It's been a while, hasn't it? I had a really long bout of writer's block, but I'm back and (hopefully) better than before. I've edited the first four chapters so they are as grammatically correct as they can be. Enjoy :)

Jasper's POV

"How am I supposed to get out of this? If I touch it, I burn! That's the one way to kill vampires and she knows it!" I yelled, feeling anger bubble to the surface.

"Calm down," Jane snapped, obviously not pleased. "She'll let you out whenever she feels ready, and if that time is never, then so be it. But for now... you'll suffer."

I felt an overwhelming pain take over my body, forcing me to my knees as I let out a groan, uselessly trying to fight against the pain. Damn Jane and her special power.

I could hear Heidi chuckling beyond the envelope of fire.

"I think you're getting what you deserve," she said.

Bella's POV

It didn't feel right to be a human.

It felt foreign, strange, unwanted. I hadn't been a vampire for all that long, only a few years, but I had embraced my vampire status so quickly that all things human were soon abandoned.

I missed being a vampire, and I missed my rightful title as Queen of the Volturi. I would still have it, but I wouldn't be able to return until I was a vampire again - after all, I wouldn't want to torture the others into attempting to eat me. As good as I probably tasted, I wouldn't want that.

But, because of what Jasper had done to me, I was stuck as a human for the time being. A human, thankfully, with a power, but still a human. When Jasper finally accepted me as his mate and joined the Volturi, I would become a vampire again.

How could he be that stupid? Why would any vampire reject an opportunity to join the Volturi?

Power was what allowed me to survive. If I had been of low status in the Volturi, like a human slave, I wouldn't have survived. If I had had a sliver of power in my old life, with my old family who left me and hurt me, I wouldn't have gotten hurt.

But no, Jasper wanted to stay in the Olympic Coven, with vegetarian vampires, some of which who were stupid enough to risk dating a human and adopting a human child.

Ick. I could never be a vegetarian vampire. I don't think I would be able to live without the rich taste of human blood.

That is, pure human blood. The blood of smokers or heavy alcoholics is disgusting.

I stood outside the castle, shocked by how foreign the sunlight felt, how strange it was to breathe in deeply and not smell the scent of a human. I fingered a piece of my hair between my fingers and noticed it had, for some reason, returned to its brown color. My hair hadn't been brown since I was a child... why now?

My contacts were gone, too. Great. I felt unprotected, alone in the world.

I sighed, still feeling anger in my veins, but it was slowly being masked by hurt and feelings of rejection. I headed off, knowing Jasper wouldn't find me, knowing he wouldn't even try to find me. No, he was too infatuated with Alice. I could see the way he looked at her; it was the way he looked at me, the way a mate would.

That was called a double mate. It was when a vampire became infatuated with someone, thinking they were their mate, but once they realized who their true mate was, they dropped that person like hot coals.

I knew something Jasper didn't know. He thought Alice was his mate; that Alice was someone he belonged with. But I knew I was his true mate, that Alice was just a double mate, a temporary thing to keep him occupied until he found me again.

The problem was, he had grown too attached of his double mate, and I would have to solve that problem so he would find his focus again.

I fished in the pockets of the cloak until I found what I was looking for; a small cell phone, usually reserved solely for emergencies. This was an emergency. I found the number labeled "Jane" and hit dial, waiting for her to answer.

Plan B was just beginning.