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Bella's POV

Waking up I was instantly aware of a pain between my legs, I couldn't place it. But then I realized that I was wrapped in Damon's arms and the events of last night came flooding back to me. Damon was still asleep and I was once again mesmerized at how vulnerable he looked. At this very moment I was beyond happy. I was ecstatic. Last night was truly the best night I have ever had. It happened sooner than I thought it would.

I wanted to know Damon better but we were already so attuned to each other's feelings. We were already inseparable. We were already in love, or at least I was. Thinking about Damon just brought me back to thinking of last night and I couldn't bring myself to regret it. I was glad it happened, when it happened.

I don't know how long I laid in Damon's arms, just listening to his breathing. I could've stayed like that forever. I felt so content. It wasn't long before Damon started to stir; before he could even open his eyes I pressed my lips gently to his. I would have deepened the kiss but I was sure I had morning breath. So I reluctantly pulled back as I felt his tongue on my lips.

"Hmm, I could definitely get used to waking up like that from now on." Damon replied finally opening his eyes.

"Me too" I replied smiling.

Damon cupped my cheek with his hands, looking me in the eye.

"How are you feeling? Are you in any pain?" I loved how caring he was. Everyone else thinks he's arrogant, a smart ass. But I know the real Damon. I know how caring he is because he shows me that side of him. He lets me see him vulnerable and I love him for it. It makes me feel special in a way. He trusts me.

Still smiling widely I answered his question.

"I feel great, fantastic even. I was in a bit of pain when I woke up but it's dulled now."

"Well based on the smile you are wearing I am assuming you had a good night?"

I laughed at that, I couldn't help it. He's got his cocky smile on trying to look serious but his eyes were practically dancing with humor and enjoyment, he just looks so cute right now.

I started laughing even more when he started tickling me. It wasn't long before I was gasping for breath and begging him to stop.

"Damon … please … oh god … stop … please … can't … breath … please … stop"

He was laughing along with me and after a few minutes finally stopped, but we both continued to laugh.

"So what are we doing today?" Damon asked once he got control of his laughter.

That was actually a lot harder to answer than it was supposed to be. On one hand I really, really wanted to spend the day with Damon. On the other hand, the Cullen's were in town and I really wanted to see them, I didn't know how long they could stay here because of the sun.

"Where'd you go?" Damon asked bringing me out of my reverie; I hadn't even realized that I had spaced out.

"Nowhere special, just thinking" I replied.

Damon was looking me straight in the eye, he looked serious, and after what felt like forever of staring he gave a soft sigh.

"You want to go and see the Cullen's, don't you?" he asked, he really did know me well.

I couldn't help but feel guilty. We made love for the first time last night; I should want to spend the day with him. Not go and visit the family of my ex-boyfriend.

"I'm sorry. I can't help it. I want to spend the day with you, but I haven't seen the Cullen's in months and I don't know how long there going to be here. You could come if you want? Meet them?"

Another reason I love Damon is that he's so understanding, even when he shouldn't be.

"No, it's ok. You go and spend some time together, catch up. I should go home and check on Stephan and Elena since she spent the night there. But call me if you need me ok? Even if it's just to say hi, if you need me then I'll come straight over."

"I promise. I'll call you later anyway to check on things."

"I look forward to your call then."

We spent another hour or so in bed just talking and sharing kisses. But like always all good things come to an end and it wasn't long until Damon announced that he should be going.

"Remember call if you need anything, ok?" he said while sitting down next to me on the bed. He was fully dressed, only missing his white shirt which I grabbed before he could put on. With a little persuasion I managed to get him to let me keep it.

I just liked the thought of me wearing his shirt around my room, and to bed. It didn't take a lot of persuasion since it was white and would most likely never be worn again, but it was fun none the less.

"I promise I'll call. Now I have a question for you." He looked wary by the seriousness of my voice since we were just joking around not five minutes ago. But said I could ask him anything anyway.

"Can I tell the Cullen's about you, and Stephan, and Anna? Well about the 'originals' that are here?" I looked at him as he processed what I asked, he was silent for about a minute when he said that I can, since he knew all about them it was only fair.

"Thanks Damon, now go so I can get ready." I laughed as he pretended to be hurt.

