Moments from Chlollie-life. It will eventually get to 19. But for now . . . yeah. Also: not in order. *again, with the not owning*

#1: Domesticity

"Eek!" Chloe ungracefully shrieked as Ollie sprayed her with the kitchen hose.

Oh, he was going down for this.

They had been, very domestically, doing the dishes together-she scrubbing, he rinsing-until he'd brought up how domestic it was.

Not funny.

He'd been trying to get her to marry him for days. And she kept saying no, she loved him, but she wasn't ready for "forever" again.

After all, look at what had happened with Jimmy.

Chloe had attempted to change the subject, so she'd taken her soapy hands, and splashed a bit of soap and water on his face.

He had not been amused.

It had turned into him grabbing the spray hose and dousing her with water.

From that they'd both gotten very naked, and very, very wet on the kitchen floor.

And she was still saying no.

For now.

But Ollie knew quite well that he was wearing her down. She would say yes.

#2: No takebacks

Oliver Queen was nervous.

Just a little.

Okay, maybe a lot.

He'd been rescued by the league, but he hadn't quite had a moment with Chloe yet-alone.

They had to talk.

He'd . . . blurted out that he loved her over the comms.

Without finesse, discarding his plans to woo her.

Sure, he'd known he was in trouble, and he'd desperately wanted her to know it. But, if he'd had the time to think about it, he wouldn't have told her. It wouldn't be fair to tell her how he felt just before he was taken from her. Sightly selfish, that.

But he hadn't been taken from her.

He was okay.

And he was in love with Chloe.

And she loved him too.

But if she said that she hadn't meant it, it might kill him.


Why was he going to give her the opportunity to take it back?

Why was he going to give her the chance to hide behind fear, and pretend that she hadn't meant it?

What the hell was wrong with him?

If she hadn't meant it, she wouldn't have said it.

And he could see it sometimes on her face. Her face always shuttered soon after, but her reaction time was getting worse day by day.

She was stuck with him now.

There was no way he was going to let her hide. There was no way he was going to let her go.

Like a slightly immature child, he was holding onto one of his favorite rules: no takebacks.


#3: Panic


She closed her eyes, considered praying-dismissed the idea considering that it seemed a little awful-and took a deep breath.


She opened her eyes. Pregnant.

Oh dear. What was she going to do? Ollie.

Oh, great.

Now he'd never give up on his quest to make her marry him.

And she'd been weakening lately.

If she said yes now, it might be partially because of the pregnancy.

No. She couldn't.

She stiffened.

She would not do that.

Chloe Sullivan was going to be a mother.

It couldn't be that hard, right?

Oh, no. She was definitely screwed.

She placed her hand on her stomach, still flat as ever.

She was going to be a mother.

She felt a sudden flash of panic.

What was she going to tell Ollie?

Maybe she wasn't pregnant.

It could be a false positive.

Maybe she needed another test. Maybe two. Ten.

When it turned out she wasn't pregnant, she first felt sadness. Then relief.

They weren't ready for parenthood yet.

But they would be, one day.

#4: Beds

He may have had a tendency to sprawl across the bed in his sleep-but that was nothing compared to her.

She moved so much, and she hogged the blankets.

He supposed it was worth it.

After all, she wasn't fond of sleeping in the bed with him.

He supposed that they could always get a bigger bed.

Yes, that was it.

A bigger bed.

#5: Peanuts

She was slightly mad.

Oliver watched her with concern.

But he simply refused to get in her way.

She wasn't the angry sort of mad. She was the slightly borderline insane type.

"Who knew there were so many products with peanuts in them?" she tossed out.

Oh, this was good.

She was back to talking.

She'd been silent for the past fifteen or so minutes.

Scary minutes.

"Well, it's a good thing they come with warnings, right? I mean, imagine a world without ingredient lists. Now that's scary."

Not as scary as she was though.

She turned to him, from the cupboard in the area that had been made into the Watchtower kitchen. She turned slowly, so he knew he was in for it.

"Would you like to die, Ollie?"

"Um, no thanks," he almost visibly shrunk under her glare.

"Exactly. So there will be no more peanuts in this place. This is a safe zone. This is why we don't go on vacation Oliver. While we were gone, not only did the team make a mess of this place, but they left behind disasters waiting to happen."

"These, peanuts!" She picked up a container that held honey roasted planters.

"Actual peanuts!" She fumed. "What the hell is wrong with them? Do they want to kill you?"

Oliver thought for a moment, "Well, at least they're very clearly labeled. I mean, they're obviously peanuts, unlike some foods which just kind of hide them in very tiny print," he squinted his eyes.

It did not stop her anger.

She turned back with an angry humph, tossing things in the plastic bag she'd grabbed.

Apparently just throwing the peanuty foods away was not enough.

You had to, she'd explained, get them completely out of Watchtower. In fact, this way they could donate the food to a good cause. Possibly Bart. Plus, the peanuts couldn't just stay in Watchtower.

What if the trash fell over, and something spilled, and Oliver happened to come in contact with it?

Ollie smiled, it was kind of sweet that she was so worried about him.

