Cross is Enforcer Rothenberg's son and I was reading the scene with him and I just felt so sorry for him. I have no idea if this relationship between Cross and this nameless girl (Who is NOT Umasi's albino friend) is platonic or romantic so take it as you will. This is my first submission on this site and the second Truancy fic. Review if you love it or even if you hate it. This also may not be the finished product.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?" The girl flinched but otherwise remained still as the voice of the Enforcer- Rothenberg- carried up the stairs. There was a few more yells and a loud slap And, although almost completely still, she was fuming inside. She mentally screamed sense into the man below (As well as every swear she knew) until the dumbass finally 'changed his ways.'

It was a mindless daydream, though, and she knew it would never happen outside her head. She'd have to settle with what she could actualy accomplish.

"Cross." The girl whispered an hour later when a boy trudged into the room, his face bearing the print of his father's hand.

"Cross…" She breathed again as she rose from the immaculate bed and softly wrapped her arms around him. While she was used to seeing Cross like this, it never got any easier. She sank to the floor, pulling him to her chest, and resting her chin in his hair.

Cross in turn slipped his arms around her, holding the girl to him and simply taking comfort in her presence.

"I love you, you know." She said into his hair. The boy raised his head to look at her.

The Enforcer Rothenberg thought it was his superior parenting skills that had ceased his son's waterworks but that was far from the case.

Maybe it was the way she reminded Cross of his mother, maybe it was her gentle arms, maybe it was that she seemed to be the only person in the city who cared for him at all, maybe it was the way she was simply always there but in any case, she was the reason he made it through.

"And I love you." He replied steadily and then buried his head in her shoulder again. They stayed like this for a bit longer until her watch started beeping.

"I have to go." She sighed. He nodded and held her a bit tighter for a moment before letting her go. She gave him a small smile and climbed out the window, still in her pristine grey student uniform.

Cross watched her go and then got up to sit at his desk and tackle his schoolwork.