Witchy Pixie was, as per usual, wasting valuable time on facebook. She heard her door open. She jumped about a foot because she's a very jumpy person naturally. However, when the Inheritance characters and Chrstopher stepped through her door, she screamed an incoherent jumble and looked like she was about to tackle Murtagh with a hug. That is, until she realized nearly all of them were pointing swords at her. (Yes, yes, that's-what-she-said, we get it)

"H-hi, guys." she said nervously.

"We need to talk." said Eragon.

'W-what about?" Pixie backed up slowly.

"Hmm, let's think." said Elva. "Portraying me as in love with him?" She pointed at Murtagh how nodded empathtically.

"Or calling me a mary-sue?" added Arya,glaring.

"Or making fun of my size?" came Saphira's mental message.

"Or making me look like a shallow, romantic teenager?" asked Nasuada.

"Or making fun of me, in general?" growled Galbatorix.

"Or making me say my death was undignified?" snapped Oromis

"Or saying my name was a bad pun?" projected Thorn.

"Or MAKING MY LIFE A LIVING HELL?" yelled Christopher. "Not to mention, my poor desk will never be the same considering how often I've banged by head on it lately. Neither will my skull. Or my sanity."

Pixie backed up against the wall. The light began to dim. The characters and their author continued to advance.

Murtagh, the character who had started it all said in a terrifying voice. "We have a complaint to make."


Sniff, sniff, it's….over! I'm so sad, this was one of my best fics and it was successful…and I had loyal reviewers who I love! Thank you all for sticking with Complaints…thank you all for your concrit, encouragement, and laughs. Stick around for more stories, I'll start something new soon.

Thoughts on the ending? And what was your favorite chapter?

I know there were a lot of requests for Morzan, and plenty of other people, but I truly felt this was as far as I could go with it.

Separate Entity, the line about the desk was in there just for you.