Twisted Nightmare

A Hetalia Fic

I don't own Hetalia, that is done by the God that is Himruya Hidekaz (Worships...)

This is based on a dream I had while reading a story called How The World Lost Its Sanity by Inquzitive Dreams. I had the end of this dream after reading the second chapter and I also dreamed the first part when I was sick with very bad allergies. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had writing it. I hope it turns out perfect. For this story's sake, the houses are near each other, sort of like less than 2 hours away and stuff. Here I go.


May include blood, gore, and character death.

Chapter 1: Italy

Romano groans as he walks towards his home, the sun beating down on his sweat soaked shirt. He pushes his brown hair out of his eyes, the bangs sticking to his forhead andblocking his vision. He had had it, everything about this day was going wrong. From his and Venciano's boss fussing him out to even stepping in gum that was stuck on the sidewalk, this day had been filled with nothing but downs. He had called Italy earlier today and told him everything as he was coming back. Italy only told him to calm down and the day would get better. It didn't, even his mopead had broken down, causing the nation to have to walk back home, leaving the vehicle abandoned where anybody could take it. He wipes the sweat off his forhead, panting in the heat of the streets, the Global Warming making its precence known to the nation. If he came back and his mopead was gone, he would go on a rampage to get it back. He heads towards the house, growling as he sees this guy just staring at him as he mumbled to himself. He didn't know who the guy was, but right now to Romano, he was a bastard. He grumbles and gets to the house, walking up the steps, hoping that at least the Airconditioning was still working. He enters his house, expecting Veneciano to be at the front door, all smiles. Instead, nobody was at the door, only the cold welcoming air blowing in his house. There was no smell of cooking pasta in the air. All in all, nothing was right.

He growls, "Little bro..." Romano doesn't see anything, nor hears anything, not even a whispered ~ve~. Romano groans, "Veneciano, do you have that potato bastard over here again?" That would just complete his bad day.

Romano doesn't get any answer, it was like Veneciano wasn't even here. Romano growls, tossing his uniform jacket and his tie. His red shirt was soaked with sweat from walking through the heat. He walks towards the kitchen, spotting no sign of his little brother. There was ingredents out, like he was about to make something but had stopped suddenly and left them abandoned on the counter. Romano pauses, straining to hear over the sound of the air conditioner popping on, hoping to hear his little brother walking around. He looks back at the abandoned ingredents on the counter, the oven set on 400 degrees, still running. Romano picks up the green peppers, his heart leaping to his throat. This was strange, even for his little brother. Veneciano never left in the middle of a reciepe. Something was very wrong. Romano was starting to get worried, looking frantically around the empty house, placing the pepper down. Where was North Italy? Romano peeks his head into the dining room, expecting to see his brother sitting at the table. Instead, not a chair was out of place. Nothing. Now Romano was really worried, how he wished he had a tomato by his side, for protection. But, they had no tomato's around. He had used them to fight off France after he decided to raid his house.

"Veneciano?" He dashes into the living room again, "Feliciano?" He yells, not one noise heard other than his own voice and the steady humm of the air conditioner.

Where was his little brother? Sure, he may be the favorite, and get more attention, and hang out with Germany more than Romano, and he also...

Romano gasps, grinning, "Why didn't I think of that sooner?" He turns to look at the clock, smirking.

It was 3:20 pm, Venecaino never missed out on a siesta. His little brother was probally asleep in the bedroom. He hits his forehead at his stupidity. Worrying over nothing. Today was a rough day. He walks down the hall, heading toward's the sibling's room that they shared together. He sighs, he worried too easily, Veneciano had always told him that. Maybe today would get better, after all, Veneciano's smile was contagious. He grabs the handle to the door, opening it wide.

"Found you little bro, now..." Romano's eyes go wide in shock, staring down the barrele of a pistol, Veneciano smirking evilly. Romano backs up, "CHIGIGI?" He squeaks out, looking with wide eyes at Veneciano. "What the hell are you doing?" He says, his heart racing in fear.

"What's the matter nii-chan?" Veneciano chuckles out, his eyes wide in maddness, "Had a bad day?" He cocks back the firing pin, Romano's breath hitching at the sound of the click.

"Feli...put the gun down." Romano begs, "Per favore.." He has his back to the wall, Veneciano stepping from the dark room.

