Letters and Reactions

It's been 3 hours since Temari had left, and people were just receiving their letters.

Dear Kankuro,

As you read this letter I will be long gone. Ever since we left Konoha I have felt empty and weak. I let my fears control me and I ran from the man I love and hurt him more than we probably can imagine. I'm no better than his last girlfriend. She broke his heart, I shattered it. I was too weak to stay and fight, now I have to face the consequences, but enough about my stupidity , as you can see all my stuff has been packed. After some begging, lecturing, and crying our little brother granted my request for a transfer from Suna. The people of Suna and other countries shouldn't be tainted with my presence. I can't tell you where I am but, I can say you will see me in three years for the Chunin exams. I have to be there, the Kazekage ordered it, but I won't be alone.

The morning of the day I left I went to the doctor, and was rewarded with news that I will become a mother. The happiness I felt was instantly overshadowed by guilt and fear. I know I don't have to tell you who the supplier of sperm is. So you know what this means right, you are going to be an uncle, so you should settle down and fine a nice girl. Spending all your times with puppets isn't healthy, unless you prefer that over actual female flesh. Who knows, anyway watch over Gaara, make sure he doesn't stress himself out over paper work. Keep the house clean, just because I don't live there, doesn't mean you and Gaara can live like pigs. I have arrange for someone to clean once a week, and do laundry, but that doesn't mean you and Gaara can live the high life. Also I left my makeup since I know you don't have any more to use for your "face paint". I also ordered a 3 year supply to be delivered every month, so don't ever say I didn't do anything for you. Anyway its getting dark out I should be heading out. Please take care of Gaara and yourself, and don't get killed. Also I left a letter for Gaara, could you take it to him please.

Your big sis,


Kankuro reread the letter 3 times before it finally sunk in that his sister had left. He ran to her room to see it empty except for her desk and a box of makeup.

"Damn she's really gone," he muttered to himself in the darkness. "Also she pregnant with the fox's brat kid. I got to speak to Gaara, we have to go find her," he ran to his brother's office to get the answers he desired.

Meanwhile back in Konoha, Lady Tsunade was in her office, drinking sake. Shizune had tried to get her to do paper work but eventually she gave up and went home to spend a wild passionate night with Kiba, leaving Tsunade to wallow in misery. It's been a month since Temari left Naruto, and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't figure out why the girl left. It looked like everything was going great. She sent a letter to the Kazekage letting him know her feelings on the matter be known, but the only thing that kept her from going there to kick the girl's ass was Naruto. Now on top of that Naruto had left a little after midnight the day before. He had sent a letter saying he was going after Temari. She sat in her office thinking. I was 3 in the morning when a messenger hawk arrived at her office window with a letter from Suna. She went to the hawk retrieved the letter and opened it. She was shock to see who it was from.

Dear Lady Tsunade,

I can imagine how much you hate me right now. I mean I'm no better than the pink one; only difference is I'm pretty sure what I did hurt him the most. I bet you wondering why I'm writing you. I hope you haven't burn this letter before reading it because what I have to say is really important. The reason I left Naruto that night without even saying goodbye was simply put because I was an idiot and a coward. I imagined myself being with Naruto, being happy with hi with kids and all that and I got scared. All I know how to be is a ninja. I kill people for my village, I don't know how to how to be a wife, a girlfriend, all I know in this life is how to be a ninja. Naruto deserves someone better, not someone who would be out doing missions that could possibly end in death, he deserves a woman who is at home waiting on him when he comes back from missions. That would never be me, I would be the wife who went on missions with him, and we will never be home, we would be unhappy just like my parents were. I know it's stupid and that shouldn't be a reason to leave someone but to me I couldn't fathom dooming Naruto to a miserable life to me, but I do care for him, and that is why I'm about to tell you something. I'm pregnant. I just found out the morning I wrote this. It doesn't take a genius to know who the father is. I hurt Naruto, I know that. I can tell from what Gaara said, so I'm sure he wouldn't want anything to do with me or the baby. I'm not asking for help or anything I can take care of myself and the baby, all I'm asking is that you watch over Naruto and don't let him live in the shadows because of the mistakes me and the pink committed. I hope one everyone can forgive me. I wish you nothing but the best.

Sincerely Yours,


As Tsunade read the letter tears streamed down her face. She knew what the girl was going through. Fear could be a powerful emotion that makes you only want to run away from your problems instead of face them head on. She felt the exact same way before she returned to take the Hokage position. As she gazed out into the night she prayed to the spirits that these two young adults will be reunited soon, and silently sent her forgiveness to Temari into the windy night. With a smile on her face she put her sake bottle away and went to her bedroom thinking about blond haired whiskered great grand babies.

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