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Best Birthday Ever


4 years later

It was like any other day on the ship. Wake up, eat breakfast, heal Zuko, eat lunch with Iroh or uncle I should say, then from there I would just goof off. I usually spent more time with Zuko. Ever since I healed his scar we have gotten closer. I told him the healing wouldn't take long but that was 4 years ago. That's a pretty long time. But hey I was like 10 give me a break. All those years trying to completely heal Zuko's scar was a bit of a waste. It didn't all go away so now he looks like someone slapped him on his face, hard. Spending all that time together did make us a lot closer. I learned things I never knew about him. And we tried to figure stuff out about me. Then there where the moments Ir-uncle would come in and tell Zuko to stop bothering his girlfriend and get back to work. I would be disgusted like a little kid but Zuko would just…smile. Now that I notice him doing so I stopped with my foolishness and acted like a 14 year old girl should.

About a year after we boarded the ship Zuko learned that the only way to regain his honor and love from his father was to find the Avatar. When someone mentions the Avatar or his father he gets all serious, like I don't know who he is anymore. Ever since the day he was given that mission he has been non-stop on the ocean looking for the Avatar.

Today was my 15th birthday. It wasn't my real birthday it was the day Ming and Sho found me. I do miss them. I never got to say goodbye but I knew they would understand that leaving was for my own safety. I never really made such a big deal about my birthday. I know Zuko used to but not me. I got up from out of bed and started my routine. As I walked towards the eating hall where uncle was waiting I heard a crash. I ran towards the sound and sure enough it was uncle trying to make something.

There was a little cake on the table next to him. He was trying to hide the evidence of ever making one but was too short to put the bowl bake in the cupboard. I laughed and walked over to pick up the bowl and help him.

"Thank you Miss Katara." He said now pouring tea into two small cups. I sat down across from him and took my tea.

"Good morning uncle." I said taking a sip. Then there was a pause.

"Happy Birthday!" He said while some of the crew popped out of there hiding places throwing little bits of confetti and wearing silly hats. I wasn't all that surprised, I kind of saw it coming, but I put on a surprised face for uncle.

"Thank you uncle." I said. The rest of the crew said happy birthday as well then left the room to get back to work. Uncle then slowly pushed the small cake with three candles on it towards me. He pinched the top of each candle to light it.

"Make a wish." I closed my eyes and thought for a while. I didn't know what I wanted. I didn't really need anything so I wished the war would be over so I could home already. Then I blew out the candles.

"So what did you wish for?" Uncle asked being nosey.

"I can't tell you or else it won't come true." I giggled.

"Alright, alright let's have some cake then." I agreed and cut us both a slice. It was really good. It was chocolate, my favorite, with a soft creamy filling on the inside, also chocolate. After we finished I cut one more slice and put it on a plate then got up.

"Where are you going?" Uncle asked.

"I'm going to give Zuko some." I said walking out. I made it to Zuko's room and began to knock on the door but before my hand reached the door it was open. Zuko stood there with a big grin and pulled me inside.

"Why are you so happy?" I said putting the cake on his table. He didn't respond he just pulled out a tiny box from underneath his bed.

"For you." He handed it to me.

"Happy Birthday." I smiled and took the box. I slowly began to undo the blue ribbon on the box. I pulled the top of and my eyes went wide. There was a golden hairpiece. It was in the shape of a flame just like his. I took it out and examined it. It was beautiful. Then I put the box down and put the piece in my hair.

"Thank you Zuko. It's beautiful!" Then I noticed he was wearing his friendship necklace I gave him for his birthday. Then I looked down at my wrist to see mine on as well and smiled. All of a sudden Zuko was holding me in a warm hug. I held on to him too. I never wanted to let go. I felt so warm and at home around him. He was family. Then he let go of me and help onto my face with his warm hand. I looked into his golden eyes. I was surprised that we were so close. I never felt like this around Zuko. This feeling was so different it made me a little scared. What if-if Zuko kissed me? Is that what he is trying to do? What would become of our friendship? Zuko's my best friend I wouldn't want anything to change that. But there was a little feeling inside my gut that told me not to retreat, it told me to stay to see how things would play out. That's when his lips were inches above mine. His nose brushing up against mine. Our hearts beating fast and then…

"Zuko!" We heard uncle say as he burst through the door. Zuko and I retreated from each other as fast as we could before uncle could see us so close.

"Did you enjoy the cake I made?" He asked.

"Um-I haven't eaten it yet uncle." Zuko explained rubbing the back of his head.

"Well make sure you enjoy it. I put a lot of work into the cake." He said then laughed.

"Ok uncle." Then he just left. Zuko and I looked at each other and blushed like crazy.

"Uh-" I sighed. "Enjoy your cake." Then I headed towards the door but Zuko caught my arm.

"I'm not done with you." He said as he swung me around and caught me in his arms. Then he let his lips fall to mine. My eyes were wide in shock but still I didn't retreat. I slowly closed my eyes as I pulled myself closer to Zuko. Then it was over. He lifted his lips off of mine.

"Happy Birthday." He said as I wobbled my way out of his room smiling. My legs like jelly. When he closed the door I walked to my room across the hall. I hit my back against the door and slid down and squealed. I thought I heard someone saying 'YES!' outside my door. I laughed. Best birthday ever!


"Uh-" She sighed. "Enjoy your cake." She said then headed towards the door. If hadn't done something now I might have never gotten another chance. I grabbed her arm.

"I'm not done with you." I said managing to spin her around and catch her in my arms. Then I quickly put my mouth on hers. Her lips were softer then I imagined. Her scent was sweet. I never wanted to let go of her. Then she suddenly pulled herself closer to me. I was happy to know she liked it and didn't retreat. Then I finally let her go. I didn't want to but of course I had to.

"Happy Birthday." I told her as she smiled stumbling her way out of my room.

"YES!" I screamed once I was sure she was gone. I thought I heard squealing not to far away and I smiled. I just kissed Katara. I just kissed Katara. I thought over it a few times and realized. I just kissed my best friend! Oh no. What if this ruins our friendship?

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