AN: So I finished New Dawn and still plan on doing a sequel…just hang in there … : )

This is a Mike/Rachel story… one of the reasons I'm doing this is for them to become a more popular pairing. Everyone deserves some love especially Mike, he barely said three lines in the whole season of Glee (22 episodes). I still hope that he will talk more in the next season or maybe have his background introduced to us.

So I checked the pairing out and the ship is called Cherry (Mike Chang and Rachel Berry).

Hope you enjoy this : ).

I also fully intend to never abandon this story. I already have few chapter written up.

I have to warn you though… don't like the pairing, or Finn hating then please click the red button and don't flame. Of course constructive criticism is always welcome.

Rachel didn't know if it was his dance moves, his looks or maybe his personality that drew her in for more.

His dance moves were unique, mostly he went free style, creating his own moves and impressing everyone.

His looks had to be better than Finn's. Finn's look was innocent…but that because he really is dumb. Puck's looks was wild…and Rachel didn't like him, she was once upon a time attracted to him, but that's over. The only thing that she feels for him is friendly feelings. And the there is Jesse, , Schue's son, you name it…his look was more… well more pansy, if you excuse her. He used more hair product than or even Kurt , if that was even possible.

Or maybe it was his personality that drew her in the most. He was the quiet one, the 'other asian' , he was shy but still nice. And if you actually think about it, he and Matt were the only Jocks that didn't egg her house, nail chairs to her house… throw pee balloons at her house and gave her slushy facials. He was like Finn, but eve more innocent. He was the only one that didn't ever call her crazy or avoid her…and he was even loyal to Glee Club (that's a plus). And most of all, he wasn't worried about his reputation, he sat with her and the rest of the gleeks ( the glee jocks and cheerleaders too) at lunch. He wasn't afraid to stand up for her and never ever backed down from it.

So Rachel Berry didn't really know what was the best quality about Mike Chang, the dancing , the looks, or the personality. But does it really matter when you enjoy each one of them? Guess not.