"Mai I'm Going to get you!" Zuko said running down the stairs after the small girl.

"No you're not!" Mai shouted back running even faster

"Oh yes I am!" He said right behind her, she realized his closeness too late he grabbed her around the waist, "Gotcha," He whispered inher ear.

Mai grimaced at the memory; it sickened her to think of how things used to be before any of the previous events had happened. It had been over a year since prince Zuko had left "A year since prince Zuko had been banished." She corrected herself out loud. During the first few months after the incident she'd write him everyday and he'd respond just as quickly. But later on his letters stopped coming only the solemn reply you're just a distraction Mai, I need to focus on the Avatar. Stop writing me. And she did just that, she'd been angry with him since then. Little did she know how much it pained him to write those words down. She glanced at his portrait on her wardrobe and flung a knife at it. "I don't miss him!" She yelled at her reflection in the mirror then dropped to the ground, shaking in defeated sobs~


In his mind he pictured a tall, slender, dark haired girl. She was beautiful "Mai..." He thought aloud before shaking her face from his mind. He wanted nothing more than to see her again, just one more time, but he knew he was right to send her that letter. He couldn't have any distractions.

He walked towards the small dresser located in the front of his room and picked up a pile of papers, his letters from Mai.

Zuko the first one readYou can't give up hope. You have to come back to me. You'll find the avatar I just know it. I thought about telling you about how everyone was doing but decided against it...even if it is just as bleak and dreary as before...I want you to come home Zuko. Please come home...

There were tear marks splattered everywhere on the letter. She had sent him that letter less than three days after he had "left" and because of it he hadn't left his room for a week.

"Prince Zuko?" His uncle Iroh called "You have a letter," he smiled as he handed it to the disgruntled prince

Zuko took it and his eyes lit up "Its from Mai!" He shouted "She said that shes!" he said as he finished the letter

Iroh didn't look pleased.

"Prince Zuko," He started while shaking his head "This may not be as good as you think, it was the right thing to do when you asked her to stop writing you, you needn't any distractions..."

Zuko, being a fifteen year old boy, hadn't listened to any of the advice his uncle had given him. He merely continued to rush around his room failing miserably to tidy his room.

Iroh shook his head grimly and walked out of the room.~


She didn't know why she had done it, because now as she sat on the bench of her ship her stomach was doing nervous little flips. She had written the letter out of impulse and anger; to cofront the fire prince and demand he explain his behaviour. But now, as she sat, on the bench of her ship, her stomach, was doing nervous little flips. The speech she had come up with was now floating around in the air, and she could barely walk onto Zuko's ship without stumbling.