(In this chapter, we take a look at Bella's past. It's basically flashbacks, they will be like this. Present thoughts will be like this.)

A baby lies in her crib, her chest rising and falling peacefully. She has small, just-growing brown tufts of hair on her small head. A woman stands in front of the crib and admires the child, smiling tearfully at her. The woman is bruised, emotionally and physically, and this is one of her happy moments, one of the special moments Renee Swan can have with her baby. On the dresser next to the crib sits an envelope with the name 'Bella Swan' written on the front. Renee wipes the tears from her eyes; they are a mixture of happy and sad tears, as she glances from her baby to the dresser.

"I would take you, if I could," she speaks sadly. "But I can't, Ch-your father won't allow it. He barely allowed me to move away. I'm sorry, my sweet Bella. I don't want you to think, when you're older, that it was easy for me to leave you. It's the hardest thing I've had to do in my life, Bella. I hope you'll read the letter when you're older. Never let your father get his hands on it. I love you." she bends down and places a chaste kiss on her daughter's forehead.

"Goodbye, Bella," she walks out of the room quietly, as more tears fall. Her heart breaks for her daughte;, who knew what Charlie would do to her?

"Daddy!" a small girl toddles over to her father, who's reading the newspaper while sipping a cup of coffee. He tries not to drink in front of his daughter, it's the least he can do.

"What, Bells?" his voice strains, as if he's trying to control himself. The three-year-old waves an envelope at her father, short brown curls surrounding her tiny face.

"It says my name on it! Open it!" she demands. The envelope is covered in dust, but the words are not faded. "See? Bella... Swan." she says slowly. She knows how to read a few words, so it takes her a few seconds. Charlie shakes his head, afraid of what would be said in it.

"Not now, Bells. Your mother wanted you to wait until you're older. Like... ten or something." he mutters the last four words, Bella barely able to hear them. She lets out a cry of frustration, drops the envelope and drops to her feet, banging her tiny fists on the floor.

"Please, Daddy! Please!" she begs, her eyes red and puffy. She wants to have a connection to her mother, but Charlie won't allow it.

"No, Isabella Marie Swan." he has an angry tone, using her full name. She refuses to give up.

Just today, the house of Charlie Swan and his daughter Isabella was found burnt to the ground. Isabella and Charlie were nowhere to be seen. A neighbor reports seeing him coming home with oil and matches, stating they were "unknown to his plans." They think he might have been attempting to kill Isabella, as he seemed to have hatred for her. Another neighbor reported hearing screams one night, but didn't think anything of it. It is said that Isabella, only four, barely stumbled out alive, Charlie disappearing as soon as he started the fire. Almost everything was lost in the fire, except for one normal-looking object: an envelope covered with dust, labeled "Bella Swan". It is unknown why it didn't burn, as paper is an easily burned item. It is rumored that this envelope was a letter from Bella's first mother, Renee Dwyer, who went missing a week ago. There is one question remaining: where did they all go?

A young girl stumbles along the sidewalk, almost appearing as a shadow, the darkness hiding her from the world. She yelps as her painfully blistered bare feet touch the ground, though the cold texture of it is somewhat soothing. Her name is Isabella Swan, only four years old. Homeless and running from orphanage owners, she sleeps during the day and wanders during the night. She stumbles into something... or someone, and collapses, shedding many tears. The older girl looks down at the small child, grasping her leg and sobbing for help. The red eyes hold a sliver of pity, and Jane feels compelled to help her, not steal her life. She effortlessly picks Bella up and carries her over her shoulder, lightly stroking her brown curls. Jane's voice is gentle as she speaks to Bella.

"I'll help you."

Bella's fist pounds against her throne. She's seven, and has a better life than before. Her soft, brown curls are now long, black locks. Her eyes are green, she wears contacts even though she does not need them.

"Jane!" she shouts, and Jane appears by her side.

"Bella?" the expression on her face is one of confusion. She grabs Jane's arm and hugs her tightly.

"Thank you."


"Saving me." Bella speaks sincerely, as her eyes fill with tears.

"It's okay, Bella." Jane replies quietly. She's glad she has Bella; Bella has brought out her soft side, barely seen by anyone, and Jane herself thought she didn't have one before she found Bella.

"Jane, I want to be like you!"

"Patience, Bella. Tomorrow's your sixteenth birthday, then we'll talk about it." Bella frowned, she longed for the red eyes and powers that Jane had.

"It'll hurt, Bella. Are you sure you want this? It's hard..." Jane trails off as she looks at Bella. She nods vigorously, and Jane sighs. "Fine.." Jane leans down, and carefully sinks her teeth into Bella's neck, sealing the wound with her tongue. Bella begins to writhe in pain, her heartbeat speeding up as the venom begins to take effect, fighting a battle it is doomed to lose.

"Word has it you've been training newborns." Bella spoke quietly, her eyes locked on Jasper. Jasper looked down in shame.

"Yes, ma'am." he said quietly.

"Look at me," she said sternly. Jasper lifted his head and his gaze met hers. Bella could feel her panties dampening, oh the things she would do to him. "I'll let you off the hook if you.. do something." His eyes lit up, and she could hear his thoughts, though he was unaware of that.

Thought she'd never ask...

Bella gave him a seductive smile as she walked into a deserted alley, Jasper trailing behind her excitedly like a lost puppy.


"I honestly don't know what's happening to her," Heidi admitted, her face one of concern.

"I do." Jane spoke up. We all turned to look at her, including myself. "It's a rare occasion, but it's been heard of before. When a vampire is rejected by his or her mate, they will transform back into a human due to the loss. They will lose their power unless they have more than one, in which they will keep the strongest one. When they awaken, they will go into hiding and seek revenge." Heidi smirked at me.

"You're screwed." she said quietly. I could sense someone staring at me, so I looked back at the cloak. I was met with a pair of angry green eyes. She snarled, stumbling to her feet and ran off. Suddenly, I was enveloped by fire. What the hell? Jane laughed quietly.

"She kept her strongest power," she murmured.

I glared at her, though she couldn't see it.