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Waking up wasn't how it was on television or in the movies. When you first wake up you don't want to get out of bed. There is no energy to lift yourself up or to even open your eyes. Time becomes something precious to you, just to use for a few extra moments of sleep.

Caesar knew this all too well. He grumbled as he opened his eyes and stared at the alarm clock. He rolled over facing the other side, but not looking at the loud object didn't stop it from ringing. He groaned out loudly as he grabbed his pillow and threw it at the device. Both hit the wall hard as Caesar slowly sat up.

He rubbed his head before dragging his fingers through his dreads. Jazmine's sweet sixteen was coming up as well as prom night. Which meant school was nearly over, which meant he really didn't have to go to school right? His cell phone yelled out from the floor of his room. Caesar lazily reached down and picked the phone up.

The calling ID revealed it was none other than myself.

Flipping the phone open he yawned into the receiver, "Yeah?"

"Morning sunshine."

"Suck it easy man."

"When and where?"

Caesar blinked then laughed.

"You know I hate to quote your brother but…nigga you gay."

He laughed a bit more as he hopped out of bed and walked over to his closest.

"You ready?"

Putting the phone against his ear he pushed his shoulder up to hold it there. Caesar scrambled through his clothes and just picked something out real quick.

"Now…you and I both know I'm not."

"Right…You got ten minutes."

"Love you too."

He shut the phone and threw it on to the bed as he leapt over it and into the bathroom.

Caesar took a quick shower then dressed as if his life depended on it, because with me it very well could have. He ran downstairs and stole a piece of toast from his uncle right when he was about to bite down on it and ran out the door.

Jazmine and I were waiting outside and on the sidewalk. Jazmine was clinging to me. Something she now did all the time. Caesar smiled at us as he made his way over. He shoved the toast in his mouth and put his hand out.

I glared at him and started walking.

Jazmine giggled as Caesar followed behind me like a puppy dog until I eventually caved. I took one last sip of my coffee then handed it over to the fiend. Caesar snickered as he drank and finished his toast. He lowered the cup and glanced around.

"What a peaceful walk…"

"Riley and Cindy didn't feel like waiting."

Caesar smirked, "Ah."

Jazmine peered over my arm and at Caesar.

"Are you still taking Marie Gardener to prom?"

Caesar shrugged as I smirked a bit.

"He's got a list. But you gotta pick one."

Caesar stared down into the coffee, The girl I want is going with someone else.

Of course, Jazmine and I already knew this.

Caesar felt our sympathetic eyes on him and quickly smiled.

"So." He looked over at us, "You two do it yet or what?"

I blinked a few times as Jazmine's face turned completely red.

"That's none of your concern…"

Caesar snickered, "Waiting for prom night I see."

Jazmine's face puffed up, "How would you know if I were still a virgin or not Caesar?"

With a sigh I shook my head, "He's CAESAR. He can spot a virgin from a mile away. Anyway, Jazmine there are small signs. None of which you can base an exact answer but maybe a theory on."

Jazmine let go of my arm, "Like what?"

I looked at Caesar who smirked then back at Jazmine, "One clear sign is your legs."

Jazmine looked down at her legs, "My legs?"

I nodded as Caesar added in, "Stand straight with your legs together."

We all stopped walking for Jazmine to do so.

"See? There is no spacing." I pointed out.

Jazmine looked down then jumped back, "Oh wow."

Caesar shrugged.

"There are other things too, like body language and your reactions to certain things."

"Again, all of this can only determine a theory not a straight fact."

Caesar grinned, "But I've only been wrong once."

"Once?" Jazmine questioned, "Out of how many?"

Caesar's grin turned into a smirk as he started walking again.

I took my girlfriend's hand, "You don't want to know…"

Jazmine gulped.

The three of us made our way to school. Cindy was sitting on the front steps talking to a few of her team mates. We noticed right away that Riley wasn't with her and walked over. Her hair wasn't short or layered anymore. She was letting it grow out for prom and it was coming in rather nicely. It reached up to her shoulders now.

One of her friends signaled her to turn around and she did. When she saw us she released a faint smile. She got up and walked over to us, leaving her team mates behind. Cindy stopped in front of me and Jazmine first. The sight of us holding hands seemed to make her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

"Damn yo. Ya are too cute. But save that shit for home." She winked.

"Hey Cindy!" Jazmine let go of my hand to hug her.

Cindy hugged her back and glanced over at me.

"I see the deed has not been done yet. Good."

I blushed a bit but grew irritated.

"Why does everyone need to know that? It's our business…"

Jazmine pulled away quickly, "Cindy!"

Cindy giggled then glanced over at Caesar who smiled.


She glanced away, "Nun."

I took Jazmine's hand again, "Well, we'll see you guys inside."

Jazmine looked up at me, puzzled. I just shook my head giving her a: "I'll tell you later" look.

She nodded and waved with her free hand, "See ya!"


Caesar put a hand in his pocket, "So…"

Cindy looked down and around her shoes, "So…"

"Where's your boy at?"

