hello fanfiction! I've really missed writing! Well, here's another nessie story! If you didn't read my last story you might have to if you fully want to understand my character Michele and there was some forshadowing leading up to this! this is gonna be a short chapter because I want your feedback on if I should keep going or drop it!

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"She's eight years old, Jake!" my mother hissed. It was getting harder to hear them through the wood door I had my ear pressed to. My family was hiding something from me. Something important and dangerous. Dad and Jake were the only ones who had wanted to tell me.

"You damn know she has the mentality of a thirty year old, Bella. And she looks sixteen. And if you really want to go there... then your only nineteen, and your hubby over there is seventeen," Jacob replied cockily.

"I just... I don't want her to be scared!" mom whispered back. Than she whispered something I failed to understand.

"Bella," my father's voice cooed. "She will find out eventually. This isn't exactly earth shaking. We just have to lie a little lower."

"Edward... even the Volturi... everyone is scared. The humans... what?" Her voice suddenly became confused. "She's listening isn't she?" she said in a flat tone.

Mom sighed and I could almost hear her footsteps. I jumped away from the door and tried to get to my room before she could see I had been eavesdropping.

I had my hand on the door knob when she swug the door of the study open. I groaned mentally and turned on my heals to face her. I gave her my most innocent face.

"Yes mom?" I said before she could yell at me.

To my surprise, she didn't chew me out. She just looked at me with terror and sadness in her eyes. My father walked to her side and put a comforting hand on her petite shoulder. They both stared at me with the same strange intensity.

Jake then joined them. He rolled his eyes and brushed past my parents to stand by me.

"What's going on?" I demanded.

"Renesmee, Michele has been..." My father started, speaking of the beautiful French vampire we had met a few years ago while in trouble with the Volturi... now there's a diiferent story. (A/N see my first story brighter:))

"Renesmee, Michele's been kidnapped." Jake said with not a single hint of emotion in his voice.