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Worlds Away

Chapter Thirty-Five – Le Big Reveals

I held Ashley's hand in mine and giggled at the excitedly bouncing Tilly who was walking beside us through the airport where we were about to collect Eva who was due to return from the film's promo tour any minute now.

After arriving home and sorting things out with Ashley I just couldn't bring myself to get back on a plane to join Eva and the cast on the promotional tour. Ashley and I had hit a new level of intimacy and closeness and I just wasn't ready to leave her again.

Eva was extremely understanding, Shaolin less so. They tried to force me to return to the tour and it was only the crafty business PR speak of Jill and Evie that enabled them to allow me to stay in LA. The compromise was that I would attend all the premiers around the world with no complaints and a big shiny smile on my face.

I had no complaints, Ashley was going to come too.

Tilly skipped her way through the crowd and stood as close to the door the people who had cleared customs came through as humanly possible. Ashley and I laughed and moved to stand beside her. I would have been exactly the same if it was Ashley getting off a plane after being away for a month.

Tilly was practically bouncing on the spot so I lay a hand on her shoulder and said kindly, "Only a minute or so to go!"

Tilly just squealed a little and focused her attention on the people who had started to filter through. I was about to attempt to say something else when a loud screech and a voice yelling, "Oh my God! Could you walk any fucking slower grandpa? I gotta get out there and mack on my lady!"

I rolled my eyes and looked at Ashley who just shook her head. A few seconds later Eva came through the doors, elbowing and glaring at anyone who dared step in her way. A very pissed off looking elderly man followed her out, man if looks could kill Evie would be deader than dead.

I was about to make a comment when Tilly shoved past me, sending me toppling into Ashley (no major complaint there!) and launched herself into Eva's arms. Eva squealed, oh yes that would come back to bite her in the form of mass teasing later, and clung to her girl as if she had been gone a year not a few weeks! Ok so I would have totally been the same if I was without my Ashley for that long.

Ashley and I smiled at the couple, until they started making out like horny teenagers at a 'my parents are out of town so help me trash their house' party. After that is was just awkward and icky.

I was starting to think they were going to get um reacquainted right there in the airport when a security guard came and asked them to take it home. Eva broke her kiss and turned on the poor unsuspecting guy, "Are you for real rent-a-cop? Now I know that you pull all the ladies in your kids Halloween costume of a uniform, but I am gonna bet my left boob on the fact that you have NEVER had a girl as hot as mine, but if you ever did and had been separated from her forever then ya just might be as happier to see her as I am to see my girlfriend! Am I right Officer?"

The poor security guard just stared at her in shock as he tried to choke out some words.

Eva held up her hand and said, "I'll take your speechlessness as agreement and do as you suggested and take my girl home. Now I know that when you go home tonight to enjoy your TV dinner all by your lonesome you are going to be thinking about me and my girlfriend and what we do together, so here's a little gift for you…it is hotter than you can even imagine!"

Tilly gasped and yanked Eva by the hand towards the exit. Ashley and I burst out laughing and trailed along behind them, leaving a stunned crowd and a shell-shocked security guard behind us.

We made it out to my car, a brand new, pearlescent white Lexus SUV I had brought since returning from Europe. Eva whistled and wandered around the car, checking it out just like she would a girl in a club (pre-Tilly of course).

Finally Eva nodded in approval and said, "I like it!"

I laughed and opened the car so we could load the luggage into the back of the SUV, "Well I am so relieved to get your approval Evie."

Eva blew me a kiss and then we all climbed into the car. I started the engine and before I had even pulled out of the parking space Eva and Tilly were all snuggles and smooches in the backseat.

I cleared my throat loudly and said, "Uh how about you two don't christen my car! At least wait until Ash and I have had the chance to do it!"

Eva raised her eyebrow at me in disbelief, "Seriously? Do you not remember what you two filthy girls allegedly did to my mustang?"

Ashley and Tilly laughed while I just smirked at Eva in the rear view mirror. Eva fumed and then got a really serious, pouty look on her face, "Spencer, did you really have sex in my mustang? Because if you have then you and Ashley are the only people to ever do that and that would be just so wrong."

I glanced over at Ashley and we grinned at each other. Ashley let out a little chuckle and said over her shoulder, "Eva, would I have lied to you about something as serious as Spencer and I making sweet, sweet love in the back seat of your pride and joy?"

I looked into the rear view mirror in time to see Eva's eyes totally bug out of her head and her face flush with what I took to be rage. Tilly placed a hand on Eva's thigh and struggled to hold in her own laughter.

Eva muttered, "So are you telling me, officially for the record, that you really did have sexual intercourse in my mustang? It wasn't just a wind up?"

I chuckled, "Sexual intercourse? Really?" On Eva's glare I stopped laughing.

