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teddy's downfall
-Lily and Teddy inform Harry of their relationship.

"Let me get this straight," Harry says slowly, darkly. "You. Teddy. Love my daughter. Lily. Correct?"

Teddy swallows, cowering. Lily nudges him and he steps in front of her thin frame, his blue hair fading into a cowardly yellow. "Er, yes. Yes, sir, Harry, sir."

The older man nods, his hand playing with the confiscated, cursed bludger on his desk. I always had a good throwing arm, he notes in his head as he watches his daughter and his godson. No, no, Lily's been able to cast a fast shield charm since she was twelve. "You realize she is eleven years younger, correct, Teddy?"

Lily coughs and steps up bravely. "We don't care about the age difference, Dad," she replies boldly in place of Teddy, who's still trembling. "And even if you or Mum or anyone tries to stop us, you can't. I'm eighteen; I've been of age, and you aren't the boss of me. We won't care."

Nervously, Teddy raises his hand. "I-I-I care, H-Harry," he stutters.

"Shut up," Lily grumbles out of the corner of her mouth, touching his hand softly and lowering it.

Harry's eyes flash at the contact. They touched! he screeches in his mind. MY BABY GIRL MADE SKIN CONTACT WITH A MALE! "Ava - " he begins, but stops himself, controlled. Azkaban wasn't worth it. Maybe a year wouldn't be so bad... No, no, Harry Potter in Azkaban was unacceptable. What was he to do then? "You're just a baby," he says finally, his voice weak.

"Dad, I haven't been a baby for a very, very long time," Lily sighs, and inches over in front of her Dad's desk. Teddy, noticing he was a wide-open target for a curse, steps towards the doorway. "I love you, Dad. But I love Teddy, too, and I'm all grown up now. We love each other."

"Do we have to do this now?" Harry whines, but the angry glint in Lily's eye makes him quiet down. "Fine, you have my blessing." Harry pouts and frowns and glares at the bludger/potential murder weapon on his desk while Lily hugs Teddy quickly before pulling away.

"I'll see you at dinner, Dad!" Lily calls behind her shoulder. "Teddy'll sleep over tonight. Don't worry, he'll be in the guest room."

Teddy pauses, watching Lily leave before him. "Thanks, Harry," he says with a smile to his god-father. "I love her. With all my heart. I swear."

And as he watches the man whom he practically raised, he thinks, who better to love his daughter than someone who is almost a son to him?

Besides, Teddy's a very, very deep sleeper, anyway. Harry grins evilly as he remembers the fact.