Independence Day

Fourth & Final Part

(for now)

Brennan's POV

The rest of the day passed like a dream for Brennan. It seemed like the whole of New York city had caught Independence Day fever as Booth put it, although she still didn't quite understand the symptoms of this illness. She supposed it was just another pop-culture reference she missed. She didn't mind, she was here with Both and watching him smile at her all big and goofy, she couldn't help but laugh along.

They walked through Central Park together bantering mildly about some issue which meant nothing to them. It was the nutrition content of hotdogs at the present, she realized paying attention to the conversation for a moment. Then he pressed up against her and all rational thought was lost again, in the smell of his cologne. Thank God for that putrid hotdog he's eating she thought, as the acrid smell pulled her back to reality.

"You right there Bones?" Came his concerned voice, the only words she really comprehended.

"I'm fine. Just a little tired, that's all."

"It is getting kinda late, we should start heading back. But you have to see China-town first!" He suddenly grabbed her by the arm and she would have sworn, impossible or not, that her stomach somersaulted as she accidently brushed up against him, her chest against his.

She was suddenly, achingly, aware of herself as she pressed herself closer to him, unable to control herself. She felt his eyes on her, and could feel the hard lines of his chest against her supple breasts. She lifted her head so that her eyes met his, and she could see them darken with some emotion she was unfamiliar with.

"Bones..." He rasped, his voice breathy and his chest heaving against her "We need to move..."

"Oh" she said, overcome with embarrassment.

She saw him wink at her, but didn't understand it. "Why are you winking Booth?"

"You know what? Doesn't matter now. I'll explain it all later." He took a deep breath to steady himself, and she was acutely aware that he still hadn't moved a step from her.
"C'mon, I said I was going to show you china town and I'm a man of my word Bones!"

With that he turned and began to lead her out of the park, but to the satisfaction of the spreading feeling in her stomach, he never moved away from her.

Booth's POV

Booth couldn't believe what had almost happened before. As he made led them into China-town, happily regaling his partner with stories and useless facts about the place, he was internally berating himself.

One voice in his head was screaming at him Kiss her! You idiot, Why did you stop! You should have kissed her!

Just to add to his inner turmoil another voice was yelling at him for letting things go as far as he did.

She wanted it. You know she did. You could feel it. The little devil in him had a point, and he sounded like his old sergeant from the Rangers. The old man had always had a way with the girls and Booth couldn't deny that he had felt the way she responded to him He had heard her breath quicken, seen the darkening of her eyes when she stared into his.

There's a line. She's your partner, you can't cross that line! This voice was persisting in calling itself his voice of reason, although right now it just sounded like the annoying uptight priest from his church, who cried sin when someone coughed in the pews.

"Booth?" The serious note in her voice cut through his debate, and he turned to face her. "Can we get something to eat here?" She was pointing into a small but classy Thai restaurant and he smiled.

"Great idea Bones! Nice to able to eat in for once." And they both laughed as he let her lead him inside, to what sounded like the crowing of the old sergeant.

Brennan's POV

The meal in the small restaurant passed like hundreds before, yet she could feel something different. She wasn't sure what it was exactly, but she was finding a new level of contentment sitting and bickering away the time with Booth.

She had always enjoyed their arguments, they challenged her and stimulated her, as well as allowing her to have something in this relationship she had never experienced with anyone else.

Why did you just call what you and Booth have a relationship? her inner scientist quipped. The conversation at the table lulled into a companionable silence and she took the moment to analyse her thoughts.

Well by all the markers of our modern society the connection between Booth and I is defined as a relationship She concluded.

Just without the sex... something which sounded suspiciously like Angela added.

"Bones..." her voice of common sense interrupted.

"Bones!" It took her a moment to realize it was actually Booth calling her. "Earth to Bones? Can you hear me sleepy head?"

"What! I don't understand what you mean by..."

"Ever literal Bones." He chuckled "Y'know, sometimes I think you so that just to stir me."

Turning away to hide her guilty Blush, Brennan had several occasions when she'd done just that spring to mind, just to get a rise out of him. Specifically on the matter of sex.
"I don't know see how I could stir you..."

