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When Remy Met Rogue(1)

The Beginning

- Okay, so Remy wen' a little ove'board wit' de powers. So wha'? He didn' 'urt anybody! Well, except 'imsel', but dat doesn' really coun' does it?

"'Parren'ly it does," he muttered to himself as he stood in the rain, glaring at the large mansion before him. "So, wha' if Remy jus' 'bout blew himsel' up? Does Pere really 'ave t' send 'im off t' New York? It's cold up 'ere!"

"'Ey, pup, getcha mind on wha' y're doin'!"

He rolled his eyes. "Remind Remy 'gin, Pere why we're sneakin' in? Don' dat Professor know we's comin'?"

His father grinned. "Of course 'e knows, petiet. But where's de fun in knockin'?"

He groaned. And then the lawn went berserk. Missiles were flying, lasers were flying, the two thieves went flying to avoid being blasted into oblivion.(2)

And that was before the inhabitants of the mansion came out to play.

Later, Xavier told Logan that he knew the intruders were the LeBeaus, but he figured it was best that they learned not to sneak into Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters right away. And anyway, it kept the kids sharp.

Remy skidded around the corner to avoid the big gun coming out of the wall and pointing at him. He charged a card and threw it, effectively ending that threat, before turning around to find himself face to face with a new one.

He liked this face. White skin surrounding darkly made up lips and eyes. Green eyes, very belle green eyes. Her hair was unusual, auburn, with two white streaks in the front. She was soaking wet and dressed in long jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt, both black. And she was wearing gloves.

Why are we fightin', again? he asked himself as he faced this new opponent. Seriously, we're gonna be 'ousemates. Why can' Pere do somet'in' legally fo' once?-

He stood before her, his arms crossed over his chest, confident that he could take the best she had to offer.

She glared at him, daring him to move.

A cocky grin appeared on his face, just begging her to take him on.

She obliged.

When his head stopped ringing, he cautiously stood up. She hadn't hit him again after wiping that smirk off of his face. He hoped that meant she wasn't going to.

Slowly, he inched toward her. When he was five feet away from her, he stopped instinctively and looked down. Somehow he just knew that if he came any closer, he'd get belted again.

Tentatively, he raised his head and looked at her. She was watching him, her face impassive, her eyes… curious. No anger, no other emotion at all. Her lack of expression made him bold enough to take two steps…

She didn't say a word. The blank face she wore never shifted. She simply reached out a suddenly gloveless hand and touched his forehead. Her skin was soft. He collapsed.

"Why me!"

Remy LeBeau awoke to the sounds of a first class tantrum. And, having thrown a couple of those in his life, he knew first class when he heard it.

"WHY ME?" a crash followed this, as well as the sounds of breaking glass and yelps from another person.

The actual tantrum thrower was female by the sound of it, and she had an attitude.

"Ah don't want him with me! Who is he anyway?"

"A new student. And you took him in-"

Instantly, she turned on the poor unfortunate soul who'd dared to argue with her.

"Don't you dare try to hand this off on me! Ah was simply following orders. 'Take down the threats' you said. Well, he was a threat!"

"Or maybe she just like his looks, huh, Rogue- owch!"

"If you ever- ever dare to insinuate something like that again Ah'll-" she was cut off

"Rogue. You are responsible for him. And we are short of space. So until further notice, he is with you. You'll be fine."

Something important sounding got broken, and Remy flinched as the yeller exited the room and glared at him.

His eyes widened. The calm, expressionless girl from- however long ago it was- was the screaming maniac glaring at him now.

He sat up, checking to see if this bothered her. She didn't move, so Remy relaxed a bit. He slowly started to stand up…

And was instantly hit by a wave of nausea. He fell back and allowed his body to rest on the floor.

"Ya alright?"

Her voice was smooth with a sweet southern drawl.

He blinked. "Remy- Remy not sure."

She cocked her head. "Remy?"

"Dat's me."

She raised her eyebrows, and a spark of curiosity lit her emerald eyes.

"We should get ya to the Me-Bay," she said finally. He nodded and she reached down to offer her hand. He took it, wondering why she was wearing gloves with a short-sleeved t-shirt. She pulled him to his feet.

They began to walk down the hallway. Suddenly, the nausea hit again, and he stumbled back against her. His hand brushed her bare arm, and the world went black.

For the second time in a day and a half, she'd knocked him out.

- This marks the part where I realized that the rest of the story won't make sense if Remy doesn't have a reason to be where he is when he is. So yeah. The parts inside the dotted lines? Totally just made that up.-