Ashley sighed and nodded , "Yeah we can't deny it, Spencer and I totally got down and dirty in the back seat of that pristine, immaculate mustang!"

Eva looked at us both and said in a scary voice, "I am going to kill you."

Tilly rolled her eyes and slapped Eva on the leg, "stop being so nuts Babe, plus I kinda want to hear the story of what went down."

Ashley turned her head and stared at Tilly, "Seriously?"

Eva answered for Tilly, her voice still kinda scary, "Seriously. I think the least you two can do after you tainted my baby is to give us the sordid details of your crime."

"Ok, but I don't see how it's going to help…" Ashley said and then I started telling the story.


"Ashley! No! There is no way in hell I am going to do this! Eva is fucking crazy and she will kill us for this, not in a joking 'I'm gonna kill you' way, but in a deadly serious ending up in a coffin, but needing a closed casket funeral service, kind of way!" I protested in a whisper as Ashley tried to lead me from my house.

Ashley rolled her eyes, "You are exaggerating Spence, Eva will eventually see the funny side of this, I promise you that."

I shook my head violently, "You are insane if you believe that! She is going to chop us up with a meat cleaver and then feed us to the big cats at the zoo!"

Ashley laughed and tugged hard on my hand, pulling my protesting form from the house. I dug my heels into the gravel outside my house, but superhuman strength had taken over my girlfriend and she just towed me along behind her towards Eva's mustang. Her superhero strength was kind of a turn on, not gonna lie.

Once we arrived at the car I folded my arms over my chest and said in a smug tone, "So what now Ash? Gonna pick the lock?"

Ashley smirked and pulled Eva's car keys out of her bra…cue Spencer drool moment. Then reality kicked me in the butt, "How the hell did you manage to get those keys away from her without dying? Eva always has her car keys on her!"

Ashley giggled like a naughty schoolgirl (oh yes I am now picturing Ashley in a naughty schoolgirl outfit) and replied, "I waited until she passed out on the sofa and stole them out of her jeans. It was kind of easy actually, I judge her for that."

I rolled my eyes at my girlfriend, really scared of what the fallout from her prank on Eva was going to be…more importantly what my nutso best friend was going to do to Ashley accomplice, me!

Ashley unlocked the mustang and we both froze, looking towards the house and listening for the sound of an enraged midget coming to axe-murder us. When no one came rushing out of the house with machete in hand Ashley grinned in triumph and opened the door. She climbed into the backseat and gestured for me to join her. I bit my lip and glanced around in fear. Then Ashley did the unthinkable…the one thing that would get my ass in that car…the one thing I wasn't going to resist…she took her shirt off. After that? Well after that it was on!

I scrambled into the backseat and gazed at her bra clad chest while Ashley shook her head and chuckled. "Wow that was easy Spence, if I'd known how quickly taking off my shirt could make you move, I'd have lost the shirt sooner!"

I just leaned in and crashed our lips together, the time for banter and teasing was over.

Ashley moaned against my lips and tangled her hands in my long blonde hair as she lay back and pulled my body down over hers.

Ashley dragged her fingers down over my back as my hand started to trace patterns across the skin of her stomach. Ashley arched her body into mine and bit her lip as she looked up at me. I leaned in and traced kisses over her jaw and down her throat to her collar bone.

Ashley pushed me into a sitting position and very quickly got both of us out of our shirts. I think I might have growled then before I reconnected our lips in a rough kiss. Ashley grasped at my hair and pulled on it to expose my neck to her. She then attacked my skin with eager kisses.

I reached around behind her and unclipped her bra, hurriedly pulling it off her before removing my own. Both of us moaned as our bare torsos came into contact and then fused our lips together in a hungry kiss.

Ashley's hands were all over me, scratching and teasing as they sort out all of my most intimate areas. She dragged her hand down to the waist band of my sweatpants and without bothering to remove them slid her hand inside and straight into my super cool Ninja Turtle panties. Her fingers quickly slid into me and I gasped, my eyes slamming shut.

"Oh god Spencer, you are so wet. You feel so good baby," Ashley murmured against my ear.

I just groaned in response.

Ashley slid two fingers inside of me and started up a slow rhythm that quickly sped up. I moaned and urged her on with orders and begging. Ashley willingly complied.

I finally got my wits about me enough to get my hand off her boob and down into her pants. I wasted no time in entering her with three fingers, finding her more than ready. Ashley let out a stifled scream as my fingers thrust into her and panted my name into my ear.

We shared a sloppy, rough kiss and continued to move inside each other as we both raced towards our climax. I clung to her back with my free hand and dug my nails in, making her hiss at the combination of pleasure and pain.

Ashley moved her lips to my shoulder and bit down, hard. That was all it took and the next second I was screaming my orgasm and shuddering as my body exploded with pleasure. I thrust once more into my girl and soon had her screaming my name and reaching a climax of her own.

