The Scene-
The Gryffindor common room friday night. A group of second years are sitting in a corner but otherwise the room is almost deserted.

The Game-
"Imperius Verita Syrum". The wizarding world's equivalent to the popular pre-teen muggle game "Truth or Dare"

The Players-
JAMES POTTER: A cute skinny little boy with messy black hair and bright blue eyes.
SIRIUS BLACK: A hottie even at age 12 with dark eyes and black hair that falls into his eyes.
REMUS LUPIN: Brown haired and eyed, Remus is rather cute although still a bit of a pretty boy at this age.
PETER PETTIGREW: A little chubby, red faced boy with sandy blonde hair and light blue eyes.
LILY EVANS: A pretty girl with long red hair and bright green eyes.
XENIA KARKOROV: A strikingly beautiful part Siren girl with thick wavy brown hair and bright blue eyes.
IMOGEN SNAPE: A year younger than the rest, Imogen is in slytherin but spends most of her time with her Gryffindor buddies ,avoiding her elder brother Severus. Imogen is cute with straight brown hair and brown eyes.

SIRIUS- I'm bored!
LILY- Me too!
XENIA- I know...Let's play Imperius Verita Syrum!
REMUS- Only if you promise not to make the whole thing us stripping again.
XENIA- I only did that once...well maybe twice.
IMOGEN- Just promise already Xenia.
XENIA- Fine I promise. In fact I'll even let Peter go first to prove my good will.
JAMES- (very meekly) I'll play...
XENIA- See Jimmy is a good sport. (Flashing him a dazzling smile) Come on Peter, let's play.
PETER- Okay. Xenia. Imperius? Verita Syrum?
XENIA - Ummmmm...Verita Syrum!
PETER - Ummm, anyone have any ideas?
REMUS - Well we all know that there is only one question.
LILY- There are variations on it though.
IMOGEN- Yeah we won't ask who Xenia likes...instead we can ask. Who do you think is attractive?
XENIA- (smiling) James, he is one sexy mofo. (James blushes and everone laughs. Xenia is unabashed) Okay my turn. Imogen...Imperius? Verita Syrum....?
IMOGEN- Verita Syrum?
XENIA- Well then...Who do YOU like?
IMOGEN- (turns red) Sirius...
SIRIUS- It's okay babe, you're not the only one. (Remus hits him) What?
JAMES - Imie, it's your turn.
IMOGEN- Xenia.
LILY- Oooooh revenge!
XENIA- Imperius.
SIRIUS- The first of the game.
IMOGEN- Kiss Peter.
XENIA- Okay (she shrugs, jumps up and kisses Peter, and then sits back down as if nothing had happened. Peter is in shock.) Okay then Imie. What's it gonna be? Imperius or Verita Syrum?
IMOGEN- (rising to the challenge) Imperius.
XENIA- Kiss Sirius. (Imogen rises hesitantly and bashfully goes to kiss Sirius, really he kisses her but everyone lets that slide) See that wasn't so bad.
LILY- Much fun as this is, could we maybe involve the rest of the group.
IMOGEN- Oh yeah. Peter?
PETER- Imperius (he is obviously nervous)
IMOGEN- (obviously having expected him to choose Verita Syrum) umm. Dance around the room squawking like a chicken.
(Peter makes a pathetic attempt and everyone laughs good naturedly. Peter sits back down.)
PETER- Imogen?
IMOGEN- Imperius
PETER- Any ideas anyone?
SIRIUS- Give Remus a lap dance!
JAMES- Hell yeah!
(Imogen is very embarrassed as is Remus but she does give him a very short one)
IMOGEN- James?
JAMES- Imperium
XENIA- Strip tease!!!!!
JAMES- Fine I should of known. (he gets up and begins to remove his shirt)
XENIA- Go Jimmy! It's your birthday! (James turns red and looks down at the ground) Come on Take it off! (Jimmy dances around very adorable and undoes his pants) yeah baby!!!(jimmy takes off his pants and the grils are all screaming, then he sits down and starts to redress)
JAMES- Remus.
REMUS- Imperium
JAMES- kiss Lily
LILY- Why is everyone trying to set us up today?
REMUS- Whatever (he kisses her) So Peter. Imperius or Verita Syrum?
PETER- (resigned) Verita Syrum.
JAMES- Who do you like?
PETER- (barely audibly) lily...(everyone goes awwwwww. peterr recovers) James.
JAMES- (Hesitantly) Verita Syrum.
PETER- (grinning) Who do you like?
JAMES- (blushin endearingly) Xenia. (after a moment) Lily? Imperius or Verita Syrum.
LILY- Imperius.
XENIA- Kiss Sirius!
LILY- Fine (she goes up and with false bravery kisses him) Your turn Xenia. What's it gonna be?
XENIA- Imperius.
SIRIUS- kiss James!
(Xenia gets up and without a word kisses James lovingly and then sits back down next to him, James blushes deeply but she is completely unphazed)