"Why should I brother?" Veneciano replies.

"Feliciano?" Romano looks up at Veneciano, his amber eyes pleading against crazed ones, "Please, don't shoot!" He yells, seeing Veneciano's finger twitch on the trigger. "Why are you doing this?" He asks, his heart in his throat.

Veneciano tilts his head to the side, "Why, you ask?" He grins, "Vendetta." Romano eyes go wide at the word.

Romano gulps, "V-vendetta? Revenge, but...what did I do?" He yelps out, looking for someway out of this stand off.

"What did you do?" Veneciano smirks, "Nothing at all mi fratello..." Veneciano's smirk goes away, replaced by a scowl, "And that's all you ever did, nothing. Aiddo!" He pulls the trigger.

Romano grabs the lamp next to him and hurls it at Veneciano. Romano yells out in pain as the bullet hits his shoulder, the hot lead searing through him and into the wall behind him. He grabs his arm in pain and dashes down the hall, desperate to escape from his maddened brother. Veneciano ducks the lamp, the crash echoing in the room they shared together. He looks up as Romano heads for the door, avoding the glass shards everywhere. He turns, aiming the gun at him again. The fleeing Italian is stumbling, trying to stay upright as he tears down the hall at full speed. Veneciano narrows his eyes, glaring hatefully at the older twin.

"Where are you going brother?" Veneciano growls out, shooting at him again.

Romano yelps as a vase near him shatters into a million pieces, Romano picking up speed. He shakes his head, the water and glass raining down on him. He hisses as the shards of glass cut into his face, and stick into his feet, causing the nation pain at every step.

Veneciano walks towards the end of the hall, the gun still raised at his brother, "Are you scared?" He asks, shooting again.

Romano gasps, feeling the bullet so close to his ear, he could feel the heat from discharge. He closes his eyes, tears streaming down his cheeks as he picks up the pace, heading for the door.

"TOO BAD!" Veneciano yells out, shooting at Romano again.

"CHIGIGI!" Romano yells as the bullet catches the back of his leg, crippling the nation. He feels the bullet stop, lodged in his femur bone, feeling the worst pain in his life. He falls down, hitting the floor and skidding to a stop, the blood allready soaking into the carpet from his wounds.

He turns over, seeing Veneciano standing over him, the gun aimed for his head. Romano pushes himself back with his good arm and leg, desperate to get away from Veneciano. "STOP! STOP! Auito! Perché hai fatto questo mio fratello?" He yelps out, "Don't shoot, Devo fare qualcosa proprio non sparare!" Tears stream down his face.

Feliciano? Why are you doing this, mi fratello? Why are you trying to kill me? Please, don't kill me, don't do this!

Veneciano pauses, looking down on his brother. "Why?" He asks, looking confused.

Italy...thank God, he's snapping out of this maddness. That's it, fight it, Feli~

Romano sighs, thinking that his brother had snapped out of it, "Because I'm bored." He says, re-aiming the gun at Romano's head.

What the-

A loud sound echos throughout the room, Romano's eyes going wide in surprise. He goes limp, a feeling of fire hitting his head. He looks at his brother with fading vision, a smirk creeping on his once kind brother's face.

Perché hai fatto questo mio fratello?

I told you it was a weird dream. I called Italy Veneciano to deferintiate him from his brother Romano. They are both Italy, so I could just call Italy, Italy. Sorry if Italy's OOC, it will be explained in further chapters. I was sick when I had this dream (Or should I call it nightmare?) so there might be some incositances. I will try to keep them to a mininum though. Its from different character's view points. The first part is Romano Italy's but I called it Italy for short. Each Chapter will have a different view point of a character...

Mixalis: Wow, didn't think you had it in you to make Italy a bad guy.

Keiko: Hey, I told you, I was sick, it was my exhausted brain that came up with this mess, don't blame me, ve.

Mixalis: Whatever you say, but this is twisted, even for you. The sweet lovable Italy we all know and love, tainted by maddness. For shame...

Keiko: Not me, blame this one on sickness and 'How The World Lost Its Sanity'

Mixalis: Whatever, I'm staying away from you. Poor Romano, and I liked him too...

Perché hai fatto questo mio fratello?- Why did you do this my brother?

Devo fare qualcosa proprio non sparare- I'll do anything just don't shoot!