We held each other close, our screams and moans given way to soothing, loving words as we struggled to come down from our high.

Now let me say this, most of the time Ashley and I make sweet passionate love, but that night it was pure animalistic fucking.

End Flashback

Eva and Tilly just stared at me wide eyed as I finished telling my story. I shrugged and looked over at Ashley who was beet red, but still chuckling a little. I parked my car in of Eva's and we all climbed out and carried the luggage inside. We took a seat in Eva's way too colourful living room and waited for Eva to process what we'd just told her.

Eva shook her head and then said in a voice tinged with disgust, "Well at least you kept your pants on so none of your manky 'juices' ended up on the leather!"

Ashley shrugged, "Well that was just round 1, round 2 was totally naked."

Eva's mouth fell open and she glanced between the two of us, Ashley looking smug and me looking really fucking scared. Eva clenched her jaw and yelled, "WHAT?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! Oh my God I am going to have to get the leather replaced…or fully detailed! Oh my fucking God, why? Why would you two do it in my car twice!"

Ashley smirked and said, "Well you know how forbidden things are that much hotter…"

Eva jumped up and screeched, "You're dead Spit Roast, so fucking dead!"

Ashley sprang to her feet and started to haul ass for the back door, "Are you serious Eva? It wasn't just me in that backseat you know!"

My eyes widened and I stared at Ashley in shock, "Don't throw me under the Evie bus Davies! It was totally your idea!"

Eva paused a moment and glared at me before saying, "You'll keep," and bolting after Ashley who had made it out the back door and was running over the sand.

Tilly sighed and we both followed our crazy girlfriends out the back door. Eva had managed to get Ashley cornered between the deck and herself. Eva could be like a little sheep dog sometimes.

Tilly strode over and wrapped her arms around Eva's waist and pulled her back, "Ok crazy enough of that, plus you are being a total hypocrite right now!"

Ashley and I turned to Eva and Tilly with confused expressions, "What are you saying Tilly?"

Eva glared at her girlfriend and said with a frown, "Not a word Til."

Tilly rolled her eyes, "Sorry Eva, but you can't go all psycho killer on Ashley when you are just as guilty as they are!"

Eva pouted and said quietly, "They started it."

Tilly laughed and dragged her pint-sized girl back up onto the deck, a very confused Ashley and I followed along behind them. Once we were seated Tilly looked at the still pouting Eva and started to explain, "Seeing as Eva is a child and won't tell you, it falls to me to let you know that Eva decided to get revenge on you guys for the car…just in case you really did have sex in the mustang."

I swallowed hard, not liking where this was going, "Um so what happened Til?"

Tilly flashed us an apologetic look and started to tell the story…

Flashback – Tilly's POV

I arrived at Spencer's house after a frantic call from Eva telling me I had to get there right away. I broke about 5 laws on the way over only to find a grinning Eva sitting on the front step waiting for me with no sign of anyone else being at the house.

I glared a little and said, "So what's the big emergency that made you scare the shit out of me?"

Eva smirked and I started to get a little concerned, "Oh it is an emergency, a revenge emergency!"

I shook my head, "What?"

"We have to get them back Tilly, we just have to!" Eva insisted with urgency in her face. She almost looked like she had to use the bathroom really badly.

"Who Eva?"

"The car tainters!" Eva declared with her fist raised high in the air.

I burst out laughing, "Are you still fixated on that?"

Eva pouted and stared at me with indignation, "fixated? No I am not fixated! I just think there should be some consequences for what they did on my baby's backseat!"

"Ok I'll bite, what did you have in mind?" I asked with a smirk.

Eva beamed and stood up with exaggerated arm movements, my girl was such a clown. She laughed a little to herself and then announced, "Well I think tit for tat is the only way to go in this situation."

I chuckled, "Ok so what is it exactly you want to do here?"

Eva grinned proudly and produced a key from her pocket, "Well they tainted my baby so I think it's only right we taint Spencer's."

I looked at her in confusion, "Um…you want to have sex on Ashley?"

Eva scoffed, "No silly that would just be weird. What I want to do is make the love on Spencer's much loved and very expensive sofa."

I shook my head and folded my arms over my chest, "No way, not going to happen. That sofa is worth more than all my furniture put together!"

"Yeah but not more than my beautiful and once pristine car!" Eva argued.

I nodded, she did have a point about that. "Ok so that may be true, but you don't know for a fact that they did have sex in the car. You were telling me right afterwards that you are pretty sure Ashley was bluffing!"

Eva frowned, "Well I think I was more trying to protect myself from the horror, but the more I think about it the more I am certain that they did. And anyway just in case they did we need to strike back!"