He leaned down for a quick kiss only I couldn't help but deepen it a little. When I finally pulled back he reluctantly got up, kissed my forehead and promised me that he will come by the mystic grill tonight while I'm working and left.

I reached over to the bedside table to grab my phone and then lay back down. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't stop smiling.

Taking a deep breath I dialed Alice's number. I wasn't sure where they could be staying since they don't have a house here, not that I know of anyway. After only one ring Alice answered her phone, I guess she 'saw' me phoning her when I decided to.

"Hey Bella, how are you?" she asked the second she picked up.

"I'm actually in a really good mood. I was wondering if you lot could come over so we can catch up and talk? I've really missed seeing you all and I have something to tell you all."

"Sure no problem, when do you want us?" she sounded really hyper and happy today, that's not such a good combo for Alice. Normally I would be worried but I don't think there is anything that could dampen my day.

"Could you be over in an hour?" I asked. I did need to get ready after all.

"Sure no problem, see you soon."

"See you." I replied but she had already hung up, that's not like Alice. She's always the talker unless she's up to something. Shrugging it off, I forced myself out of bed to get ready. The first thing I did though was change the bed sheets. There was a bit of blood on them and I wasn't taking any chances.

Once that was done I took a long hot shower, being careful to scrub every inch of my skin. I washed my hair twice just because I loved the apple scent of my shampoo. Stepping out of the shower I wiped at the steam filled mirror and just stared at my reflection for a while. I felt different today, I couldn't place it but I wasn't complaining because I also felt amazing.

I began drying my hair, and then proceeded to straighten it only this time I tried something new. When my hair was all straightened I took a small section of hair at the side, raised it above my head and back combed it. Adding a bit of hairspray I took another section underneath and did the same thing, and then I brushed it down and did the same on the other side and at the back. Once it was all finished I decided that I loved my hair like this, it gave it volume.

I then did my make-up, I did that the same as always, no foundation because I didn't need it, I definitely didn't need blush so all I did was add a light shade of purple eye shadow, a bit of eye liner, mascara and a shiny pink lip gloss.

Then I got dressed with the clothes I had chosen. I pulled on my light denim short, shorts that had sequins around the pockets, then my top that was a deep shade of purple. It was skin tight and had one strap that joined in the middle going around my head, it also had one strip of ruffle that started where the strap did and went in a straight line to the bottom of the top. I pulled on my white sandal wedges and then my necklace that was a simple chain, with a small silver butterfly hanging loose.

After giving it a lot of thought I decided to leave the charm bracelet off as it was gold and just didn't go with my outfit. I would be safe enough with the Cullen's. I took one look at my reflection, smiled and then left the bathroom to wait for them to show up.

Walking out I was surprised to see all the Cullen's already there. Alice walked right up to me and gave me a hug, followed by Rosalie, Esme, Carlisle and to my surprise Jasper. We were never that close and after my birthday I would have thought it would have been even worse. I really hope that this means he got control of his blood lust.

What surprised me most though was that Emmett didn't come up to me; he was just standing off to the side with a smile on his face. I didn't like that smile, it was his mischievous smile, and he was up to something.

"Bella you look amazing, who knew you had style?"" Alice told me once everyone let me go.

"Thanks Alice, I make more of an effort now that it's sunny and my clothes won't get ruined by rain." I joked.

"Bella dear, how are you? You looked awful last night, I was worried." Esme always was considerate of others feelings.

"I'm great, really, last night didn't turn out how I thought it would but I wouldn't change anything about it, it was a perfect night." I replied smiling brightly.

"I'll bet" I heard Emmett chuckle. What was he on about? The others seemed to know what he was thinking since they were all trying to hide their smiles.

"Hello Emmett" I said since he wasn't doing anything to make me think he was going to say hi.

"Hey Bella" he sounded cheerful, he was making me nervous, he only acted like this when he was up to something.

"What's wrong with you?"

He looked way too innocent for my liking.

"Who? Me? I'm not up to anything, why would you think something like that?"

Definitely too innocent, I was sure he was up to something.

"Well you didn't give me one of your famous bear hugs when I came out and you always do; you're wearing that smile which means you're up to something and your acting innocent. What are you up to?"

