"Oh god my head…"

Helga sat up, her eyes only allowing her fuzzy images of the world around her as she sat up, the taste of blood in her mouth. She could faintly hear the sirens of an ambulance drawing nearer. Helga yawned, her body feeling faint and tired, like she'd just gotten off a twenty four hour flight from nowhere.

"Helga?" It seemed like the visitor beside her had been so shocked at her rather quick rising from her unconscious state he hadn't been able to speak until then. Helga blinked and turned quickly to face her visitor, his bright emerald eyes latching onto her own.


But that meant-

Helga groaned and shook her head quickly.

"NO!" She yelled with a cry as she dug her head into her knees. She didn't make it home…that was her last chance…

Helga's body shook as she realized that she was going to die here. Helga sniffed and rubbed her eyes, there was so much she hadn't done, so much she hadn't experienced…she never had the chance to get married, or have children, she'd never become a famous poet-

"Helga, I'm so glad you're ok!" Arnold screamed throwing his arms around her. Helga sighed and pulled back, unable to take his comfort in her moment of depression. She whimpered childishly, finding no reason to keep up her tough act any longer.

She was never getting home.

"Not for long football head, remember? This bump on my head? I'm gonna die…" Helga whimpered as her hands traced over the bump upon her scalp. Arnold smiled sheepishly and pushed back her bangs, trying not to laugh as he rubbed the bump with his thumb.

"Ah Helga, it's not that bad. You just fell and hit your head…" He laughed out kissing the bump gently. Helga pouted and swatted him away, opening her mouth to yell at him, but then- she noticed something so small and subtle that for a moment she was sure it was just her imagination.

That laugh…

That childish, quiet and embarrassed chuckle…

It only had one holder, and she had imagined him gone a long time ago.

Arnold smirked before leaning his head onto her own.

"You know I was hoping for a happier reunion…" He whispered to her. Helga's eyes suddenly widened as she threw her hands onto his cheeks, pinching them in between her fingers as she stretched out his face, her eyes checking over every little detail of him.

"Uhhh-Herraga?" Arnold mumbled through his stretched mouth.

Helga blinked for a moment and patted her cheeks gently.

"You're the real Arnold…for serious and for true?" Helga snapped out to him. Arnold looked around, raising a brow before placing his soft and warm palm over her head.

"Maybe that bump did do more damage than I thought…." Arnold mumbled under his breath. Helga laughed, gulping some before throwing her arms around the thin boys neck, relishing in his forest pine scent, the way that his stringy blonde hair crowded over her face.

A light bulb went off in Helga's mind as she remembered that this perfect being that sat before her had not written to her for months. She thrust his body off of hers and stared at him angrily, Arnold flinched and gulped, seeming to know that this moment was coming.

"WHY HAVEN'T YOU WRITTEN ME, I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!" Helga yelled, her fist raising into the air out of habit, though she would never actually hit him. Arnold covered his head quickly and apologized faster than she could catch.

"I'm sorry Helga I really am! The agency insisted that if I wanted to come and visit you I'd have to cut off any written communication so no one would know I was coming. I tried calling your house a million times but you never answered!" Arnold defended.

Helga stared down at him, her fist falling. If she had known that such a thing would happen she would have worked harder to keep the phone bill paid on time. Helga slumped, her shoulders falling limp.

"…I thought you were dead…" Helga whimpered. Arnold smiled sadly before moving an arm around her head, bringing it to his chest as he sighed.

"Well, I thought the same of you when I saw you lying here so I guess we're even…"

Helga fell forward, wrapping her arms slowly around his chest, pulling herself into him childishly. Arnold rubbed her back, holding her body with ease. She was rather impressed with how he still remembered exactly how to mold her into him.

Her fingers gently dug into his skin, a shaky breath escaping her as she pushed herself into him until her muscles became sore. He was real…THIS was real.

"Helga? Are you sure you're ok?" He asked slowly.

"I'm perfect…" Helga whispered closing her eyes tightly as she giggled. "Absolutely perfect…"

"Hey what's this around your neck?" Arnold asked curiously as he felt something prodding into his chest. He looked down at Helga as she sat up, only now noticing the foreign object herself.

"Ah…I don't know…" Helga whispered. It felt far too small to be her own locket, which she assumed was safely at home where she had left it. Helga plopped down on the concrete, her fingers fetching down her shirt as she pulled the small trinket out.

Arnold sat down beside her as she tilted her head. It was a small, round locket, very simple and plain, nothing like Helga's own. She placed it down in her lap comfortably before prodding it open.

Helga stared down at the picture, her stomach twisting into a knot.

Helga closed it gently with two fingers as Arnold looked over at her.

"Helga?" He asked curiously.

