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A Lovely Drink for a Lovely Night

Cloud quietly opened the window and slipped outside. He wore a pair of grey loose jeans, with a white-shirt and a dark blue sport coat. His lips were covered in a pale colour lip gloss, which he usually used only to keep his lips from being too dry, and he wore a pair of thin blue glasses that made his blue eyes stood out more.

The younger Strife used to have some problem with his eyesight when he was still a child, but his eyes had gotten better after a little while and with the operation that Sephiroth had paid to fix his problem, he no longer needed to put on his glasses anymore.

Still Cloud did not know why he decided to put his old glasses back on, though his inner, rather naughty, voice supplied that he wanted to look a bit special for Genesis. Cloud tugged his wigs nervously as he took the bus to get to downtown. He never thought of himself as a sexy-looking person, because of his unattractive look and body, putting himself in a crowd, and he would easily blend in among them.

He wondered if he had made a mistake of putting his male clothes on...

Genesis was waiting rather impatiently for his blond date to come. He put on his best clothes for tonight's drink, which were black tight leather pants, a loose red silk long-sleeve shirt with a black button-up waistcoat. He put a black fedora to keep his wild hair at bay.

His parents were being snoopy again and had demanded who he was going to interact with, if the person he was going to meet had a well-known background. He barely had enough time to pick his clothes and stylized his hair when he realized what time it was. He went out without having combed his hair. Hence his hair was now a wild nest, and the fedora was the only thing that hid that from others' eyes.

He must have been in deeper thoughts than he expected when he felt a petite hand gently grasped his. His eyes met the clearest blue iris who held worry and kindness in them.

'Are you alright?' Skye asked softly as if she said the words too loud, it would cause him pain. Then her reached up and touched his forehead with the lightest touch he had ever received. 'You don't have a fever...'

Genesis smiled lightly as he leaned down and placed the sweetest kiss on the girl's forehead, sweet and loving, almost like how a man did to the woman he loved. Almost there... Almost lovers... The redhead thought happily as he watched a tint of pink filled Skye's pale cheeks.

The redhead felt like a wolf eyeing a sheep, ready to devour it whole. How Skye made him longed for the feel of her unblemished skin, how the blonde's body made his senses went in havoc and how her smile charmed his heart into the palm of her hand. Oh how I have fallen hard for you Skye Strife... The storm you have conjured in my heart is far more powerful than any I have felt for years.

Genesis offered the petite blonde his arm and smiled widely when the hesitant hand wrapped around his elbow. He led the young lady into the club.

Usually he didn't come into clubs with loud music and annoying people who would ask him for multiple times to no end, but this sort of place was also the best to spend with Skye without being observed from every angle by those gossiping girls, especially with some different clothes and in a dark lighting, it would be impossible to anyone to realize who he was.

He leaned down and placed a chaste kiss on the young girl's cheek.

A night in a club didn't seem so bad anymore.

Cloud kept taking deep breathes in one of the booths and kept tugging his shirt nervously. He watched as people danced and danced like a wild fire, because of his worry that his wig would fall when he was dancing among all these people was a big no in his part, and Genesis willingly stayed with him made Cloud even more awkward.

The blond rubbed his arm nervously as he tried to think of something to do or a conversation to speak of. His mind was void of anything to say, and his body was paralysed by his nervousness. Come on Cloud, be brave and just say something.

'I...' both of them started at the same time. Cloud stared at his laps timidly.

'You first,' both of them said in perfect sync again.

Cloud and Genesis shared a faint laugh before the auburn-haired decided to take the lead, which the blond was more than glad to give. It was better having the senior did the talking than he did, he would probably stumbled in his words so much that it wouldn't be clear to the sophisticated gentleman.

'I am wondering if you'll like to dance with when a slow song comes up,' said Genesis who held out his hand. The hand, while thin and pale, had a steady strength in it, despite the fact that Cloud had not touched it yet, he felt the gentleness behind every muscle within the hand, sturdy bones that was unspoiled, and veins that were as clear as a great tree's branches. Cloud was sure his mind was exaggerating in the minor details, and that everything he thought he saw was just his silly imagination.