"Hah! Knew you did it sometimes!" He smirked.

"Booth it's getting late." She interrupted him "Where should we go to see the fireworks?"

"Jesus Bones, you're right. I think we'll get the best view from the hotel, times square will be flooded by now."

Hodgins' POV

They had arrived in New York ahead of Booth and Brennan's Plane, but to Angela's annoyance they had been unable to track them down. They had managed to secure a room at the same hotel but Hodgins was rather irked that he had been unable to get one of the Ritz's Penthouse Suites.

He and Angela were staying in a no less garish room, but it was a little smaller, and most annoying to Angela's mission they wer four floors below where thier friends were staying. Angela had wanted to sneak in on them that night, but Hodgins had managed to talk sense into her and eventually they had gotten some sleep.

The next day they awoke to find Booth had already left for his conference, and ther was no point spying on Brennan in the hotel Room alone Hodgins had convinced Angela. So they had gone out, Angela had done some shopping, and a little shopping had turned into a lot, by the time Angela decided it was time to check on their 'subjects'.

"Damn it, we missed them Hodgie!" Angela cursed

"Well who spent an hour and a half going through Gucci Shoes?" Hodgins said pointedly.

"Point taken, but they were really nice shoes!" They Both laughed. "Come on, I have the brains and you have unlimited resources so together we should be able to find them"

"As if I don't get the Brains, I have three Doctorates!"

"Stop whining Hodgie!"

"Yes mom" He pouted, and she couldn't help but giggle before getting her serious face on again.

"We have to find them Hodgins, this is their best chance of getting together, and we both know they'll screw it up on their own"

Booth's POV

They arrived back at their suite right on nine o clock, and already small fireworks could be heard popping above the New York skyline. The main spectacle was set for nine twenty however, and Booth was waiting in eager anticipation.

"You want to get some Room service Bones?" He called to her in the adjacent room. Thinking she might not have heard him he poked his head through the door "Bones?"

"What is it Booth?"

He thought his heart stopped when he saw her walking towards him in nothing but her underwear, the thin white lace panties and tight matching bra leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. "Uh Bones..." He gasped, turning out of the room. "I'm just gonna order some room service."

"Ok" she said "Something to drink please."

"Yeah sure..." he said still struggling to get his breathing under control, and trying to hide his obvious reaction to her. "I'll just get some wine or something..."

He raced to the phone and quickly ordered a bottle of champagne and red wine. He walked back into the main room both hoping that she wasn't, and praying that she was wearing more clothes now. When he saw her she was wearing a loose dress of some sort, that flowed over her curves smoothly, doing nothing to ease his thoughts about what lay underneath.

"Are you okay Booth?"

"Yeah I'm fine, I just probably need to change into some more comfortable clothes too." He was saved by the bell this time as the Room service arrived, and he collected the champagne on ice and the bottle of red from the bell boy.
Leaving them in the entry way of the suite he quickly slipped out of his suit and into a simple singlet and a pear of jeans.

"Okay Bones! Here's some champagne to toast to your first proper Independence Day!"

They stepped out onto the balcony and simply waited side my side for a few moments until the first fireworks burst into the sky. The night horizon was filled with the glowing lights of the fireworks shining like the stars you couldn't see above in all the colours of the rainbow. It truly was a magical sight, as different shapes burst across the night.

He felt a gentle sob from beside him, and without thinking he embraced her to him, lifting her head so her eyes met his. "What's wrong Bones?" he said, a finger tracing the path of a tear along her cheek and brushing it aside.

"Nothing..." She choked, smiling despite the tears. He could see she was struggling with something, like when she was trying to express something but didn't know how. "Just... thank you, Booth. I... I-"

"shh..." he whispered, "I know." then he gently leaned down and kissed her.

The kiss didn't stay gentle for long as he felt her tightening her arms around him. Their tongues met as all their passion was released, and he knew she was trying to tell him everything that she couldn't through these actions.

"I know" repeated, as a huge red firework exploded overhead, mirroring the first fireworks beginning in the room below.