Author's Note: This will be a drabble/ficlet collection with various Glee pairings and characters represented.

Kindergarten; Rachel Berry & Kurt Hummel, 210 words; rated G

"Berry, Rachel," the young blonde kindergarten teacher read off the roll call sheet.

"Present!" Her long hair was tied back in a ponytail, and it bobbed ever-so-gracefully as she rose her hand, ignoring the stifled laughs of her classmates.

As the teacher moved onto "Bristol, Ashley," she looked around the room at the people she'd grow to know as classmates this school year. Some of them she knew from preschool - she recognized Arthur Abrams, now sporting a large pair of glasses that threatened to fall off his nose at any moment. And there was Tina Cohen-Chang, fidgeting with her hair.

Then she caught a glimpse of him. There was something about his hair - it was perfectly done, much as hers was - and he had a smile that lit up the room.

"Hummel, Kurt."

"Here," he said, glancing over at her before turning back to the black girl sharing his table. She couldn't help but smile at him. She was going to be famous one day; he had a certain "jay nay say kwa," as her ballet instructor liked to say; together, they would be perfect.

It could have been love. It wasn't meant to be, but she had no way of knowing that yet.