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A New Face

Cloud Strife never knew why must everybody bullied him, it was not like he did anything bad to them, but they always picked on him because he was an easy target. He was... different, abnormal, strange, bizarre, you named it you got it. Or maybe it was his gravity-defying yellow hair or his skinny-bone body, he didn't know. Ever since he had a conscience, he knew that he would stay that way for the rest of his life.

His brother thought that if they moved into a new town, a new home and a new school, things would be different. Well, not. Because right now, he was pretty much running for his life as the boys he had accidentally bumped into at cafeteria were after his neck for spilling some juice on them. It was not like he did it on purpose! He ran across similar hallways, hoping to get away from his pursuers as fast as he could.

I need to hide. The blond thought as he quickly opened the first door he saw when he rounded the corner and slammed it close behind. The loud footsteps halted to a stop outside for a moment, Cloud muttered silent prayers, hoping that they won't check the room where he was. After a few long seconds, he could hear the footsteps of the bullies leaving, but he didn't dare go out to see if they are all truly gone. They'll definitely try to hunt me down when I step out of the school. Oh... what should I do?

Then the young man finally took notice of the room he was in, it was filled with dresses, mannequins, furniture, make-ups and wigs. He was inside the changing room for the students who are part of the art performance club. Cloud looked back at the door and then at the items displayed in front of him as an incredibly stupid and insane idea flashed inside his mind. I'll never hear the end of it if Seph sees me.

Genesis Rhapsodos was using all the will he had in him to not react harshly towards his childhood friend, Angeal Hewley, who was lecturing him again about pride, dreams and honor. Being the most handsome and talented person in the art performance club could be both a blessing and a curse.

First, his wish to become either an actor or a script-writer was more or less certain to be granted thanks to his natural skills, no thanks to his fabulously wealthy parents. Second, he became the man who every girl in the entire school obsessed over with, if he was being kind to at least one of them, they would think he was trying to ask them out or something. And third, when he told them no, he was not interested in them, all the girls started to spread rumors of him being a loveless-one-night-stand guy, which he wasn't!

Also, for some reason he couldn't comprehend, Angeal believed those rumors! This result the lecture he was having right now as they headed towards the changing room.

'Look Angeal. I didn't date any of those girls!' Genesis said exasperatedly as he ran his hand thought his shoulder length auburn hair, interrupting his friend's lecture. 'Maybe one or two of the girls, but none of the others you are talking about!'

'Genesis, I know that. What I want to say, it's that you should stop giving them false hopes,' the short black hair student replied seriously.

'You think I want to give them false hopes?' Genesis demanded furiously. 'It's not my fault that they threw themselves at me when I told them all clearly that I am not interested!'

The infuriated young man ignored what his friend was going to say, he wrenched the door of the changing room opened, only to find the brightest blue shade eyes staring at him in fear. Before he could blink or utter a word, the person before him slapped him, his head snapped to the left by the sheer of force of the hit. He was so dazed by the fact that someone slapped him that he didn't see the face of his attacker who immediately ran away, but he caught a glimpse of bright long golden hair.

'What. The. Hell. Just. Happen?' the auburn hair student muttered under his breath as he rubbed his sore cheek. He turned to look at Angeal who wore the same stupefy expression as he did.

'That girl had just slapped you,' Angeal pointed out. 'While most of the girl would rather go into the bathroom and cried for the rest of day after being rejected by you than hit you.'

'I know that, thank you for the reminder,' Genesis replied sarcastically. He was confused on some level, because almost every female student at the school practically worshipped him and now a girl just hit him out of the blue. 'Did you see her face?'

'I think she is new here, I haven't seen her before,' Angeal said as he glanced at his friend suspiciously. 'Are you sure she wasn't one of those girls you had rejected?'

'If I had seen her before, I wouldn't be standing here,' Genesis snapped back as he stared at the spot where he saw the person disappeared. I would have remembered seeing a blonde with those beautiful eyes if I had saw them before.

For once in his entire life, he felt something grew inside of him, not hatred nor sadness, but something pleasant. For once, he had found someone who didn't treat him like everyone else did. Heck, that girl had enough courage to hit him when most of them preferred to leave him be. He wished he could see this person again. Goddess! I am going mad! I am hoping to meet the girl who just hit me!

Shit! Shit! Shit! I just slap someone!

Cloud thought frenetically as he ran all the way back to his house in his rather perfect disguise. He quickly unlocked the front door and slammed it close, with his back pressed against it as if his pursuers were still following him and they were going to try and break into his home.

'Cloud is it you?' The high school student heard his brother, Sephiroth, shouted in the kitchen.

'Yeah it's me!' he spoke in exact mimicking of a female teenager. He clapped his hands over his mouth, cursing for answering in that voice.

It was natural for him to be able to speak and act like a girl whenever he wore girl clothes. It was a gift to be able to disguise and escape the nightmares in his school that he could get an award for this, but the downside of it was that he had some difficulties to reverse back to his boy self. In other word, he was stuck as a girl for an hour and a half before his mind could process that he was safe, which he dubbed this process as the safety mechanism, would automatically stopped thinking as a female and switched back to being male.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll turn out to be gay one day. Cloud wondered as his brother got out of the kitchen and stared at him with wide eyes before a playful smirk burst appeared on his face, making him looked like the Cheshire Cat.

Sephiroth had long silver hair and cat-like green eyes, which he had all inherited from their deceased-mother, while Cloud inherited the blond hair and blue eyes of their father, who worked on the other side of the world to earn the money to support them. They might different from the outside, but both of them had the same lone-wolf curse in them. People would often be either afraid (in Sephiroth's case) or disgusted of their existences. Of course, his brother had a better chance to get out of the line of fire of the bullies at school, since he was stronger and more threatening-looking. Sometimes, Cloud cursed his body for refusing to grow a few more inches.

'Ha, ha, ha, very funny Seph, very funny,' Cloud muttered in his female voice once more as he headed for his room to change. He quickly pulled off the wig and dresses he used, making a mental note to return them back to the changing room tomorrow.

'Cloud, you should really consider entering an actress career in your female mode, don't let that natural talent of yours go to waste.' Cloud heard Sephiroth suggested downstairs. 'After all, you seem to improve day after day.'

'Whatever,' the blond grumbled in his feminine voice as he pulled out some clothes that were more man-like. 'I don't want to be an actress, I mean, an actor! I want to be a writer!'

Damn! This girl and boy taboo switching gonna make me lose it one of these days! Cloud thought angrily. He huffed distractedly as he lay on his bed, staring boringly at the blue ceiling of his room before his thoughts drifted to the man who he had, pretty much accidentally slapped at.

He didn't saw the face of that man, but he sure did notice those blue eyes of his. They had a shade darker than his own, like his eyes represented the color of the deep dark ocean in contrast of his own bright endless sky.

I wonder if I'll ever see him again and apologize. The young boy pounded thoughtfully for a moment. Na... I doubt I'll even see him tomorrow morning.

With that thought in mind, Cloud drifted into a deep peaceful sleep. He dreamt of himself standing on the sandy sea shore with a beautiful and haunting view of the dark ocean.