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Warning: Yaoi -Lemon - yogurt -fair game

Summary: Kanon Maldini, a 17 year old, beautiful pale neko boy is given to Prince

Schneizel as a souvenir from his older brother, Odysseus, from a business trip as a gift for his 32nd birthday. What shall happen with this story of a master and his pet?

Chapter Nine- "Creamy Delights"

(Schneizel's P.O.V)

The Morning After

Schneizel began to shift around, feeling the morning's coldness, until he noticed the small creature on his body start purring at the prince's sudden movements.

"Kanon, wake up" he whispered as continued getting up onto his elbows and finally sitting up, with the startled Kanon sitting up in his lap, scratching his head.

He opened his eyes, that were outlined with bags, which only helped to the mad expression he was making on his beautiful guise.

"Not a morning person I'm guessing?" he chuckled at the sight of the teenager.

The only response he got from the boy was a low growl.

"You know I think you're adorable when you're mad" the oldest male whispered into the blushing neko's ear. It was true after all.

Kanon was about to retaliate when he heard a growl come from the prince's stomach, and raised an eyebrow.

The blonde's facial expression became humorless at the way his lover was acting.

"Don't get cocky with me, Mr. Maldini" he said with an irritated tone.

Immediately after Schneizel's remark, the amber haired boy giggled at how much he could irritate his master.

He finds this funny? The prince thought to him self, a bit ticked off.

"Alright, you think that's funny" he said, as he picked up Kanon and placed him on the side, as he got off the bed and ran over across the room with the sheets.

"Hey! C-Come back" the neko yelled, getting goose bumps from the loss of heat. He hurried off the bed and fell down, from the loss of energy, just one of the lovely symptoms of being fucked by the second prince of Britannia.

The prince's huge smirk couldn't grow anymore, without consuming his face.

He walked over to the collapsed Kanon and just stood by his shivering body.

"I'll pick you up, if you ask" he said with his famous devious smile.

Now even the royal prince didn't expect this.

The long haired male reached his arms out, his hands clamping down, grabbing the air that surrounded them, as he made whimpering mumbles under his breath, having an blameless expression only an angel could do.

He makes me want to just repent all the sins I've committed the blonde thought to him self, from the way the ivory toned angel sat on the floor, reaching for him.

He bent down holding out both his arms to the teen and then it all happened in a flash-

The sapphire eyed boy's lip curved into a smile at the now, vulnerable Schneizel.

He moved his neck, angled toward the prince's torso and head butted the prince in the stomach.

Shit! Schneizel fell to the floor, hugging his stomach.

He watched as the fragile teen leaned on the wall, raising himself off the ground.

"I don't want your mercy" he snarled at the prince as he began to walk towards the miniature fridge underneath a small kitchen counter in the room.

You're going to beg for it.

Schneizel lifted himself off the ground quietly and tackled the neko down to the ground.

They rolled on the carpet, tousling, competing who could stay on top of the other.

Of course, Schneizel won.

"Now are you hungry or do you wish for us to keep doing this until we pass out? He said exhausted.

"What's to eat?" the teen asked as Schneizel lifted off top of him and went in the back of the room, coming back wearing a yellow plush robe.

Once he saw what the prince was wearing, it finally hit him that he was still nude.

"Is there anything back there for me to wear?" he asked, feeling the blood rush up to his cheeks.

"Hmmm, maybe after breakfast" the blonde said in a sarcastic tone.

I hadn't forgotten about that hit to the stomach, darling

The neko looked around for the comforter they had been fighting over.

"Where's the sheets?" he asked in high pitched voice. It was his only chance of not only warmth but something to cover his body.

"I threw them in the dirty laundry in the back of the closet" Schneizel finished off with an evil grin.

It was cute to see Kanon in defeat.

He walked over to the fridge, as the neko walked back over to the bed to sit down. He pulled out the only thing that was in there. Key lime pie yogurt.

"I'll text Jeremiah to come bring some breakfast up for us, because there isn't anything else to eat" as he passed Kanon a spoon and a yogurt.

