A Struggle For Love

Chapter One: Alice

Bella POV

As Bella awoke, she remembered that she agreed to marry the one man she hated more than almost anyone in the world. Edward Cullen. Ugh just thinking his name brought her into revulsion. Oh man, Alice was going to be so mad at her! Alice, her adorable pixie-like best friend, was the PERFECT one for Edward and loved him but Edward didn't know and Bella knew that if she told Alice would snap her neck like a twig. But Jasper, on the other hand, was, even though he was a pale and blonde man, was so dark, so mysterious, so unknown, and so forbidden. Jasper was Alice's "mate" she was using him and he totally knew that. But Bella had to stop this from happening so she decided to call Alice and just as she was picking up her phone, Alice popped in.

"Bella, how could you do this to me?" She said sobbing even though tears would never come. "Oh, Alice" she said "I didn't mean to honestly! That's why I want you to tell Spedward how you feel!" "Bella, he doesn't love me the way he does you! He is so wrapped up in you that the only way…" Suddenly, she trailed off, having a vision. "OH MY GOD YES! THAT'S IT!" Alice yelled, shocking Bella. "Come with me! I've got a plan that will, eventually, make us both VERY happy!"

As Alice dragged Bella out of the room and into the car, she filled her in on her vision." Bella if I tell Edward you need to do two things that are going to be difficult. You MUST promise me that you'll do them before I do anything." Bella, eager to get rid of the clingy, over dramatic, vampire that had left her and broken her heart before, said "Alice I will do anything to get rid of him, I can't, I WONT risk hurting myself that way again. I will do whatever you tell me to." "Are you absolutely sure? If you agree Bella, you have no choice but to continue." Alice said dramatically. "Yes Alice, I trust you completely. I, Isabella Marie Swan, hereby vow to complete the task that you, Alice Cullen, have put upon my shoulders." Bella said with her hand raised up.

"Bella, you need to first, break up with Edward. Give him the ring, tell him you don't love him, that you'd rather kiss me or Rosalie. Emmet anything! Can you do that?" she asked no joking or humor showing on her face. "If it'll get rid of him, yes I can do that." Bella said. "Second, you need to tell jasper EVERYTHING. This is not something you have to do right away. You need to figure out what everything is yourself. If you do that correctly, both of us will have our happily ever after. Can you do that?" Alice said with a strange look in her eye. "Yes, I can. If it means getting Edward with you and making you happy, I can definitely do that."

They arrived at the house, Alice blocking her thoughts against Edward as not to let him know what was going on. "Ok Bella go and take a walk with Edward." Alice said non-suspicously, knowing that Edward was probably listening but knowing Bella knew what she meant. Edward, in all his vampy glory, suddenly appeared. Opening Bella's door and scooping her out of the car easily, he attempted to kiss her but she refused.

A bit confused he started walking through the woods at a human pace, slowly for him. After a few minutes he put her down and tried to kiss her. She shoved him away using all her strength and said, "Edward I hate you! After everything you did to me, after all the pain I've felt I just can't marry you! It's over. In fact id rather make out with Emmet or even ROSALIE before even touching you. If you kill me then you'll pay for it from your family. I just, I can't, and I will not love you anymore. I'm sorry that you wasted my time." Bella then proceeded to throw the ring that Edward had the night before placed upon her finger at him. He didn't move, didn't react in any way shape, or form. Bella ran toward the Cullen domain and into the car were Alice was waiting with a satisfied look on her face. As they drove toward the actual Cullen house, Alice told her that she had done perfectly, that none of the family, except Edward of course, were upset with her. Turns out, they ALL knew about how Alice felt and knew that Bella would be with them always, somehow it would all work out. When they arrived at the house, Edward was there with a furious look upon his face. "Alice," he said quietly and dangerously, "why on this godforsaken planet, would you bring that no good, dirty rotten, HUMAN into my house?" before Edward even got to the human part, Jasper leaped into the air and tackled him to the ground growling ferociously. Even Carlisle, the peace-maker, was completely outraged at this horrible remark and screamed "HOW DARE YOU! BELLA HAS BECOME MORE OF A FAMILY MEMBER TO ME THAN YOU ARE AT THIS MOMENT! SHE HAD THE NERVE TO SPEAK UP FOR HERSELF AND DO WHAT SHE WANTED!"

