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Chapter One: What happened to Kim Possible?

The overhead lights lit up the darkness and reduced the shadows on the floor below to a negligible level. The three cameramen went over their equipment, carefully preparing for the upcoming special program. Large cables were strewn about the floor in an apparently haphazard manner as they snaked off into the distance. At a large desk in the middle of the room a woman sat carefully going over notes while another person hurriedly touched up her makeup.

Pete Peterson Sr., the floor manager of the Middleton Evening News, signaled the makeup artist to hurry up while trying to get the sitting woman's attention.

Tricia Lebowski looked up with a puzzled expression and asked, "What's the problem, Pete?"

"Ten minutes before we go live, Tricia. Better get ready."

"Right, let me collect my notes and we can start this." With this statement the news anchor straightened her scattered papers and carefully sorted them into order.

Pete then checked in with the director over his headset. "Don, are we ready to go?"

Don Skillings, news director of the Middleton Evening News, looked at his control board and the technicians who were running final checks on their individual stations before he glanced at the large wall clock directly above the board.

"Everything is running smoothly, Pete. We go live in five."

Thirty seconds before broadcast Pete stood off to the side of camera one and began a countdown. When he reached five he held up four fingers and counted out loud. "Four, three, two, one... " He dropped one finger for each number as he counted. "And, go! He then pointed to the news anchor who sat patiently behind her desk.

"Good evening Middleton. I'm Tricia Lebowski for Middleton Evening News." The rich, smooth tones of the veteran news anchor rang out in the studio. "We are on the eve of observing what has been described as the most pivotal moment in human history. Until that event we took our supposed uniqueness as the only intelligent beings in the universe for granted. We found that we were gravely mistaken. In an act of aggression that stunned an unprepared world, the human race learned that we are not alone in the cosmos. That there are civilizations that we never imagined out there among the stars and that some of them are hostile warrior races bent on conquest.

We watched in horror as our home world was attacked by aliens. Our brave defenders casually swept aside or ignored as if they were too insignificant to bother with. We prayed as the alien walkers wrecked havoc and destruction on our cities and towns. We wept for our loss of innocence as precious mementoes of our civilization's greatest triumphs were cast down in ruins before the terrible onslaught of conquerors from the unknown depths of space; terrible war machines that ravaged our world with wholesale destruction.

"Then in a plot that no Hollywood producer would ever consider, the salvation of our world came about because a man usually associated with plots to take over the world, along with a former hero turned villain, teamed up with a hero in the finest sense of the word along with her longtime sidekick. Together these unlikely rescuers put aside their differences and saved us all. Tomorrow the world celebrates Liberation Day. A day the entire world will honor. All nations on the planet will join in the festivities. Wars between bitter and old rivals will be put aside for at least one day. It will be a world wide party of unprecedented proportions. And what of the people most responsible for our freedom? What have they been doing over the past year?"

In the control room Don directed the number two camera, "Go for a close up as Tricia delivers her setup lines."

"We have had several reports of the activities and locations of some of the major players in our unexpected salvation. Dr. Drakken, now known as Drew Lipsky, is currently researching drought resistant crops in Death Valley, California. We have reason to believe that the former hero and then villain known as Shego is living in a villa on an island off the Greek Coast. But we have had no official reports of Kim Possible or her sidekick's whereabouts since we obtained this film, taken by one of her classmates, during their graduation party at Middleton Lake almost a year ago"

Don turned to the technician to his right and said, "Roll that B film of Possible's car as it flies away."

Then he spoke into his headset to the cameraman. "Go for close up now."

With the film of Kim's Sloth flying away in the background, Tricia Lebowski looked into the camera as asked in a soft voice.

"Rumors have run rampant since this footage was taken over a year ago. There are the stories of Kim Possible heading up an expedition to the Lowardian'shome world. Internet sightings have reported seeing her on every continent on the planet. There have been reports of her with the rich and famous at some of the hottest partying spots and with some of the most eligible single people in the world. Despite all the rumors, there has not been a verifiable sighting of Kim Possible in over a year. What has she been doing? Where is she? Is she working for the government? Is there some sort of cover-up to protect her or hide her in case the aliens return seeking revenge against her?

"In the next hour we will interview the military leaders in charge of defending our planet in case of another attack. We will speak to the world's politicians to get their opinions on the possibility of another invasion and how they plan to coordinate with other nations in the event of an attack. And we will speculate on how such a defense would work. But we also will ask what happened to the two persons who have been mysteriously missing over the last year. Two people who, if some reports are true, are the real reason the invasion failed. We all want to know the burning question."

"What happened to Kim Possible?

"We'll be back after these important messages."

Pete made a slashing motion and spoke into his headset, "Break for commercial!"

Don turned to the woman to his left and said, "Roll commercial."


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