He wasn't going to tell her that.

He wasn't insane.

Chloe made another angry noise.

She was.

He loved her for it.

#6: Maybe

He'd stopped asking her.

Maybe it meant he'd given up.

At first she'd been rather suspicious-thought maybe he was trying to trick her into wanting him to propose.

But she hadn't heard a peep from him on the subject in almost two months.

It was making her nervous. And in a sick kind of way, she missed the proposals.

A little. He'd gotten quite creative.

She missed it.

She missed him. Recently he'd been a bit withdrawn, and there were times that he looked at her with a wounded puppy dog look.

She'd hurt him, and she could barely remember why she was still holding out.

He wanted to marry her. Everyone was on his side, too.

She wasn't cut out for marriage. But he was, it seemed.

Playboy millionaire, Oliver Queen. He wanted to marry her. He wanted to be her husband.

Lois, in her typical blunt style, had informed her that if she loved him, she'd do what he needed.

He needed her, she'd said.

And, frankly, she was being selfish.

Chloe thought there was a bit of truth in that.

Maybe she was right.

Maybe Ollie-maybe they both deserved this.

#7: Cake


Chloe looked at the completely bewildered look on Oliver's face and almost laughed.

"Yes, pie."

He looked very, very confused.

"But . . . pie? Why?"

"I like pie, Ollie. What's wrong with pie? It's my birthday. I want pie."

She was being irrational, Ollie decided. No one chose pie over cake.

It was almost like she could read his mind.

"I am not being unreasonable. I like pie. And with all of the leftover cake from Lois and Clark's wedding . . . I'm really tired of it. If I have to eat anymore cake, I may feel the strong, evil urge to smash it into your face."

Hmm, she thought. Maybe she should do that anyway.

It would be amusing.

"Fine. Pie." He said it like it was some sort of awful, blasphemous thing.

She liked pie.


He decided that he could get cake too. Extra baked goods were always appreciated.

Plus, he liked cake.

That had to count for something.

#8: Goodbye

There would be no suffering. He would not have to pine for her in the last years of his life, she would not have to miss him. For the past 40 years they'd been together, always.

And even now, in death, it came at them both, head on. This was not a great battle, this was a simple end to one-shared-wonderful life. Full of happiness, and sorrow. Full of saving, falling, and getting back up stronger than ever.

Their lives, full of battling, simply ended.

They hadn't so much lost a battle though. They had been ready.

Wrapped together, they fell into that last-eternal-sleep. Never to awaken to life again.

Never to be apart either.

#9: 47

Damn him.

He wasn't going to ask her again.

She was going to ask him.

Fine. If this was how it had to be.

She hoped he felt really, really emasculated.

Okay, that was mean.

But all he had to do was ask her one more time.

She set the scene: flowers, music, champagne. And then she had the misfortune to get held up in a robbery.

A robbery.

And who else, but the Green Arrow would appear to save her? Damn him.

After he'd knocked out the robber, she stared at him, in the middle of the alleyway and just . . . blurted it out.

"Marry me."

His eyes went wide.

"Seriously? This is the moment you decide that you want to marry me?"

"Well, you stopped asking. This is really your fault. If you'd just asked the other day, when I kept hinting at how I'd changed my mind, we wouldn't be in this mess."

"My fault?"

That was almost funny.

Ollie looked at her for a moment, took her hand, and walked her back to Watchtower.

He looked around, at her obvious attempt at a romantic gesture.

Okay, it was so close to being funny.

He started to take off his Green Arrow gear, not really meeting her eyes. Letting her just stare at him.

"Ollie?" she said tentatively when he changed into sweats and a t-shirt.

He sighed.

That, of course, only made her angry.

"Seriously Ollie, considering how many times you've asked me to marry you, you'd think you might just-I don'tknow-have something to say. Like, yes, maybe?"

"Really, Chloe? Do you know how many times I asked you to marry me in the course of the last year?"

She stared, "Um, not exactly."



That was a lot-but she really hadn't been counting. She really had hurt him, hadn't she?

"Ollie, I'm sorry. If it makes you feel better, I'll take back this whole proposal thing, and we'll go back to being . . . whatever we were."

"Oh no, Chloe." He grabbed the engagement ring he'd been carrying around with him for what seemed like forever and took her hand.

"You know I won't let you take it back. You love me, and you asked me to marry you. And I'm saying yes." He slipped the ring onto her finger.

"I'm not going to kneel down, but you know that. You and I are going to enter into this as equals. I want to be with you, forever. In the most permanent way possible."

She really did love this man.

"Chloe, I love you. I need you, and I want you, and I don't want to live my life without you. You're my sidekick-even though sometimes, I swear it feels like I'm yours."

She kissed him, cutting off any potential flow of further words.

Minutes later, when they came up for air, she wondered.

"Why did you stop asking me?"

"Oh, that. I was waiting."

"For what, exactly?"

"You. To be ready, that is. I'd wait forever for you, Chloe."

"You don't have to, I love you too Ollie."

"So, um, when we tell this story, who gets credit for the proposal?"

"Let's just say we came to a mutual agreement."


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