Helga sighed heavily before placing the locket carefully into her jean pocket.

"..I'm really happy you're here Arnold…but there's something I really have to do." Helga flinched, not wanting those words to leave her lips. Arnold however merely nodded and stood up, kissing her softly on the lips. Helga shuddered closing her eyes quickly.

"…I'll meet you at the boarding house?" He asked. Helga nodded and squeezed his hand.

"I'll be there in a flash…" She whispered. Arnold looked at her head quickly, concern flashing past his eyes. But if there was one thing that he had learned in all of these years of loving the girl, he knew there was no way of changing her mind once she made it up.

"Can I at least give you a ride to- wherever it is you're going?" Arnold asked as he headed towards his car, parked just outside of the street. Helga shook her head already walking down the street in a hurry.

"This'll only take a minute I promise!"

Arnold sighed and watched her go, playfully rolling his eyes with a soft smile.

"Whatever you say Helga."

Helga gulped as she stood outside of the tan house, she had spent many nights here before, but now it just seemed ominous and abandoned. With a deep breath for courage she knocked her fist against the dor, the seconds passing like minutes as she waited for an answer.


Helga flinched at the coldness of the voice that answered the door. Lila leaned against the door frame, her halter top riding up her stomach as she pushed her full and long hair into a ponytail. Helga gulped and stuttered for words as Lila raised an angry brow.

"…What do you want?" She snapped out quickly.

Helga sighed and dropped her head.

"I'm sorry." She whispered.

Lila jumped in surprise as Helga bowed to her, her blonde hair falling off her neck as she bit her lip harshly. Lila leaned back, her eyes cautious of her intentions.

"…what are you aiming at Helga?" She asked slyly. Helga sighed before shaking her head.

"I was a bitch to you…you were one of my best friends, I should have put your happiness ahead of mine…yours and Arnolds…but…" Helga paused and sighed, her body folding in defeat.

"…but you knew how much I loved him…" She looked up at Lila pitifully.

"…I felt so betrayed…so hurt that you'd…that you'd take him away even though you knew full well he was the only good thing in my life." Helga paused and shook her head.

"I'm not saying what I did was right…it was really wrong…it…it wasn't something I can ever take back." Helga took a deep breath, a weight seeming to lift off her shoulders with every word.

"But we were both so young back then, just little girls Lila-" Helga laughed and threw out her arms, trying to catch a glimpse of Lila's reaction.

"…if it helps…" Helga sighed before letting out a low breath.

"…I cried for a whole week after you stormed out of that hallway…" Helga chewed the inside of her cheek as Lila looked down at the ground, her hands gingerly pushing a stray strand behind her ear. Helga sighed deeply before reaching into her pocket, holding out the glittering locket.

"…I think, this is yours…" Helga whispered. Lila's eyes widened as she reached out quickly, grabbing the locket with ferocity. She popped it open, her eyes watering as the shimmering picture of her mother carried to her eyes.

"How did you-" She looked up quickly as Helga shrugged.

"…I found it at PS 118…I was uh, cruising it a couple of days ago…I figured it was yours…" Helga mumbled. Lila sniffed and fell faint against the doorway as she looked down at the picture with wavering eyes.

"…I thought I'd never see it again…" Lila breathed. Helga moved her hands to her side as Lila suddenly jumped out, wrapping her shaking arms around Helga's neck as she sobbed happily.

"Thank you Helga!"

Helga was practically glowing as she walked into the boarding house, her world so much brighter than it had been the day before. Phoebe greeted her first, giggling as she hugged Helga hello. Gerald stood in the corning, smiling happily to her with a nod of greeting. Helga waved to him, rubbing her best friends head as she stared at the group of happy and socializing friends inside of the boarding houses' borders.

"HELGA!" A chirp like voice giggled as Stella and Miles ran toward her, Helga's smile brightened as she threw out her arms, the two tackling her in an embrace as they kissed her head and cheek and forehead quickly.

"Hey mom, hey dad." Helga giggled out as they cooed.

"Helga we missed you SO much!" Stella said happily as she hugged the girl tighter.

"Canada was so BORING!" Miles whined as he picked the girl up in his arms.

"DAD, be careful with her! She's hurt!" Arnold warned as Miles put her down, a long and audible gasp leaving his lips as he practically zoomed in on Helga's brow.

"He's right! Helga are you ok?"

Stella gasped as well and pushed Helga's bangs up as Helga giggled, blushing in embarrassment.

"Oh no you poor thing! Here, let me kiss it better." Stella whispered kissing it gently. Helga hid her face, Arnold smirking at his parents show of affection. He joined in, cooing as the three barraged her with love and affection.

Helga smiled and nodded, feeling for the first time that this was what it was like to be welcomed home…


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