Cindy looked up at him, "Riley?"

Caesar nodded, "Duh." And stuck his tongue out with a wink.

Cindy smiled weakly at his child-like behavior.

"He's tryin' out for the basketball team."

"Oh…finally got him back into that huh?"

Cindy nodded, "I'm hoping it'll keep him outta trouble."

"I'm sure Huey feels the same."

He sipped the last of the coffee before tossing the remains into the trash can a few feet away from them. Then he put his hands back into his pockets and started walking inside.

"But that's good…"

Cindy nodded following him inside.

Caesar glanced over at her as they walked. Her eyelids were low and her mouth almost formed a frown. He knew she was bothered, it was clear as day. She tried to mask it whenever everyone was around, especially Jazmine.

But Caesar knew her better than that. She could act as well as she needed to and smile as hard as she wanted, but he knew. He looked forward knowing all too well that some of her stress was caused by him.

Riley too but none the less him as well.

"Listen Cindy…" Caesar stopped walking.

Cindy stopped as well and turned to face him, "Hm?"

Slowly, he pulled his hand out of his pocket and placed it against a locker behind her. Cindy's face lit up as he stepped closer to her body.

His eyes lowered as he spoke lowly, "I'm sorry about…well everything. At first it was all fun and games but now it's different."

Cindy looked away and to the side, "Caesar please stop this..."


Cindy almost flinched. Caesar's voice was always so sweet and friendly. Even when he was serious his tone stayed warm and inviting. But his voice was so stern, so serious; it threw her off. She looked up at him. She could tell how serious he was just by the look in his eyes. She knew he was in love with her but she was in love with Riley. He mixed up her emotions though. Was it possible to be in love with two people at once?

Her eyelids lowered as Caesar's did as well. The two stood still staring at one another until a loud bang hit the locker next to them. Cindy jumped as Caesar turned around quickly. He stood in front of her in a protective matter but his face soon dropped when he saw who it was…


His eyes were narrow and deadly.

The basketball he threw at them rolled back over to him. He didn't look down at the ball but stepped on it to stop it from moving. Caesar matched his glare keeping his eyes firmly on the young gangster. Cindy pulled away from Caesar and walked over to Riley.

"Hey baby, what's up?"

Riley kept his eyes on Caesar then looked over at Cindy.

"What's up? What da fuck is dis?"

Cindy blinked, "We were just talking."

Riley growled, "Just talkin'? Bullshit Cindy! I seen da way dis nigga was lookin' at you!"

Caesar clenched his fists.

But he regained his composer and sighed, "Dude you buggin'."

Riley pushed away from Cindy and walked over to him.

Cindy winced when he bumped her then turned around to watch, "Guys…come on."

Riley put his arm out to shh her. Cindy looked at Caesar who kept his eyes on Riley.

"How long you been fuckin' mah girl Michael?"

Caesar's eyes narrowed, "You seriously buggin' right now my dude. Chill."

Riley pushed him hard. Caesar grunted when his back hit the locker but just stayed there keeping his eyes on Riley.

Cindy gasped and stepped forward, "Riley!"

Riley didn't turn around, "Shut up, hoe."

Caesar snapped and pushed him, "Don't call her that!"

Riley stumbled back then smiled, "So…it be true den."

Cindy grabbed Riley's arm, "Riley please…let's just go."

Riley pulled his arm away, "No! Tell me da truth."

"We fucked, okay?"

Both Cindy and Riley's eyes widened.

They froze for a second then turned their attention over to Caesar.

"She was drunk, because of you…she was upset and vulnerable and I took advantage of her."

Cindy covered her mouth, Caesar…

Riley kicked the basketball at Caesar's head, which he dodged. He ran at him and punched at Caesar's face while he was distracted. Caesar's back hit the locker again as Riley continued to pond down on him. The echoes of the fight in the hallway awakened students in their classrooms. Caesar grew tired of Riley's fist and grabbed one of them. He held onto it tightly before he pushed Riley back.

Students filled the large hallway and gathered around to cheer the fight on. Cindy yelled and pleaded for them to stop but she was in danger of getting hit. Jazmine grabbed her and pulled her back into the crowd as I stepped inside.

As Caesar and Riley went at it I studied them.

I didn't want to hurt either of them nor take anyone's side. When I saw the opportune moment, however, I rushed in. Quickly, I slid in between the two. I blocked Caesar's fist with my left arm and Riley's with my right. The two kept their glare on each other then paused to look at me.

I did NOT look happy.

My eyes glanced to each of them, "Ya done?"

Caesar pulled away first.

I let both my arms down as Riley growled, "I ain't done wit you, nigga!"

"Yes you are Riley." I warned.

"What? You takin' dis nigga's side? He practically rape mah girl!"

The entire student body all gasped at the new gossip, Jazmine included. Cindy covered her mouth but was too ashamed to admit the truth.

Caesar's eyelids lowered as he allowed the new rumor to be born and Cindy did nothing to stop it. She only lowered her hands and looked to the side as all eyes were on them. Jazmine looked over at her friend knowing all too well that it couldn't be true.

