Hey, hey, hey! Kris is back with her imagination. *starts scolding imagination.* Anyway. Here's a new story. Watcha think?

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Kris walked into the Hobby Center in Houston. She was here to create a play. One she was going to enjoy. All she needed was a bit of back up. Right as she said that her friends Elphie and Anya walked into the room. "You get the cast?" she asked Elphie.

"They were stubborn, but yeah. They are all sitting in the audience."

"Tied up." Anya added.

Kris smirked and walked onto the stage to see the X-men, Brotherhood, and Alcoloytes. "Hey, guys. My name's Kris and I'm preforming a musical." she said as she sat on the edge of the stage while her friends stood by her sides.

Logan raised an eyebrow. "And why are you telling us?"

Kris chuckled. "I was hoping you'd say that because you're the cast."

Their eyes widened.


An hour passed of bitter complaining, arguing, and threatening of powers. Fortunately Kris had a back up plan. One she wasn't to happy about. "You guys don't have much of a choice." she said as she lept off the stage.

"And why is that?" Wanda asked as she glared at her.

"Have any of you noticed that Charles, Eric, and Raven aren't here?"

Everyone looked around and came to the silent conclusion that she was right while Anya and Elphie shook their heads. "Exactly. I have gotten the permission of all of your leaders to use you as my cast. You have no choice." Kris said with pleasure.

"So who's who?" Rogue asked as she sat next to Wanda.

"Glad you asked." Kris said with a smirk.

Everyone else...was not. Elphie handed Kris a clipboard with the cast on it while Anya handed all of them power-nulifers that hid in some black shoes each person was given. "I want each of you to wear those every time you come here."

Everyone nodded in grudging agreement. "Now...Kitty, you'll be playing one of the leads. Her name is Glinda." Kris said as Elphie handed her a script.

"Like, cool. Wait...is this-"

Elphie held a finger to her lips and Kitty stayed in quiet excitement. "Rogue, you'll be playing Elphaba."

Rogue was handed the script and when she looked down her eyes widened. "Ya kiddin'?" she asked as she looked to see Anya with the jazz shoes. "Nope." Anya responded.

"Remy is Fiyero with Logan as the Wizard of Oz."

"Whoa, que?" Remy asked as Elphie handed him the script and Logan growled when his was put in his lap.

When the whole cast heard those words they new exactly what they would be playing. "Is this Wicked by any chance?" Jean asked as Scott placed an arm around her shoulders.

"Yes." Kris said with a smile.


And there is the first chapter to A Wicked X-men Story.