(Full summary: Isabella Marie Swan was abandoned at the age of four. Scared and alone, she hid from the orphanage owners. Discovered shortly by Jane of the Volturi, she took an instant liking to Isabella. At only age four, she made history by being the youngest person and the only human to become Princess of the Volturi. At age sixteen, she was changed into a vampire by Jane, and granted Queen of the Volturi. How does she manage the Volturi? Will she find love in another vampire?)

(Renesmee exists in this story, Victoria & Laurent are still alive, James is not.)


"Jane," my voice rang out, clear and sharp. She turned around, obeying me immediately. She was like a best friend to me, but inside the castle I gave the orders.

"Yes, Mistress Isabella?" she responded in a flat, emotionless voice that we all used here.

"Bring me James' coven. I heard they have been irritating another coven."

"Yes, Mistress Isabella," She was gone in a flash, and I expected her to be back soon. I drummed my fingers lightly on the edge of my throne, seeking amusement. It was the perfect time for Marcus to walk by.

"Marcus," My voice startled him, and he turned.

"Yes, Mistress Isabella?"

"Have you been able to sense that Athenodora has been cheating on Caius with Aro?"

"Yes, Mistress Isabella. It does not concern me." I rose from my throne and strode smoothly to him.

"Did you say it does not concern you?"

"Yes, Mistress Isabella." I struck him across the face. He made a noise, obviously in pain, but he unsuccessfully tried to hide it.

"It shall concern you, for Aro and Caius are your fellow leaders and friends."

"Yes, Mistress Isabella."

"Confront Aro about it."

"Yes, Mistress Isabella," He turned on his heel and walked out. I strode back to my throne and sat down, just as Jane came through the door.

"Mistress Isabella, I have brought who you requested."

"Thank you, Jane. I must speak with them in private."

"Yes, Mistress Isabella," She was gone as well. I could sense Victoria and Laurent's fear and confusion.

"Victoria, Laurent. I have heard that you have been irritating the Olympic Coven. Is that true?"

"Yes," Victoria spoke, looking me in the eye. "They killed James for trying to kill their pet human."

"Oh? They have a pet human? Is this true, Laurent?"


"Do you know why?"

"No. She is as pale as the rest of them, however she has a heartbeat."

"I must see them, I murmured lowly, only to myself. No vampire was supposed to have a pet human. You either killed them or let them be. "What does the human look like?"

"Female, blonde hair with blue streaks, green eyes, 5'5, with an arm tattoo," Victoria immediately spoke, listing off the details of the girl. My eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"Have you been watching her closely?"

"No." I could tell she was lying.

"Pain," I murmured. My eyes flashed as I looked directly at Victoria. In a second, she was on the ground, writhing in unbearable pain. Laurent looked horrified.

"You can do that? I thought only Jane could..." he trailed off. I ignored him.

"Victoria, you will not lie to me anymore, understand?"

"Y-Yes!" She screamed. I released her from the pain, and she lay on the ground, very still.

"Yes, I can do that, Laurent. Don't question me. I have every ability every vampire in existence has. It is unknown why, and I have said too much. I must go speak with them, you and Victoria will be taken back by Felix. Felix!" I hollered. He appeared in the doorway, a questioning look on his face. "Take Victoria and Laurent back."

"Yes, Mistress Isabella," He nodded, and led the two out of the room. Jane strode over to me carefully, not knowing if she should or not.

"Jane, I'm going to see the Olympic Coven. You will come with me." She nodded, and I could sense she was happy. "Not until we get out of the castle, Jane. Reign it in." We walked out at a slow, leisurely pace, careful not to confuse the humans that Heidi was leading as part of a daily feeding. We walked out of the door. I looked around and made sure no one was looking, before I stepped into the bright sunlight. Jane smiled widely at me.

"I'm glad I don't have to call you Mistress Isabella out here," I smiled, just a small one.

"Do you ever get tired of it?"

"Yeah, but it's respectful, right?"

"Yeah." We were running now, two blurs to any human, but we could see each other clearly. I estimated it would take a day or two to get there. We were in Volterra, Italy; the Olympic Coven was in Forks, Washington.

"It's so boring to just run!" Jane whined, and I laughed.

"If you think it's so boring, go run in circles," I suggested playfully. She mockingly punched me in the arm. I grinned contently. "I still don't know why even though I'm the youngest vampire out of everyone in the Volturi, I'm the queen. And why there even is a queen... you said before me, there wasn't any princes, princesses, kings, or queens!"

"Well, think about it. If I hadn't found you running around on the streets, you'd be dead. Actually, you probably would've starved anyways. You're lucky I didn't kill you, but you were like the little kid I never had!" Jane squealed. I found it amusing how girly she could be outside of the castle.

"You're right. I don't know how Marcus, Aro, and Caius agreed to make a human princess of the Volturi..." Jane shrugged in response. We stopped running after a day to feed on some humans in Seattle, never children; I was too soft-hearted to do that. I wiped the blood from my lip as Jane rushed me.

"Come on, we're in.. Seattle or something!"

"You're so eager for such a long swim," I rolled my eyes at her perkiness as I clawed the corpse of a young woman to make it look like she was attacked by.. something. Maybe raped.

"Come on!" Jane urged, and I sighed as I dropped the corpse.

"Fine.," we began running towards the Olympic National Forest, where I knew they would be after seeing a vision of them playing baseball in it. "So, Jane, you have a crush on one of them or something?" I was curious to know why she was so eager. She shook her head, and I ordered her to stop from a few miles away. I could hear one of them, the one who had visions perhaps, yelling.

"STOP!" she yelled, and I felt the tension in the air. "There's someone coming... two, actually... dark cloaks like they're from the Volturi. I recognize Jane... but not the other one..." I smirked at her, and Jane smiled. I was unknown to most of them. I pulled the hood over my head, imitating Jane, and we ran until we were only a few feet away, still hidden by the shadows.

"Are they coming soon?" one of them boomed.

"Not yet, but they're watching us... Come out already!" I could sense her fear as we stepped out. I stifled a giggle when I saw Carlisle's mouth fall open.