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"Son of a bitch" Alfred thought angrily to himself as he made his way back to the base.

"Just my luck!"Alfred spat as he reached into his jacket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He placed the cigarette between his lips, lit it, and took a long and angry drag. He continued on, hoping the cigarette would calm his need to punch the nearest inanimate object.

He finally made it back to the base (and through an entire half-pack of cigarettes, he would need to make a trip to the canteen tomorrow) without causing any damage. He stomped through his barracks, not caring if he woke anybody with his ruckus. Lucky for him, it appeared he was the only one back. He stripped off his uniform and stuffed it hapharzardly in his trunk, not caring about being neat. He slid into bed, hoping to fall asleep quickly so he wouldn't have to dwell on what had happened.

The next morning, he would deny to himself that he had tears in his eyes when he fell asleep

It had been quite an evening, Kiku mused to himself as he allowed Arthur to escort him home. They were walking down the narrow street, Arthur holding Kiku's hand while grinning as though he were a child on Christmas morning.

"It has been a wonderful evening, Kiku. Thank you for letting me walk you home." Arthur said.

"It is no problem, Asa-san…" Kiku said, forcing a smile. It was only at Arthur's insistance that he allowed the Brit to accompany home.

"I consider it an honor to be able to spend more time with my girl as well as getting to see where she lives." Kiku swallowed hard.

"The honor is mine," Kiku began coyly, "getting to show Asa-san our apartment." Arthur squeezed Kiku's hand and they continued on in silence.

After a few moments of walking, they finally arrived at the decrepit building that the siblings called home. Kiku was about to thank Arthur for walking him home and that he would see him tomorrow evening, but that plan was ruined when Arthur opened the door and walked inside. Kiku's heart sank, Arthur intended to walk him all the way home. Sighing, Kiku led Arthur up the creaky stairs to the small apartment.

"I offer Asa-san my apologies, our apartment is no shape for visitors…" Kiku murmured, hoping Arthur would take the hint.

"Nonsense. Believe me Kiku, it cannot be as bad as the base." No such luck. Kiku suddenly wished he were like Yong Soo, who would have no problem telling someone to get lost.

"Oh but Asa-san!" Kiku hoped this would work. "I would hate for you to think badly of my housekeeping skills! Please, let me show you another time. And Yong Soo and Yao will be home soon. I would hate for them to…ah…interrupt the tour~"

"I suppose you have a point, love." Arthur conceded, patting Kiku's arm. Kiku sighed in relief.

"Well, its time for me to head back to the base. Until tomorrow evening?" Arthur said, smiling.

"Until tomorrow, Asa-san." Kiku said, forcing a smile.

"G'night, love." Arthur said, pressing a kiss to his forehead.

"Good night."

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