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Chapter One

"Hodgins, quit looking at that dirt and come and sit next to your wife." Angela said. She could tell that Hodgins smiled at the word wife, but he didn't budge from where he was.

"Ange, I told you it's not dirt, it's soil. And just for a few more minutes. I have never seen some of these particulate together before." He responded, never looking up from what he was examining.

"You have all year to look at the particulate. Besides, it's our honeymoon." Angela said. She sighed. It was true, a year of a honeymoon. A year away from the lab, the gore, the death. But also away from the laughter, the jokes, everyone and everything that she had come to love. "Besides, I thought we took a long term break from the lab for a purpose." At this, Hodgins let his shoulders drop, and turned to face her. He stood, wiped some of the dirt off of him, and then laid next to her, and wrapped his arms around her, burying his nose in her hair. She could feel him sigh beside her, and she knew what he was thinking was the same thing she was. "You miss it, don't you?" There was a pause.

"Miss what?" Angela turned, so that now she was facing him.

"Miss the lab." Hodgins shook his head.

"Nah, what is there to miss? I have you now. At the lab all there are is dead bodies, death... all that soil and bugs..." he trailed off, a distant look in his eyes.

"I miss it too." She said, and his eyes got wide.

"You miss the gore? You said that it grossed you out." Angela laughed.

"It did, it did. But some how it feels like home. Like no matter how far we try to get away from it, it follows us. I miss the team. Bren, Cam, Booth, Sweets, even Daisy." Hodgins nodded.

"Well, we'll all be back together in ten months." He said, reassuringly.

"But what if it's different? What if we're different?"


"Yeah, I mean who knows what Booth will be like, what Bren will be like. How we'll all be working together. If we all work together again. Bren wanted a break from forensics. Maybe she'll fall in love with her work in Indonesia and never come back. Or maybe... maybe Booth won't come back at all." Hodgins squeezed her tight.

"Baby, you have got to stop thinking so negatively. It's really a turn off."

"So, before you were turned on?"

"Well, yeah." He said, but his eyes lingered back to the soil, a look of longing in his eyes,. Ange playfully pushed him.

"Alright, alright, go play in you soil, but you got to come back in ten minutes."


"You'll see." Hodgins ran back to the pile of dirt he had been examining, Angela's laughter ringing in his ears.

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