Esme was in complete shock. Rosalie was holding back Emmet whom was ready to lunge and essentially rip to pieces his own brother. It looked like Rose was having a hard time from doing that herself. And Alice was well, very much undecided on if she wanted to defend her true love or defend her sister. In the end she grabbed Jasper from on top of Edward and grabbed Edwards hand and bolted from the house. Bella sat down on the floor next to Jasper and whispered "thank you. You shouldn't of done that you know." Into his ear. Emmet and Rose stopped struggling and sat next to Esme, trying to comfort her and Carlisle held her hand trying to console her. At Bella's whispered words, they all jumped up and said comically at the same time "What? Of course he should have! No one deserves to be treated like that no matter how much they hurt someone!" if the message hadn't been so serious Bella probably would have laughed out loud. "I did hurt him though. I told him and I quote "Edward I hate you! After everything you did to me, after all the pain I've felt I just can't marry you! It's over. In fact id rather make out with Emmet or even ROSALIE before even touching you. If you kill me then you'll pay for it from your family. I just, I can't, and I will not love you anymore. I'm sorry that you wasted my time."

As Bella finished her sentence, they, with the exception of jasper who held Bella close to him through her entire speech and didn't move when she finished it, were all shocked. Rose and Emmet especially. "Bella, said Rose, "I don't roll that way but I'm flattered really." Emmet, if he'd been human he would have been blushing said "um Bella I like ya but not THAT way." Bella flushed furiously and said "I didn't mean that I'm like that Rose! Just that I'd rather be then be with him. And Emmet really? You and Rose are perfect for each other. You really think I'd try and interfere on that?" they both looked down sheepishly.

Carlisle was the one who broke the awkward silence saying "Bella, I think that was a little rash but that was the best option for you to take. You are still my daughter even if you aren't married to Edward." At that Bella, blinking back tears, got up and hugged Carlisle fiercely whispering "think you" softly before sitting back with jasper whom hadn't relinquished his hold on Bella's hand even when she got up. Esme finally woke up out of her shocked state and grasped Bella's other hand saying "Carlisle's right honey, Edward just needs sometime with Alice, we all know how she feels and something tells me she also knew about all of this. Don't worry it'll all work out. And well arrange it with Charlie that you'll sleep here so you don't have to worry about Edward harming you because when you said that you were right. And Bella Edwards temper is not something anyone should mess with. Its's best and that way we can watch over you without it being all obvious and such. In fact all of us except Jasper, who hunted this morning, are going hunting and something tells me you won't mind him being here with you."

At that Esme smiled slightly and left to her study Rosalie and Carlisle following her. Emmet decided to speak though reluctantly as Jasper was still there in his own little world. For once, Emmet spoke quietly "Bella, im sorry I didn't have the chance to rip Edward to pieces. I know you don't feel that way about me but you are like my little baby sister and I would protect you if you ever needed it. But you did hurt Edward and even though it was necessary, I think you should at least apologize when he comes around," Jasper, as Emmet paused for breath, snapped to attention when he said apologize. Emmet, seeing the look on Jaspers face, quickly said "for the stuff about me and Rose. It was kinda harsh." He then quickly left before jasper could hurt him. "hes right." Bella whispered mainly to herself and jasper used his power to make her fall asleep before she could feel more guilty.

He kissed her forehead and brought her to he and Alice's, though more like his as he and Alice rarely spent time together, bedroom and laid her gently on the bed before remembering that Alice had left him for Edward and he then ran out of the room, remembering to shut the door gently as not to wake the sleeping beauty from her induced slumber.