She questioned why her friend didn't say anything with her eyes.

I raised my eyebrow, "Pardon?"

"You heard me nigga!" He pointed at Caesar and shouted, "He RAPED Cindy!"

My glare sharpened, "That's enough Riley!"

Riley pushed me, "Move nigga. Ima kill him!"

Jazmine grabbed Cindy unable to take it anymore, "Cindy…you have to stop this!"

Caesar threw his book bag over his shoulder and just walked away. I grabbed Riley stopping him from going after Caesar as the entire student body watched the so called 'rapist' walk off. Text messages, twitter accounts, and Facebook status' up roared in gossip and rumor.

Cindy pulled away from Jazmine and ran over to Riley. Riley looked at her and shook his head walking the other way and to his own class. I looked at Cindy and when she looked at me, I glared at her. I was disgusted knowing that my best friend's reputation was ruined because of a lie.

A lie Cindy was too ashamed to correct.

I walked away from her and took Jazmine's hand. Jazmine stared at Cindy not knowing what to say or do. I dragged her away and off to class. Students whispered amongst themselves as some asked Cindy questions. She covered her ears and ran out of the school building not wanting to come back.

When Jazmine and I got to class, we noticed Caesar wasn't there. Jazmine sat down and looked over at me with a both questioning and worried look on her face. I nodded and took out my cell phone and texted Caesar.

The teacher noticed me and scolded me right away for it.

But I just rolled my eyes and sent the text. When the teacher asked me to put my phone away again, I didn't listen only stared at the phone waiting for Caesar's reply. Jazmine ignored the teacher as well looking at me. The teacher grew impatient with my disobedience and threatened me with detention.

I waved my hand causing the room to laugh and embarrassed the teacher. Just then a message came onto my phone and it was from Caesar. I opened the message but didn't answer it. I just stood up out of my seat, which raised some eyebrows.

Jazmine touched my arm.

I looked over at her, "I'll be back."

"Mr. Freeman, where do you think you're going?"

I just walked out of the classroom without another word.

The teacher growled, "Detention!" He shouted as the students laughed.

Jazmine shook her head, "You know he's not gonna go. Why do you bother with him?"

The teacher turned back to the board mumbling then carried on with his lesson. Jazmine smirked a bit then texted me. She was worried but didn't question me. I looked down at my phone when it vibrated. I informed her that everything was okay and that I'd be on the roof with Caesar.

When I got there Caesar was sitting down with both his legs up and both arms resting on his knees. I walked over to my friend and stood beside him. Caesar stared forward and we both remained silent for awhile.

"Today was a good day to stay in bed."

I didn't respond but nodded.

"Too much shit to deal wit in the morning."

I sat down now and looked over at him, "You ight man?"

Caesar shook his head, "I ain't a morning person, Huey."

I shook my head, "Me either."

Then looked forward, "Why did you do that?"

Caesar didn't answer.

I looked back over at him, "I'm serious man. This is serious."

"You know why."

I sighed and looked forward again, "I know…but still."

Caesar smiled weakly, "Don't ever let go of Jazzy okay?"

I blinked then my eyelids lowered.

Caesar turned to face me now.

"You have no idea how lucky you are. To love someone and have them love you back."

I glanced over at him, "I do know how lucky I am. I realize you love Cindy…but sometimes people aren't good for each other regardless of how much they care about each other."

Caesar paused for a minute then looked forward, "Ah…True."

He closed his eyes cheerfully and put his arms behind his head.

"But I'm not giving up so easily."

I let out a low sigh, "And I thought I was stubborn."

Caesar lowered his arms and chuckled.

"So, what are you gonna do about the rumors?"

Caesar blinked.

"People are already talking."

Caesar shrugged, "I could care less."

"It's kind of a serious issue…"

Caesar shook his head.

"Whoever easily believes that isn't anyone I wanna be affiliated with."

I nodded, "Agreed."

I then looked over and eyed my nonchalant friend.

"What?" Caesar blinked.

"Heh, my brother did some damage."

Caesar smirked, "Aren't you proud?"

I chuckled a bit, "Well, so did you."

"If you didn't rudely get in the way," Caesar paused when I glared then smiled a bit and continued, "Who do ya think would've won?"

I had to think about it for a minute, "Hm…you both have ridiculous endurance…mostly thanks to me kicking your asses all the time. Riley punches harder but you're quicker than him."

I shrugged and finished, "Honestly you're evenly matched; it all really depends on the way the battle panned out. You're clearly smarter than my brother though. You'd use some form of strategy at some point whereas Riley just attacks non-stop without thinking. So…my bets on you man."

Caesar grinned then put his arm around me dragging me into a rough hug.

"Geh! Caesar." I threatened.

"Huey, you just made my day!"

"Yeah, yeah." I responded as I pulled away.

Caesar chuckled then blinked as his cell phone went off.

I watched him check it then rise.

I rose with him and raised a brow.

"Gotta run."


And Caesar nodded.