The Scene-
The Slytherin common room friday night. A group of fourth and fifth years are sitting in a corner and one is sitting a little ways away from them reading .

The Game-
"Imperius Verita Syrum". The wizarding world's equivalent to the popular pre-teen muggle game "Truth or Dare"

The Players-
LUCIUS MALFOY: An attractive boy of 15, with pale skin, a rather pointy chin, and light blonde hair.

MAXIMILLIAN NOTT: A seductive boy of 15, short for his age and slender, with dark hair and eyes, but an air of attraction about him

NARCISSA LOCKHART: A classically beautiful girl of 14, thin, with long silky blonde hair and light blue eyes.

GILDEROY LOCKHART: The most beautiful boy known to man, at 13 Gilderoy may actually be prettier than his older sister Narcissa with the same aristocratic features and shiny blonde hair.

LODESSA CHARYBDIS: A strikingly exotic 14 year old girl, rather voluptuous with olive skin, thick wavy black hair, big topaz eyes,and cherubic lips.

IGOR KARKOROV: A shy big nosed boy of 14, with brown hair and very little extraordinary about him.

SEVERUS SNAPE: A pale skinned, black haired and eyed boy, with a hooked nose, Off in the corner, the 14 year old Severus attempts to read and not to get drawn into this silly humiliating game.

MAX- So what do you say Narcissa? Imperius or Verita Syrum?

NARCISSA- (bored) Imperius, I suppose.

MAX- Sit on Lucius the rest of the game.

NARCISSA: (gets up and does so) Lodessa... you're next.

LODESSA: Imperius.

NARCISSA: Make out with Max until one of you is dared to kiss someone else.
(Max turns his head, as he is sitting next to Lodessa, and they start)
First ask some one though so we can keep the game going.

LODESSA: Gilderoy... Imperius, Verita Syrum?

GILDEROY: Imperius...

LODESSA: (as a wicked smile crosses her face) kiss Severus.

(Gilderoy gets up to kiss him)

SEVERUS: (from behind his book) You forget I'm not playing

LODESSA: But Gilderoy is... I didn't say you had to kiss him, I said he had to kiss you, besides I think you should stop having such a stick up your ass and have a little fun with us for once.

SEVERUS: Why don't you just go back to being Nott's whore and leave me in peace.

LODESSA: ummm... no.

NARCISSA: Dess... just let Mr "I'm too good for everything" be. It's not worth the effort.

LODESSA: Fine, but Gilderoy still has to kiss him.

(Severus scowls but Gilderoy kisses him and Lodessa and Max resume snogging)

GILDEROY: damn've got really soft lips (everyone looks suggestively at Gilderoy but he doesn't seem to notice). Lodessa?

LODESSA: (between kissing Max) Im-pe-rius.

GILDEROY: (grinning broadly) Get Severus to play.

LODESSA: (she smiles and disentangles herself from Max) Okay.

(she walks over to severus, snaps his book shut, straddles him, and wraps her arms around her neck)

LUCIUS: (bursting into laughter) Is she going to do what I think she is?

LODESSA: So Severus, I am not going to back off until you agree to play (meanwhile she is softly breathing on neck and begins to kiss along it)

LUCIUS: oh my god she is! This is bloody brilliant...

LODESSA: So what do you say? (she licks his ear)Are you going to play or should I just keep on...doing...this...Severus.

MAX: If I was Severus I wouldn't play if that kind of treatment was the alternative.

NARCISSA: Roy...I think you must be the stupidest person should have known she'd try something like this.

GILDEROY: your point being...

LUCIUS: Come on Narcissa, this is amusing.

SEVERUS: (as Lodessa starts to unbutton his shirt) Fine...I'll play your bloody game, sod off already!

LODESSA: (As she gets up and skips back to the couch) I knew you'd come to your senses Severus, so Imperius or Verita Syrum.

SEVERUS: Verita Syrum I suppose, I'd prefer not to make a spectacle of myself if possible.

LODESSA: If you had to date one person in the school who would it be?

SEVERUS: Morgan Curie

LUCIUS: the Ravenclaw eh-

SEVERUS: (cutting him off)Lodessa, how about you?

LODESSA: Verita Syrum

SEVERUS:Who would you date?

LODESSA: ...hmmmm...probably Chang. Gilderoy?

GILDEROY: Verita Syrum

LODESSA: What's the most embarrassing thing your sister has ever done?

NARCISSA: Lodessa! That is so cheating!

LODESSA: It isn't but if you are going to be a baby about it them never mind. What's your biggest fear Gilderoy?

GILDEROY: Getting stranded somewhere in the wilderness...Igor?

IGOR: Verita Syrum

GILDEROY: Who do you have a crush on?

IGOR:(turns bright red) Lodessa...(looks down at the ground) Lucius, Imperius Verita Syrum?

LUCIUS: Verita Syrum

IGOR: Who do you have a crush on?

LUCIUS: Vashti Patil

MAX: (whistles)


MAX: All this verita syrum is making me sleepy so imperius

LUCIUS: snog Gilderoy for 5 minutes after you ask the next person

NARCISSA: will no one let my baby brother be

LUCIUS: be quiet, you know you never gave a shit about him in your life.

LODESSA: Damn I wish I had a camera

MAX: Lucius?

LUCIUS: Imperius

MAX: Snog Lodessa for three turns after you ask the next person (Max and Gilderoy start snogging)

LUCIUS: Narcissa?


LUCIUS: do a strip tease.

(Narcissa gets up and takes off her shirt, Lucius starts kissing Lodessa. Narcissa takes off her skirt two and dances around a bit and them buts back on her clothes)

NARCISSA: Well since you seem to be one of the two people not snogging someone...Severus?

SEVERUS: Verita Syrum.

NARCISSA: who do you think is prettier, me or Lodessa?

SEVERUS: Lodessa...well then I guess Igor, you're next.

IGOR: Verita Syrum

SEVERUS: Do your parents like your sister better than you.

IGOR: Yes...everyone does. Well Narcissa...

NARCISSA: Verita Syrum

IGOR: Why did you and Zabini break up?

NARCISSA: because he cheated on me with Brown...and i cheated on him...with Lucius...(to lucius who has just stopped kissing Lodessa) so Lucius you next?

LUCIUS: verita

NARCISSA: why on earth did you date McDougal?

LUCIUS: Cause I was really bored one day and she was around so we snogged and then she went around telling everyone we were together...Lodessa

LODESSA: Imperius

LUCIUS: Snog Narcissa until someone asks one of you something as soon as you ask the next person


IGOR: Imperius

LODESSA: Snog Lucius

(Lodessa and Narcissa start making out)

IGOR: Lucius

LUCIUS: Verita Syrum

IGOR: Why aren't you and Narcissa dating?

LUCIUS: well...ummmm guys know it was 5 minutes a long time ago right?

MAX: (moving away from gilderoy) oh yeah...(noticing narcissa and lodessa) man, I can't believe i was missing seeing this.