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It's been 3 years since Kai battled Brooklyn and it's been 3 years that he has gone without his beloved Dranzer. Allowing her to leave was a hard decision and at the time it seemed right, but Kai felt even more alone then he had before. Though he had grown stronger with his teammates and friends, he lost someone to confined in.

After a year and half of being without a bitbeast, Kai got lucky and found a new one to take the place of Dranzer.

Though it took over her job to fight other bitbeasts and beyblades, he never felt the same, something was missing and he knew he couldn't be without Dranzer.

His new bitbeast was a raven that went by the name Draven. It had dark purple feathers and a crimson beak, with matching eyes. Despite its deathly appearance, the thing would never harm a fly, was terrified of blood, and constantly drove Kai insane. It yammered and shouted never letting Kai have a moments peace.

It was times like these when he wished Dranzer would come back in his live, but he knew he had let her go and never expected her to come back.

In the back of his mind though he always that they had a special connection and he hoped that one day she would come and visit him even if it was just for a moment in time.

He knew she was able to because he had set her free and he knew she was still out there, he could feel it.

But on certain nights after waking from the terrors of his dreams, he'd feel a warm presence burning his heart and keeping him warm. He had a feeling it was Dranzer, still caring for him and telling him she wasn't far from where he was.

When that would happen, he could help himself from getting out of bed and wondering around looking for her, hoping he would find her and she would come back to him.

After he would return and Draven will pick up his talking asking what was wrong and trying to pick his brain. Almost a few times Kai tried to break the toy and the spirit inside of it, but he knew that wouldn't fix his problems or bring back the Phoenix he loved.

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