Chuckling he replied "You really are perspective. Ok you caught me; I have a present for you."

I looked at Alice silently asking if it was safe, she nodded that it was but I also noticed the humor in hers and everyone's eyes.

"What is it Emmett?" I asked. I was a little weary. He made a motion for me to hold out my hand and close my eyes,

Taking a breath to calm my nerves I did as instructed and then felt him place something small in my hands. I opened my eyes when he told me to and what I found in my hand confused the hell out of me. Sitting on my palm was a cherry. Emmett gave me a cherry. I didn't understand what the joke was but they obviously found it funny because they were all laughing at my confused look.

"Am I missing something?" I asked anyone in general, but that just made them laugh even harder. After a few minutes Emmett composed himself enough to let me in on the joke. "Your boyfriend 'popped your cherry' last night and that's to replace it. You get it now right?"

When I blushed furiously they all doubled over in hysterics, I couldn't believe how embarrassed I felt. Of course Alice would have seen what happened last night and told the rest of them. Emmett being Emmett obviously couldn't help but make fun of me and the rest of them found it too funny to stop him.

When they still didn't stop after three minutes, I decided to go downstairs and get some breakfast. Jeremy came in while I was pouring my bowl of cereal and took a seat opposite mine.

"Hey stranger, I feel like I've hardly seen you since being here. What have you been up to?" I asked, we really hadn't spoken in a while which is too bad because we used to be close. He looked up at me and smiled. "I know, we've barely seen each other, but you have been really busy what with working, shopping, decorating your room with Damon, spending your time with Damon, spending more time with Damon and did I mention spending all your time with Damon?"

He was smiling so I knew he was only playing. "Ok I get your point, it's my own fault we haven't spoken much, I'm sorry." I smiled sheepishly and he gave me a laugh.

"It's my fault too I've been busy with school, had a lot of catching up to do, and I've been spending time with Anna as much as you've been with Damon." I smiled then and asked when I could officially meet her. I've seen her with him at 'mystic grill' but we hadn't been introduced.

"I'll ask her, maybe we could meet for drinks some time." He suggested.

"I'd like that, and we are going to be spending time together as well, I miss my cousin." We talked for a bit more about nothing in particular and then I went back upstairs to find the Cullen's had calmed down and were waiting patiently on the sofa's.

I walked over and sat in-between Alice and Rosalie.

Emmett smiled and me, "Congratulations Bella"

Blushing again I told him to shut up.

He chuckled a little but before he could comment Carlisle turned to me.

"How about before we all catch up we have a talk, Alice said you wanted to talk to us about something. What is it?"

They were all looking at me expectantly; I didn't know where to start. I ended up just blurting out that I told Damon about what they are. That was the worst thing to start with since they didn't know he was a vampire.

"WHAT!" Rosalie screamed standing up to stare at me, she was furious, everyone else looked shocked and hurt, even Emmett stopped smiling and was looking at me in disbelief, Alice was the only one who stayed calm. Everyone else looked like I had just forced them to eat food, they thought I betrayed them.

"I cannot believe you; I actually trusted you and you betrayed us. How could you do that? I thought you loved us like family and you go and tell your boyfriend just so you have no secrets. This wasn't your secret to tell, why would you do this to us?" Rosalie was really hurt; everyone else was looking at me with disappointment shining in their eyes.

I couldn't blame them, that really was, the worst way to start. They thought I had betrayed them.

"How could you do that to us Bella?" Esme said quietly.

"I'm sorry, I have a reason why I told him just please let me explain?"

They still looked hurt and Rosalie went to sit next to Emmett while Carlisle made a motion for me to continue.

Taking a deep breath I began to tell them.

"I know you think I betrayed you but I haven't and I never will. I only told Damon because he is like you; he's a vampire as well, an original."

They all looked shocked beyond belief but before Carlisle could interrupt I put a hand up to stop him "Just let me get it all out ok?" when he nodded I told them everything, the whole story. What happened when they left, what I was like, the accident at school, what happened at the hospital, deciding to come here and what happened when I got here. I told them about Elena and I, about Jeremy, I told them there were more vampires here but didn't mention any names other than Damon and Stephan. I told them all about Damon and how much he meant to me and I told them what happened last night.