He walked over to his droid and began to list the things he wished for breakfast as he heard a big slurp sound and turned around. On the bed, Kanon was practically swallowing the yogurt down from the container.

"I didn't think you were so hungry" the blonde said, mostly to himself. He would of prepared an arrangement of breakfast in advance.

The neko places the now, empty container on the bed next to him self.

"I'm not really hungry, but it tastes really good" he said with a huge smile on his face to the other male.

Schneizel wasn't a big yogurt fan, but he could tolerate it. Plus it was small and convenient enough for on the go.

He watched as the now, bright cerulean eyes stared at the last unopened yogurt in the prince's hand.

An idea popped in his head.

After today, he would seriously respect the person who made the creamy delight.

(Kanon's P.O.V)

Schneizel walked out of the main bedroom towards the bathroom and closet.

Ugh, I want that yogurt; it's utterly delicious the amber haired boy agonized.

His master walked back in the room, not carrying the dessert the neko was craving for a few seconds ago.

Wait…I smell it he said to himself as he lifted his head up high sniffing the air, trying to locate where his beloved yogurt was.

He crawled towards the smell of the luscious treat and ended at the sight of Schneizel.

"No way" he mumbled, blushing. He couldn't see the yogurt. But by God, he could smell it.

This was not good.

The blonde walked over to the edge of the bed where the neko was still on all fours, and sat down right next to him.

"I sawd you coud hav sume yougort" the prince slurred, and the neko quickly knew why of his disability to speak properly.

He crawled into his master's lap. Sitting up with his legs on each side of the prince's, the neko leaned in to the prince's lips and swerved his tongue into the blondes mouth.

"mngg…mm..ngh" the amber haired boy moaned.

He began licking around, taking a few seconds each to swallow down the yogurt.

He closed his eyes, as the blonde moved his hand to grip onto the neko's hair, deepening their make out session.

This feels…too wonderful…it's like I'm on Cloud 9 the neko thought to himself, practically out of it. He was loosing his control from all this lust.

The teen began to moves his hips back and thrust into the prince's stomach, grinding on his thighs and manhood, which began to rise.

The blonde began moaning at the sudden, but seductive pressure he felt on his groin.

The neko felt a sticky but sweet smelling substance being rubbed onto his own.

He broke apart from the male and looked up at his master.

"Really? Yogurt, there" he emphasized, on the heating-up organ that he was grinding against.

"For certain reasons" the prince whispered in the neko's ear, before he nipped at the red head's cartilage.

The teen arched his neck back at the sensation, feeling the blonde leaving kisses on his ear with nips here and there.

He slid his bottom up, taking the yogurt covered member in whole.

He tensed up, and was about to shrill before the blonde leaned in towards him and kissed him, mouth wide open.

The blonde moved his hands onto Kanon's hips and moved them to the rhythm of his thrust.

The neko buried his silent moans in the two lover's lustful oral tussle, from the heated creamy delight and hard organ assaulting his insides.

He broke apart from the kiss, using his high pitched voice as always "Im a-about to cu-"he shrilled being cut off by the prince's forceful smooch.

The blonde pulled apart from the kiss, whispering "Wait for me" he said smiling at the dazed Kanon: speeding up his thrusts inside of the neko.

The teen's moans became louder and louder, until he gasped as both of them released, together. The sticky, warm liquid, which was mixed with small amounts of the malleable desert, dripped out of the neko's whole.

The neko leaned into the prince's chest, with his arms wrapped around the highness's broad neck.

The prince looked down at his ruined comforter, and chuckled "I'll have to get the maids to burn these sheets later" he said, grinning at the exhausted Kanon.

"Maybe…not…just..yet" the neko whispered through gasps for air.

"What did you order for breakfast?" he said, looking up at the prince, who never wanted to leave his gaze off that boy's luscious body.

"More yogurt" he chuckled, as they both smiled at each other.

Having many more eventful adventures with that creamy delight, all day long.

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