This Slide of Reality

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This Slide of Reality

Part one

The trees shook and trembled. Leaves whipped about in miniature tornadoes. The air crackled, rippled into circular waves, and, then, ripped. A burst of bright white light briefly flashed from the tear and a shimmering tunnel opened three feet above the ground. Blue, white, and lilac waves cascaded out of the hole in every direction. The brilliant colors dissipated into the warm air shortly after they escaped the opening.

The portal flashed and a black man flew out. He landed hard on the ground. He got up, groaned, and dusted off his khakis and satin shirt. He looked up just in time to catch the girl falling out of the vortex. She ran her hand through her red hair and smiled shyly at her companion. A whoosh sounded from the wormhole and the two split as another woman was hurled between them. She glared at the redhead as she rose from the ground and adjusted her short skirt. She stalked off to examine their surroundings. The other two joined together again as a handsome young man somersaulted out of the vortex. He sat on the ground awhile and let out an exasperated sigh. As he examined a small device resembling a cell phone, the portal slowly grew smaller until it was only a pinpoint of light. Then it vanished with no evidence of its existence except the four disheveled travelers. The woman, pulling at her brown hair, stalked back to the group and stood over the young man.

"Where's Rickman?" she demanded.

"Come and gone already according to the timer."

"Damn it!" She stormed off through the trees to look around.

The others dusted off their clothing. "So, how much time do we have on this one?" asked the redheaded girl.

As he rose to his feet, the handsome man glanced at the red numbers counting down on the mechanism in his hand.

"About two days," he replied. "Now let's find some where to eat. I'm starved."

"Amen to that, Q-ball," the black man said. "After almost becoming dino-chow, I'd like a nice relaxed meal. Like that one when I played in Rome. That was one of the best meals I've ever had. Damn expensive, though."

"Well, you guys can treat us to a nice dinner since we saved your butts," bragged the brunette as they caught up to her.

"It took you long enough to shoot the tank. We almost weren't saved," argued the young man.

"Hey, it wasn't my fault that your sling shot thingy didn't work. And anyway. You both being big strong men and all, you couldn't expect us little women to throw that big, bad canister into that awful dinosaur's mouth."

She smirked at the guys and batted her eyelashes mockingly. Then, she and the other girl broke down into laughter. The men gave each other an exasperated look.

"Nothing like guns and target shooting for female bonding, eh, Q-ball," joked the black man. "Sure beats beer and football." It was sometimes a pain for the women to team up, but it was better than when they were at each other's throats.

They walked through the thick foliage, gossiping. The young man led the way and slowly moved towards what he thought was the edge of the woods.

"Hey! I think I see something!"

He broke out of the forest. A giant Tyrannosaurus Rex loomed over him, its jaws gaping open for the kill. One by one the other three members of his team emerged from the jungle to stare at the monster. The brown haired woman sighed. "Ah, hell. Not again."

They stood, stunned, in front of the attacking T-rex. Why do so many worlds have to have dinosaurs, the young man wondered. He waited for it to roar or do something. There was no way that they could get away from this thing at such a close distance. But it was not moving. He walked up to the hideous beast and touched it. The skin did not feel right. It was hard and solid. The monster felt more like a model than skin on muscle. He knocked on the T-rex's leg. The sound of his fist hitting plastic vibrated through the monster's hallow framework. The black man opened his mouth to state the obvious.

"Hey! Get out of the freakin' way! You're ruinin' the picture!"

The four astonished travelers turned to face a line of irritated people and an equally angry photographer. The young man smirked. Always expect the unordinary.

"Unless you guys have money to shovel out, get away from the Rex, so the line can move sometime this century."

The gang moved away from the dinosaur statue and watched as family after family posed in front of the roaring Rex and a jeep with the words "Jurassic Park" stenciled on the side. They collectively sighed and moved away from the bustling crowd.

"I'd like to see that photographer meet a real T-rex," muttered the brunette. The two men grinned at the comment. The foursome walked through the crowded street and took in the sights. They passed long lines winding this way and that in front of huge buildings. The young man had been here before.

"I think we landed in Universal Studios," the young man stated. "My dad took me here once when I was really young. I don't remember any dinosaurs, though."

"Well, if we are in Universal Studios, we should enjoy it," commented the redhead. "I mean, it's not everyday that you get into a theme park free."

"You said it, girl," voiced the black man. "Now, after we eat, let's go on some rides. Or should we do that before we eat."

"Depends," the brunette said slyly. "How well can your stomach handle those sudden drops. Going round and round, swaying this way and that way. Turning sharply at breakneck speeds and then…"

"Hold on there, girl. You're makin' me sick just talkin' about it."

"Ah, come on. After sliding on a full stomach you should be able to handle anything."

The group laughed in unison. It felt good to relax for once. They continued to search for a restaurant as they gazed at the multitude of rides. The young man recognized many of the rides, but several more were new. Nothing like interdimensional travel to throw you out of the movie loop. As much as he wanted to have fun at the park, he really wished he could get to the library and see if they were home. If the park was mostly the same as the one he remembered, their journey could be done. That would be the best kind of relaxation. After awhile he noticed that passing people were staring at them.

"Um, is it just me or are we gettin a lot of attention here," commented the black man nervously.

"They're just probably fans of the Cryin' Man and seeing him in person…"

"Oh My God!" they heard someone exclaim behind them. They turned and saw a brown haired teenage girl, her mouth wide open.

"Great. What did we do this time?" sighed the red head.

