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Weeks had passed since what had happened on that isolated terra. Neither party had told anyone what had happened. In fact, neither of them even bothered fighting each other anymore. Without the Dark Ace's elite forces preying on unwary squadrons or terras, the Sky Knights had taken back most of the Cyclonian-controlled terras with ease.

The rest of the Storm Hawks were concerned about Aerrow's apparent lack of interest in fighting Cyclonia, and Cyclonis was furious that the Dark Ace refused to go on any missions. She had punished him, severely, but still he would not budge. Instead, he roamed restlessly around the castle, nobody knowing what he was looking for, and most suspecting he didn't either.

It was strange, for both of them. Aerrow felt that he couldn't fight the Dark Ace anymore, even though he hated him more than ever. Now that he knew Dark Ace's story, he seemed more like a person and less like an enemy. The Dark Ace felt he was in some sort of debt to the young Sky Knight. Aerrow was the only one who had ever known his full story – he had never even told Master Cyclonis, and his old team mates, the only others who would have known, were long dead.

Both sides had tried everything to get their best warriors into action. The Cyclonians were more on the side of punishment, but anything they did seemed ineffective. The Storm Hawks had little luck in their endeavours to coerce Aerrow back into his Sky Knight duties. Though neither side could really get their greatest fighters back on track, the Storm Hawks at least seemed to be faring a bit better – they had at least managed to get Aerrow working on some strategies for taking over Cyclonia, a battle to end all battles once again. It was a start, at least. In fact, he seemed to be putting everything he had into the planning, and wouldn't let anything distract him – not even sleep or food (though what Junko offered him would be appetising to few). And that is where we are now...

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