It was quiet for a few minutes after I finished and was broken by Emmett, naturally.

"You really are a danger magnet. Anyone else would have just had a normal life after we left but you had to go and find some other vamps."

We laughed at that with me whole heartedly agreeing. Rosalie apologized for over reacting and came to sit next to me again. I told her she wasn't overacting and I was sorry for making them think I betrayed them.

The rest of the day was spent indoors since they couldn't go out because of the sun. We watched movies and talked about anything. Alice and Rose had a look in my closet and were impressed but Alice just couldn't help herself, she wanted to take me shopping for a weekend away sometime. Presumably in Alaska where they were staying, I told her I would think about it but with the smile she got I was sure that she had seen us there sometime.

Esme loved the decoration and said I had the talent to be an indoor designer given time and practice. When she said it though I could just picture it, I had to admit that I liked the thought of it.

As promised I called Damon for an update, Stephan was refusing to drink and Elena was worried, I couldn't blame her, it must be hard watching someone you love hurt like that. I told Damon that the Cullen's we're ok with everything, that they were worried for me but accepted my decision and trusted my judgment.

They had to catch a flight to Alaska tonight. I wanted them to stay but I knew they couldn't, it wasn't an option because they would draw to much suspicion as they would never be seen in the sun, and with the council Damon told me about it would only be a matter of time before they were accused of being vampires and exposed.

When it was time for me to get to work I changed into a pair of naturally ripped jeans and a black long sleeved top with my black suede boots. I drove there with Alice, Rose and Esme with me while Emmett drove the others behind me.

They wanted to officially meet Damon before they left.

After I had been working for about 2 hours I took my break and walked over to where the Cullen's were sitting only this time they weren't alone, Damon was there along with Elena.

When I sat down next to Damon he put his arm around me in acknowledgment but continued to talk to Emmett and Jasper while the others just watched him.

I reached for Elena's hand, "Are you ok?" I asked her

She looked at me for a minute before putting her head on my shoulder, "Not really, I'm really worried about Stephan. I've never seen him like this. I'm scared for him." She looked up at me then and smiled, "I'm glad you know the truth now, I wanted to tell you right away but I couldn't, I'm glad I have someone else to talk to about this and I'm glad you're ok with it. Damon told me about the Cullen's today, there ok with me knowing."

"I'm glad I know the truth too, and I know what you mean, it's going to be great being able to talk about this with someone else who is, well alive."

Damon took my hand then and kissed my forehead, telling me without words that he missed me. I just smiled back and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

Later that night we were all standing at the airport, Damon and Elena were waiting in the car while I said goodbye. The Cullen's loved them both, Alice, Rose and Elena exchanged numbers and she would be coming with me to Alaska whenever Alice convinced me to spend the weekend there. They all loved Damon, they thought he was a great guy and was even happier for me knowing I found someone they approved off, who made me happy. They also exchanged numbers with him.

I hugged each of them in turn and smiled brightly when Emmett gave me two bear hugs. "Too make up for not getting one when we got here."

"Thanks Emmett."

"We'll phone like we always do, be safe Bella." Carlisle said as he hugged me last.

Esme wiped a tear that had fallen away, she didn't say anything, she just smiled and I knew she would be crying too if she could.

"I'll miss you all." I said

They all smiled then and I got another hug from Alice before they had to board the plane.

Taking a deep breath I wiped the tears away and went out to the car, Damon hugged me close when he saw me and I through him my car keys, I didn't feel like driving.

I rested my head on his shoulder when we got in the car and I felt Elena's hand on my shoulder in comfort from the back seat.

I smiled brightly, leaned up and kissed Damon's cheek, then leant my head on his shoulder again. It didn't matter that the Cullen's were gone, we would still talk and we will see each other soon, one way or another.

But even if we didn't, I had no reason to be upset. After all I had a great boyfriend and a great family. Elena may not be my cousin anymore, since she found out she was adopted, but that doesn't change a thing. We have always seen each other as sisters, and we always would.

I loved my life now, it was perfect, I was happy and as long as I had Damon I always would be. I loved him, and I was pretty sure that he loved me too.

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