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Bella's POV

I was sitting in the cafeteria, like always.

I was sitting at there table, like always.

I was staring of in space and not paying attention, like always.

I never used to be like this though, I used to be like every other normal teenager at school, well not really I guess because most normal people don't have a vampire boyfriend, or know a vampire family, or even know that vampires exist. Well i don't either, not anymore. Apart from the not knowing they exist anyway.

I used to date this guy, well vampire but its almost the same right? Well anyway we dated in junior year and i was never happier, i was in love for the first and last time, i wanted to be changed into a vampire so i could stay with him and his family for the rest of eternity.

He and his family were all vampires, and they were all in humanly beautiful but all vampires are. There are seven of them altogether, the 'parents' Carlise and Esme and the 'children' Emmett and his mate Rosalie, Jasper and his mate Alice and lastly Edw... deep breath Edward ... Flinch. Carlise has amazing control over his blood lust and is a doctor, he has blonde almost white hair with golden eyes. His mate Esme has caramel curly hair that always sits perfectly down her back with the same golden eyes. Emmett is really big and muceley with short curly black hair and the same golden eyes. His mate Rosalie is the most beautiful person/vampire i have ever seen with her long blonde hair golden eyes that go well with her hair and has an amazing complection, to top it off she is always wearing the most expensive clothes. Jasper has curly blonde hair that reaches to just above his shoulders with the golden eyes and his mate Alice is a short pixie, its really the only way to describe her she has short black hair that sticks out in all directions with the same golden eyes and lastely Ed..ward ... flinch. He has copper hair that is always in a mess, emmett usually teases him about it constantly saying it was bed hair, and the same golden eyes as everyone else.

But the cullens were different , they hunt animals instead of people which is why there eyes are all gold, when the are hungry they darken to an onyx and the vampires that hunt humans have red eyes so you can always tell them apart thankfully.

There not like the vampires in the movies though they ...

can't sleep at all,

sparkle in the sun,

have granite hard skin,

have ice cold skin to the touch,

can run REALLY fast and

they don't die with a stake to the heart as the stake woult brake the second it makes contact with the skin if its tried, they can only die by being ripped to shreds and then burn the pieces. Oh and to turn into one all you have to do is get bitten and then suffer for three days burning in agony and wishing for death.

But what hurts the most is that i was willing to go through all of that for him because i thought he loved me, he said he loved me but he lied and then after my disasterous 18th birthday he left me alone in the woods by my house saying that he and his family was leaving because he didn't love me and he wanted to move on and have other distractions.

That was 5 monthes ago and i still cant get over it, im like a zombie, or a robot doing what i do every day but i cant help it because i didn't just lose the love of my life, i lost a family and a future too all at the same time.

I only spoke when spoken too which was hardly ever and have lost a bit of wait, but i try for charlie, my dad who also happens to be the chief of forks. I do try and i do realise that i am being pathetic and should try harder to move on but i just cant.

Since i was thinking really hard about this i hadn't realised that i had a few tears rolling down my face or that Angela, a nice girl with long dark hair and glasses was waving her hand in front of me trying to get my attention. Aparantely the bell had gone a few minutes ago so i wiped my eyes, got my stuff and dumped the rest of my food in the bin and headed of to class with barely a thanx to angela who was kind enough to risk being late to class and try to get the attention of the schools 'zombie'.

The rest of the day passed by quickly and before i knew it i was eating my dinner with charlie in the kitchen. We don't even bother to talk, maybe a few sentences each that just cosisted of 'hey' 'how was your day' 'this food is great bells' and so on.

I really did feel bad for what i have been putting him through these last 5 monthes what with me being the way i am and the fact that i wake up screaming everynight because i am always having to watch him brake up with me.

I went to bed that night exhausted but knowing i would only get a few hours of sleep, its why i was exhausted, its why i always am because i only sleep for a few hours. Im always to scared to go back to bed.

I layed my head on the pillow and not two minutes later i was back in the woods standing in front of him again.

'you ... don't ... want me?'

'no' as he said that it was like a knife to my heart and i was suddenly un-able to listen

properly, all i caught after that was ' i'm ... tired of pretending to be something i'm not'

'your not good for me' and 'goodbye' at that last word i started slipping away into darkness.

Thats when i woke up screaming so hard that it felt like my lungs were going to burst.

Charlie doesn't even bother to come in and check on me anymore. He's used to it.

I sat up in bed silently shaking and sweating. I looked at the clock and it was 4:30am

so i went to take a long shower to calm myself down, when i got out i just stared at my reflection for a while. I looked different than i used to, my skin was paler and my eyes looked lifeless, thats when i looked away and went to get dry and dressed.

When that was done i went down downstairs to get breakfast and not long after charlie came down stairs looking worried but determined. That scared me a little.

What scared me more was the fact that he sat down in his usual chair without breakfast or his newspaper, something was up and i had a feeling i was not going to like it.

He looked me right in the eye and said " bella im sending you to jacksonville to live with your mother " i was so shocked that all i managed to say was " no "

charlie sighed " bella its been 5 monthes, there not coming back, you have to move on with your life sweetie and as much as it pains me to say it i think it would be best if you did that with your mother "

" im not leaving, i mean it you cant make me " i was suddenly on my feet shouting at my father and to say he was shocked was an understatement.

" i think its whats best for you honey, you need a new scene, new friends and you are going to jacksonville if i have to pack your bags for you and drive you there myself, im sorry bella i am and i dont want you to go but im not going to be selfish and let you stay here just so i can see you, you need to get better. " by this point i was really pissed.


and with that i stormed out with tears streaming down my face and leaving a very shocked charlie behind.

School went by slowly today, i couldnt wait for lunch so i could just be on my own without having to pay attention to anything.

I was now sitting in english and lunch was next, i was staring at the ceiling out of bordem when i noticed how horrible it was, there was mold patches everywhere and it looked like the rain was about to come through.

I realised that i didnt care so i looked away and waited for the bell to ring so i could go to the cafeteria.

On my way there i couldnt help but notice that there was infact water leaking through the ceiling and into a bucket that had ben placed to collect it.

I sat down in my normal seat and did what i always did, nothing.

I didn't know how long had passed but soon i heared this terribly loud THUD and a bunch of screams, i looked up and saw everyone screaming and running trying to get outside, i was too shocked to move, i looked around for the source of the noise and when i found it i felt the blood drain from my face.

The roof was starting to collapse, there was a huge whole in the middle of it and on the floor was what was supposed to be a roof.

I started to get up and run out side with everyone else as it looked like the rest of the roof was about to go too, when i was about to step out side i was proved right, the rest of the ceiling had come down and the force of it made the ground shake and because its me and i have no balance i fell down and banged my head.

Really hard.

I could hear someone scream my name but i couldnt move and as i felt blood slowly start to make its way dowm my face, i felt myself slipping into the blackness and i welcomed it.

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