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Summary: Kanon Maldini, a 17 year old, beautiful pale neko boy is given to Prince Schneizel as a souviner from his older brother, Odysseus, from a business trip as a gift for his 32nd birthday. What shall happen with this story of a master and his pet?

Chapter One

(Schneizel P.O.V)

It was just an ordinary day in the palace if it weren't for all the "Happy birthday, your highness!" from all the maids and Nobels, he was getting. Birthdays to him were just another sign of getting older in body but wiser in spirit and he needed that with the black knight's causing mayhem now in his once controlled country.

He walked into a simple meeting room where he found his half-sisters Cornelia and Euphemia having an argument with his younger brother Clovis, trying to see what all the fuss was about.

"Cornelia…" patting his back on Corneila's back, making her shiver which stoped her halfway of yelling at Clovis. In a innocent tone "What could be troubling my beloved sister, this time? Especially on my birth-"Corneila interrupted him "THE WHOLE WORLD DOESN'T REVOLVE AROUND YOU! …good grief" she said sighing. " Im arguing with Clovis here about him lying ,straight to my face! " she said with a bolt of anger still left in her. Schneizel turned towards his brother with a pout on his face.

"What did you lie about now, Clovis?" he said in a very bored tone. His blonde, ego-tactical, younger brother was known for not saying the truth or making up stories. "I'm truly not lying brother! Oydesseus is back from his business trip and he said he had brought magnificent gifts to share with all of us!" he said with a sparkle in his eye. Now, Schneizel looked up to his older brother, but he was never the type to care for a common thing people did of sharing materialistic things of values with others.

"Well if this is so true Clovis, then where is our brother with his so called gifts?" he had said bluntly to ridicule his silly sibling.

Oh, but Clovis was not so silly. Schneizel was.

Clovis gulped in fear as he pointed behind Schneizel towards the doorway, where Odysseus Eu Britannia was standing with his usual carefree gentlemen smile he always had on his face. "Schneizel, no need to punish Clovis for telling of my announcement, alright?" he said to his younger sibling, he felt very stupid for doing such a thing.

"Brother, it has been a while. How was overseas?" he said with a loving fake smile. " Great…I've heard you been busy taking care of this filthy Elevens-" he turned to all of his siblings, " You all have and have been doing a wonderful job as so". Euphy felt uncomfortable calling the Japanese by racist terms created by her own kind. She is in fact a sweet and innocent young lady. Oh! and she had forgotten to say something to her older brother but didn't find it fit to say it when he was resolving the issues with her older sister and brother.

"H-Happy Birthday Schneizel!" She said bluntly but very soft. Only expected from the young heiress.

"Thank you, Euphy" as he smiled happily at his sister. "That reminds me-"Odysseus said , interrupting the admiring moment between his younger's. "I have brought souvenirs for you all~"

As soon as he spoke 3 adorable Chinese geishas came into the room, each with silk boxes in their hands. Handing them to Clovis, Corneila, and Euphemia, they gracefully stepped out of the room.

"Please Enjoy my loved ones~ "as Oydesseus said smiling to his siblings who unwrapped their beautiful boxes.

Euphemia pulled out a beautiful silver rose sealed in resign with a Victorian style silver metal frame around the top and bottom of the plant. She kissed it gently, admiring its gorgeous beauty. "Thank you, Oydesseus" she said bowing and walking out of the room with a smile on her face, excited to decide where to put her new present in her bedroom. Cornelia pulled out a golden dagger with emeralds and sapphires deep inside the heavy object and inscribed on the blade is the words of "The Golden Dragon" as she is called as a nickname from her nobles for her strong bravery and personality.

"Oydesseus, Thank you. This is magnificent" as she bows to her older sibling and begins to walk out of the room while turning her back towards Clovis, knowing that his gift could not even value to her souvenir. Clovis begins to unwrap his box, and finds a golden metal pallet with 30 watercolors of the finest dyes in china freshly made in a detailed design of an artist painting a picture of trees in a forest on the top cover in gold. On the back of the paint pallet is inscribed with "Let these colors, make your art show ever more bright" in cursive.

"Thank you brother" as Clovis squeals like girl and holds up the pallet to his face and nuzzles it. " I shall cherish this as it was my own child" as he said leaving the room to hurry to the garden to get started on his next painting.

Oydesseus turned around to where Schneizel was watching as the last of his younger siblings walked out of the room with a souvenir. "You're properly wondering why you didn't receive your gift?"

Although Schneizel didn't care about silly things as gifts when he could always have whatever he wanted but he was interested in what his brother had to say next. "Yessss" he said turning back to this brother in a very slow fashion while saying his answer sarcastically. Oydesseus said with a smirk "You're gift was quite to large to hold into an box, so It has been placed in your bedroom. Consider it also as birthday present as well". He smirked and wondered what his brother had gifted him "I will, thank you in advance, I shall be taking my leave now" as he said leaving the room gracefully with Oydesseus smirking behind him.

What could his brother be smirking about? What was this gift that was too large to be put in a box? Were the interesting thoughts that went through the middle aged prince's head.

He walked into his enormous bedroom and removed his shoes (which was a habit of his) as his eyes gorged at the scene in front of him.

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