Title: Blind

Author: Seraphim0843

Fandom: Glee

Rating: PG (for now)

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee.

Spoilers/Warnings: Talk of Glee. If you haven't seen it yet (i.e. you live in a cave), this might give away some basic character info.

Summary: Finn never loved her, and Kurt had always loved him. Finn was so blind.

Author's Notes: This is my first fic. I am probably the biggest Kinn shipper I know, so there will be much more to come. This is just practice, really. I'm planning on writing what I think the Back 9 should have really been.

He knew he never felt love for her.

He just wanted to be in love.

He wanted to touch.

To feel.

To see.

But he just couldn't see.

He was so blind.

But part of him could see it all, crystal clear.


His eyes pretended.


Kurt walked into the school like he did everyday, and walked through the hallways with some kind of glow around him, that separated him from everyone else.

His face was not a boy's, but not a girl's. His voice was the same.


Finn walked into the school like he did everyday, and walked through the hallways with a magnet inside of him, that attracted everyone else.

His face was heart-warming. His voice was that of a boy's, but had a hint of femininity to it.


He was pink.

He was brown.


He was the tiara, the pink dress, the cherry blossoms, the rosie cheeks, the princess.

He was the forest, the wood, the trees, the river, the smell of burning wood.


They melted together.

Their voices.

Their lips.

Their bodies.

Their minds.

But only in the night, in Kurt's dreams.


Kurt cried.

And cried, and cried, and cried.

Only whimpers and tears streaming down his face.

He cried in front of Finn, so many times.


They both knew what was there.

It was too intense to not know.


"Hey Dad."

Kurt closed the door behind him and took off his shoes.

"How was school?"

"The usual." He said as he walked down the stairs into his room.

"Supper will be ready at 6."

It was 5:00pm.

His dad had the fire pit lit in the backyard.

Kurt inhaled deeply.



Finn called out, dropping his backpack next to his shoes.

"Yes honey?

"Coach said we have an emergency practice tomorrow until 7, so I'll be home late."

"That's fine, do you have a ride?"

"Yeah, Puck." He walked up the stairs.

"Okay." She was scrubbing a plate in the sink. "Be down for dinner at 6."

It was 5:00pm.

The house next door had a sakura tree in their backyard.

Finn didn't see a group of petals float with the wind past his window.



The hallways are nearly empty.

Finn can hear Rachel's voice around the corner.

He walks towards it, stopping at the corner.

"Here's the dope, princess. There's no hope for either of us. He loves Quinn. They're having a baby together. We're nothing but distractions. The sooner we realize that, the better."

Kurt waves and leaves down the opposite hallway.


He watches him walk away.

Kurt bends his head down and folds his arms.

He lifts his left arm to cover his eyes.

He breaks into a run, and bursts through the doors to outside.

He keeps running straight, across the field, and stops at a dumpster.

He slides down, lifts his knees to his chest, and rests his head on them.


Kurt would only ever love one person.

Finn loved his baby girl.

He was so blind.


Kurt played the piano.

Finn sang to his baby girl.


Kurt knew the truth.

Finn thought he knew.


Kurt watched him throw punch after punch at Puck.

Finn only saw red.


And then he saw everything.