"It's you! I mean, I thought it was you guys, but, wow, I didn't think it was possible," she babbled. She leaned down and quickly picked up the book she had dropped.

"I mean, I always wanted to meet you. Whenever I went to New York, I always looked around for you, since you live there and everything, but I never imagined that I'd meet you here. Can I have your autographs?" She thrust the book at the four stunned travelers.

"Sure," the young man said hesitantly. If it wasn't a dinosaur world, it was one where they were famous. What could it be this time, musicians, actors, or maybe another Academic Decathlon world.

"I can't believe this is actually happening! My friends are never going to believe me. Maybe I can get a picture later or something, but, like, wow! I'm actually standing with Jerry O' Connell, Cleavant Derricks, Sabrina Lloyd, and Kari Wuhrer! It's so amazing."

The young man looked up suddenly from his writing. Boy, this girl is more mixed up than she seems. "I'm sorry, but I think you have the wrong people. My name is…"

"Oh, duh! Sorry, I forgot that we're in the park. Then it's Quinn Mallory, Rembrandt Brown, Wade Wells, and Maggie Beckett. Although, now that I think about it, you're probably not the real actors, but you're really good look-a-likes. I could've sworn you were the real thing."

"Whoa, hold on a second! How do you know our names?" Maggie, the brunette, interrogated.

"You're the Sliders. It's only the best sci-fi show ever. I watch every show and tape it, too. It's like my all-time favorite program."

Maggie turned away from the group as the girl ranted on. Maggie rubbed her temples as she walked away. Quinn, the young man, knew she could never get use to all these wackos on every world. He also understood that her act of looking around the park for a ride to go on once they ditched the loon was just her way of not going over the edge and pounding this girl's head into the pavement. However, he could stand to humor the crazy girl and find out more about this world. Anyway, she was kind of cute and he could us a little hero worship.

"Hey. Guys! You have to see this!" Quinn suddenly heard Maggie yell back.

Quinn, Rembrandt, and Wade came running to Maggie's side. They all gapped at the banner, which bore their faces and the words "Sliders, New season starting on the Sci-Fi Channel", hanging on one of the buildings. So the girl wasn't crazy and was telling the truth about a show. This was a first though, doubles that were actors. Always the extraordinary.

"I can't believe it," Wade, the redhead, gasped.

"I know, isn't it wonderful," the girl said as she joined the group. "I thought Fox was going to cancel it for sure and all, but the Sci-Fi Channel picked it up! Cool! You even have the timer with you." She grabbed the timer out of the pocket of Quinn's leather jacket.

"Hey! Give that back!" Quinn yelled. We definitely need that timer now that we know that this isn't our world.

"It's even counting down. And this is the button that opens the portal."

"Don't touch that!" Quinn yanked the timer away from her and placed it in his inside pocket. That was too close.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Maggie screamed. "You could have opened the vortex and we would have lost Rickman!"

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to see it up close. I mean I always see it on TV and…. wait a minute, did you say Rickman?"

"Come on, guys. I'm tired. Let's go find a hotel," Wade murmured.

"Yah, maybe there's a Chandler here," suggested Rembrandt. The Sliders walked slowly off towards the exit gates.

"Wait!" yelled the girl. She ran after them. "You're. You're. You were talking about Rickman and the Chandler and sliding. You're the REAL Sliders?"

"Well, of course, we're real," Wade replied.

"No. I mean. You're from a parallel universe. That's why you came out of the woods in the Jurassic Park display. You slid in there. It's all true. The theories are correct. You guys prove it all! The Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky bridge."

Wow, that show was pretty in depth, thought Quinn. When will she start spouting out Hawking's theories.

"Transdimensional travel. Parallel universes. It's all true. Wait till the execs see you. They'll be so surprised that the show, that everything…"

"Now, we're not gettin' tangled up in any of this," Rembrandt interrupted. "We're just gonna find a hotel and have a nice dinner."

"But you guys have to meet your doubles. Well, they're not really you, but they play you on the series."

"Listen! I've had enough of this!" Wade exclaimed. "As you probably know from the show, we're very tired from our last slide. So, just, leave us alone!"

This was too much for Wade. Quinn could tell that she had hoped that this was their world, too. As they strode away, he glanced back at the girl. She looked down, depressed, at her feet. Then, she suddenly looked up with a gleam in her eyes. Uh-oh.

"Hey! Sliders!" she yelled. They turned, annoyed, and glared at her. She smiled coyly at them. "I bet you'd like to know where the nearest hotel is."

"Thanks, but I think we can manage," replied Rembrandt, exhausted. They started to walk away again.

"No! Wait! It will take you forever to find a room. It's the height of the tourist season. Why don't you come to the hotel my family is staying at. You can request a room and then rest in ours while you wait for an opening. The hotel's only a five minute walk from the park." Her pleading eyes moved from one Slider to another. Quinn sighed. He was a sucker for the puppy-dog eyes.

"Oh, all right," he mumbled, but he couldn't help smiling as her face lit up at the words. "We'll go with you. But if you start babbling again, we're gone."

"I promise! Oh, god, I am so rude. Hi, my name is Jen."

"Well, nice to meet you, Jen. I'd introduce ourselves, but you seem to know us already."

"It's great to meet you guys anyway. Come on. The hotel is this way." The Sliders followed Jen as she led the way out of the park and down the street to the hotel. At least we won't have to explain sliding to her, Quinn thought with a smirk.

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