Poisonous Minds - A Hannbial Story By Andy prosser

Chapter 1: Mason Verger Plot

Mason Verger sit in his sterilize room and plot to kill Hannbial and Clarice. His sister Margot comes in.
"Hi Mason it is time for your daily checkup. You must pee in this cup." She says.
So Mason pees in the cup.
"Hahaha!" She laughs. "I trikced you. I only want your sperm."

"No Margot you cant have my sperm... BUT YOU CAN DIE!" and Verger mechanical arm choke her.

Mason had built the robot arm to help defeat Hannbial. "I guess it has other uses." Mason Verger laughs manically.

Chapter 2: Detective Starling

Clarice Starling hear about the murder at Mason Vergers mansion. "It must have something to do with Mason Vergers plot to kill Hannbial by shooting laser at Hannbial with GPS satellite!"
So Clarice calls Hannbial and warn him. "Mason Verger has made robot arm!" seh exclammed. "Oh no I am done for..." Said Hannbial. "Unless... we must KILL MASON VEREGR!"

Chapter 3: Night Ambush

That night Clarice and Hannbial sneak into Verger manison. But Mason was already arrested.
"Darn! We cant kill him now" shout Hannbial. "I must hide underground until it is safe to come out again."
"I will miss you Hannbial." and they kiss. And like the wind Hannbial was gone.