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Under the tree

There was a storm brewing In Konoha. The village hidden in the leaf was experiencing strong winds. Lightening flash in the darken sky followed closely by its angry brother thunder. All throughout the village people were hurrying inside to escape the mad storm all except one blond jonin. Naruto Namikaze was standing under the tree of team 7 old training grounds reflecting on the storm he just escaped from his girlfriend's home. Well his ex-girlfriend.

At 18 years old Naruto thought he had been on top of the world. He finally managed to bring Sasuke back home. He had finally made Jonin rank and he was with Sakura. The villager's attitude toward him had for the better. Instead of seeing him as a demon they finally saw that was a human being and gave him his long overdue respect. Off course he hadn't become Hokage yet but he knew that would come in due time. Life was good Naruto thought till he came home from eating Ramen to see his best friend and girlfriend in bed together.

Naruto had seen Sasuke on top of Sakura. Sakura was moaning as he continued to thrust in her. Neither noticed the blond ninja watching from the bedroom door. After 2 minutes Naruto finally found the will to run. He ran out of the apartment slamming the door, startling Sasuke and Sakura. At that moment they knew they were caught. He ran and rant ill he came to the practice grounds his tears mixing up the cold rain.

The Storm picked up the rain became aggressive. It was almost like the rain was crying for the pain the blond felt, but Naruto didn't notice it. The pain was so unbearable he sat under that tree for the whole night till he passed out. It was there his savior found him the next morning and took him back to her hotel. When the girl found him the rain stopped, and the sun shunned down on the two blonds almost like it was foreshadowing a bright future for the two young ninja.

Naruto woke up with the sun shining on his face. He was sleeping in a warm confortable bed.

"Where am I", he thought out loud. "The last thing I remember is seeing Sasuke and Sakura and running till In the storm then it all goes blank."

"You are in my hotel room Blondie," Temari said coming through the bedroom door with a bowl of broth in hand." "I found you passed out on my way to see lady Hokage. I brought you back here and sent a scroll asking for Lady Tsunade to come and check up on you. She determined that you had a very back cold and that a few days rest would cure you. I offered to take you back to your place but Lady Tsunade was dead against it." She said and I quote "I'm not sending my son back to those two traitorous friends of his."

"So why were you under the tree in the freezing rain anyway idiot," Temari yelled. Do you not know that it was hurricane winds out there? That you could have died. How would they have looked the future Hokage dying cause he was stuck out in the rain? Do you know how many people would be hurt if you died.

Naruto couldn't believe it he was on the brink of thanking her for taking care of him then she goes and get all hormonal on him.

"Sakura cheated on me with Sasuke," the blond whispered. "I came home and found them in bed," he yelled gripping the sheets. "The bed we shared. The bed i bought for her. Do you know she said she wanted to wait till we were married? She said she wanted to save herself for me, and I believed her. I believed her when she said she didn't love Sasuke like that anymore. I believed her all those times she said she was staying with Ino, all the while I bet she was with Uchiha. I trusted them," he said finally breaking out into full sobs.

Temari just stood there dumbfounded as he yelled. She knew the pain that one felt during a break up but she couldn't imagine what he was going through. Of course Shiki and her broke it off some time ago and she felt pain but it was never this bad. Shiki never cheated on her. As she stood there watching her secret crush hurting all she could do was get angry. No at Naruto but at Uchiha and Sakura how could they hurt him like that?

She gave Naruto a hug. I'm so sorry, she whispered in his ear. I'm sorry they hurt you like that. Naruto you are special and any girl would be lucky to have you. Sakura just lot something great in her life. She held on to him till he went back to sleep. Once Nightfall came and she was assured Naruto was out cold Temari paid a little visit to the stuck up Uchiha and the big head Haruno.