Cloud quickly cleared away those thoughts as he focused once more on Genesis, burying the admiration of the man's body that was ever slowly turning into some forms of lust, and replied in an embarrassed tone, 'As much as I'll like to. I doubt that a slow song will appear in a night club like this.'

The blond watched as a mischievous smile stretched Genesis' lips. The older male held his hand in one, while the other lifted into the air, and with a snapped of his fingers, the loud blaring music came to a stop, making many on the dance floor groaning in displeasure at the lack of, in their opinion, good music.

Genesis stood, pulling Cloud along, went towards the center of the dance floor, a bright white light shone on top of them, causing Cloud's blush reddened tenfold. As the senior took hold of his hands, the blond quickly and gently pushed them away as he said, 'I don't know how to dance.'

Cloud was slowly backing away, but Genesis simply pulled him back into his arms, whispering in a soft voice. The blond shivered slightly at the red-head's ghostly breath over his ear. 'I'll simply have to teach you Skye.'

The freshman gulped nervously as he gave a very tiny nod.

When a soft music note sounded, Genesis placed his hand over Cloud's back, Cloud shakily placed right hand on the senior's upper arm before they held their free hand together.

After a few more minutes of swinging and of bows, Cloud said, 'Schubert's Quartet Number 13 in A Minor, Rosamunde. I must say, classy.'

'I thought to give you a something more gentle, but not to romantic,' Genesis replied as they did a small turn. 'I find this music suits you.'

Then the music turned high, and their steps grew faster. Their body were close that it looked like they were glued together, or more romantically, they were one being.

The two of them only slowed down when the music's tempo returned to the previous soft notes until they both stopped, staring into each other's eyes. Cloud couldn't help, but felt attracted by the mesmerizing blue eyes. He wasn't sure if it was him or Genesis was closing the small gap between them. One was certain though. The kiss was much more passionate and delicate than any small kiss he had received so far from Genesis.

Their beautiful kiss was broken by a loud sound of glass shattered on the ground, causing both lovers to jump at the sudden noise. Cloud was the first to notice the broken glass cup and the spilled wine on the floor, two or three inches away from Genesis, before he looked up to see his brother standing in front of the crowd, looking ready to tear someone apart, mainly him or Genesis.

'Hello, dear sister,' Sephiroth hissed the last word out like an angry snake.

'Seph I can explain this,' Cloud started calmly, but Genesis pushed him behind him and glared at his brother.

'I do not think an explanation is needed Skye,' Genesis started, his glare didn't wavered, and Sephiroth seemed more than inclined to face the challenge. 'Skye and I have a date tonight. She has accepted my invitation this morning. Therefore, she being her is her decision, and her choice has nothing to do with you, sir.'

Sephiroth approached the redhead steadily, but the murderous aura didn't tone down, until their face were actually inches from one and another. Their expression was emotionless, and their gaze was as cold as the time of Ice Age.

Cloud felt like something bad would happen, so he took a step back from the angry pair. His instinct was right, because just as he took a step back, Sephiroth threw a punch at Genesis, sending the senior flying into the crowd, who started to cheer for a fight.

Just as Cloud was about to stop his lover and brother from tearing each other apart, Genesis was already on his feet and dashed towards the silver-haired man, landing a hard kick on the man's jaw. Before the blond knew what the hell happened, fists and legs started to appear on left, right, up, down, front, and back.

'STOP!' Cloud yelled at the two fighting men, who were both elegant and cool when they were calm, were now fighting like street kids.

They either didn't hear him over the loud cheering and laughing from the crowd, or they were more focused on beating the other into pulp that they found him unimportant in their match.

Cloud's cheeks were puffed with angry air inside, he slowly, but strongly, stomped towards the two men, and let out an earth-shaking yell, in his male voice, 'I SAID STOP FIGHTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNN GGGGGGGGG YYYYYOU IDIOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTS!'

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