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Merlin shivered as another gust of wind rattled the glass and shutters of Arthur's windows. The early winter blizzard had formed out of nowhere and was even now blanketing the land in white, freezing everything it touched.

They had the fire going as high as it could safely go and the bed was piled with wool and fleece blankets that the prince had gotten the servants to bring in from somewhere in the castle. At the moment, Merlin was curled underneath them, book in hand as the candles flickered in the cold draft that still managed to get into the room.

He and Arthur had decided a few weeks back that it would be similar if he just moved his things in, instead of constantly going between both rooms. It would save fuel and time spent running between them for things forgotten. Lancelot, when informed of this decision had only raise an eyebrow, causing the younger Druid to flush in embarrassment, but kindly said nothing to worsen his embarrassment.

They had moved the other two Druids as well; housing them in one of the unused rooms near Arthur's so that Lancelot would always be on hand should his charge need him. Mordred, being Mordred, had declared he didn't need to share a room anymore and had taken the one next to Lancelot's. They had found him the next morning, tucked up next to the warrior Druid, clutching at his night shirt in his sleep.

The door banged open as Arthur rushed through and quickly shut it, keeping as much heat as he could in. He leaned against the door for a moment, catching his breath. "What's all the fuss about?" Merlin asked, setting his book aside, with his finger marking his spot, as he looked at the prince. Ygraine had called for her son earlier, saying she wished to speak with him.

He let out a pained groan. "You know how mother and Morgana have been in fits planning the union?" He nodded, dreading the answer. "Well, they finally settled on a date."


"Midsummer. Apparently, they've been doing some research, which means badgering Geoffrey, and found out about how midsummer is a symbolic day for magical unions." He let out another tired groan. "Then they started talking about clothes and what they plan to make for us and I barely made it out of there with my masculinity intact, let alone my sanity."

Merlin snorted and Arthur shot him a glare, pushing off from the door and stalking towards the bed. He quickly toed off his boots and burrowed under the blankets until his head appeared on Merlin's chest, pushing the book aside and lying there.

Merlin let out a long suffering sigh, but set the book aside, running long pale fingers through his hair. Arthur sighed, wrapping his arms around Merlin's waist, pressing closer to the Druid. "It's getting closer. Are you ready?" He asked, and though his voice was calm, the sudden tension in his shoulders belied his certainty.

"I will go where ever you go, Arthur, be it into battle or to the alter." He bent down awkwardly and kissed the top of his head. "Now either stop being melodramatic so I can get back to my book or go to sleep." He gave a huff of annoyance, but complied, settling down as Merlin picked his book back up, fingers still carding through his blonde locks.

Outside, the wind howled, and battered against stone walls, but in the room, it was warm and secure, the two at ease in each other's company and feelings. The day of their union was still some time off. They would worry later.