A/N: I just recently saw the movie The Brothers Grimm, and fell in love with the characters. This drabble came to me after watching the movie at least four times. It is from Jakob's point of view and is very rough. I would greatly appreciate some constructive criticism. I have never written a drabble before and I hope this captured all the emotion I wanted it to.

He saw the world in emotions. The blue sky, happy; the grey clouds, sad; the fog of early morning, melancholy; and the misty haze over the moon, seductive. Sometimes this made him hard to work with. Sometimes it made others nervous, like he could see something they couldn't. Other times it was an invaluable skill. Like when he was writing.

It was the one thing he could do without feeling guilty. It was just him, his imagination, and his stories. When he wrote the whole world became little girls in red capes, and magic beans that actually worked. There were always happy endings.