Drabble: No Grief Counselors for Missing Nin

By: Duck

Warnings: Some possible inaccuracies with the story line.

AN: This is probably the only drabble you'll ever get out of me. KisaIta if you squint really hard.

They'd just gotten back to their safe house from the disastrous attempt to abduct the Kyuubi host. They ate in silence, not because either of them were exactly hungry, they always ate in silence and they only ate to refresh their chakra reserves which were nearly gone. There was more to this silence than normal though, each in their own thoughts. Itachi was as unreadable as usual, Kisame was trying to figure out how to fraise a question. He'd never been one for tact so he just came right out and said it.

"Itachi-san, you never did say…that brat looked an awful lot like you and so I was wondering…what happened to your clan?" Kisame finished in a rush.

Itachi didn't respond, just continued eating with slow graceful movements.

Kisame frowned, "Itachi-s—"

"I killed them," Itachi said shortly. "Assassinated, slaughtered. All of them. Even Shiro. He was only four months old."

His voice was filled with more emotion than Kisame had ever heard him use before and one he had never expected to hear from Itachi. Self-hatred.

Itachi stood, dropping the dirtied chopsticks beside his dish. He didn't bother to remove his clothing before he dropped on to his side of the bed. One hand reached up to his forehead and he tugged the metal forehead protector off and let it drop to the ground beside the bed.

Kisame didn't remark on any of this. He simply cleaned up their meal and then joined Itachi on the bed.

It was really a shame; Kisame thought as he drifted into sleep, that there were no counselors for missing nin.


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