Eva unlocked the door and stepped inside, holding it open for me. I sighed and followed her inside. Eva's grin turned triumphant, she knew getting me inside was the battle once I was in there it was deal done. Plus that sofa was really comfy and a good size for 'shenanigans'.

Eva led me over to the sofa and sat down I moved to straddle her thighs and buried my hands in her short, ash blonde hair. Eva smirked up at me and murmured, "You were always going to do this with me weren't you?"

I laughed huskily and said, "Baby I would do anything with you."

With that I pulled her lips to mine and kissed her hungrily. Eva moaned against my lips and slid her hands up the back of my shirt to scratch her nails down my skin. I hissed into the kiss and bit down on her lip harshly making her gasp.

I moved us around until Eva was laid out on her back on top of the plush cushions of the sofa. I moved my lips to Eva's neck and bit down, hard. Eva whimpered and clutched at my back as her body arched up into mine.

I sat up a bit and ordered, "Take your clothes off."

I moved to sit up and Eva scrambled off the sofa to stand in front of me. I looked her up and down with a predatory gaze and nodded at her to get started. Eva slowly popped the buttons on her shirt and slid it back off her arms so that it fell to the floor. Next she popped the button on her jeans and slid the zip down slowly. Her hands found the waist band and edged the denim down her short, but muscular legs.

By this stage I was aching for her so I snarled, "Hurry up and get back over here!"

Eva quickly rid herself off her last few items of clothing until she was standing in front of me totally naked. I nodded appreciatively and smirked, "Ok on your knees."

Eva fell to her knees and inched her way forward at my beckoning. Once she reached me I leaned forward so that my lips were an inch from hers and said, "Good girl, now I suggest you get my clothes off before I decide you need to be punished."

Eva bit her lip and nodded before reaching forward to grasp the hem of my shirt. She pulled it over my head and discarded it on the floor beside her. Next she undid my jeans and slid them down my legs after I lifted my hips so she could get them off. Next she made quick work of my bra and panties until I was sitting naked in front of her with Eva still on her knees.

I reached out and grasped and handful of her hair to pull her forward into a rough kiss that brought our naked skin into contact making both of us moan. We continued to kiss roughly, teeth nipping and tongues duelling. I moved my free hand down to her breasts and began teasing her nipples one at a time, moving back and forth between them. Eva gasped and moaned into our kisses, her hands starting to move over my sides and hips.

I pulled back, after giving her left nipple a harsh pull, and tilted her head so she was looking up at me, "I want you to touch me, now!" I ordered.

Eva bit her lip, her green eyes darkened with lust, and leaned forward to drop kisses on my stomach, down over my hips until her lips found the wetness between my legs. I threw back my head as her tongue darted out to taste me. I grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth closer, telling her unequivocally to get on with it.

Eva got the message and started an assault on me that left me breathless, trembling and moaning. I gasped out, "Inside, I want to feel you inside me!"

Eva quickly obliged and slid two fingers deep into me, moving them hard and fast as her tongue continued its movements. It wasn't long before I was screaming as my orgasm took a hold of me and sent me spinning over the edge.

Eva continued her movements until I gently pushed her away. She smiled lovingly up at me and then climbed up onto the sofa, laying me back so we could snuggle up together while my breathing and heart rate settled.

"Wow, that was amazing," I whispered as I ran my fingers through her soft hair.

Eva beamed up at me and murmured, "Well I do aim to please."

I leaned down and kissed her tenderly before I said softly, "I love you Eva."

Eva grinned a shy smile and replied, "I love you too my beautiful girl."

End Flashback – back to Spencer's POV

Tilly shrugged and smiled at Eva who smirked and added, "Yep and after that came Eva time!"

"Oh my God Eva! My nieces and nephews have napped on that sofa! I have napped on that sofa! Not to mention the fact that I took your key to my house back after you couldn't be trusted with it! How did you get another one?!" I screeched, feeling kinda sick.

Before Eva could answer Ashley cut in with, "Um so are you actually telling me that Eva is the bottom in your relationship? Seriously?!"

Oh I hadn't even thought of that…hmm that is not how I pictured it in my head…not that I pictured Tilly and Evie together before that little story, that would be wrong and gross. Oh man now I feel sick again!

"Ok so which question am I answering first?" Eva asked with a smirk.

I shook my head and tried not to puke, while planning to get my sofa steam cleaned…five or six times!

Eva laughed and said, "Heck I'll be kind and answer them both! Spit Roast, I may be the top in the streets, but my girl is top in the sheets! That's just how I roll," Ashley nodded, satisfied with that answer while Tilly chuckled, "And Spencer to answer your question, many moons before I was rudely asked to return my key to your house I made several copies. Really it would have been a rookie error to have handed the key back without having some back-up copies!"

I sighed and shook my head, Eva was just too much sometimes. Too much!