to hold that world cup."

"Well I have a plane to catch in three hours, so there is no point in going to sleep." Matthew slipped his hand under the orange jersey his lover wore and slowly slid them up his chest. "So why don't I give you something better than the world cup~?" Matthew cooed into the others ear before pulling his hands back and standing up.

Lars turned his head and stared up at the other, how people thought he was so shy was beyond him. He quickly jumped up not wanting to pass up this for anything, and that included sulking.

Maybe… Just maybe, coming in second place wasn't so bad after all.