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Chapter One: Blood Is Thicker...

Sookie hummed as she watched her nephew sleep. His mind was quiet, giving her time to contemplate just what had happened in the last couple of days. As she petted his hair, soothing the beginnings of a nightmare she decided that the journal had started it. Her mother had left a journal detailing her life in Bons Tempus with the child she had abandoned abroad when she was 15. That child had been her older sister, Lily Evans. Lily had kept the journal and her son had found it one day, and showed it to his friends in passing. Then Grams had received a letter from one Hermione Granger, detailing her grandson's life. She had never seen her gentle Grams so pissed. Within a week they had full custody of the 16 year old wizard who had finally defeated a threat he should have never been up against. They would protect him now. She felt a breeze and looked up to see Bill, her vampire boyfriend. She hadn't seen him since they got Harry.

"Who's the boy?" Bill asked roughly. Sookie glared at his tone.

"Don't call him that, you'll make him have nightmares. He's my nephew, apparently mom had a kid at 15 when abroad and just abandoned her. She died before she was 20, and Harry's her only child. Her adopted sister and her husband abused him severely. Grams is trying what she can to help him." She murmured in reply, still stroking her nephew's hair. Bill growled.

"How old is he?" He asked, coming into Harry's room via the window. "He only looks 13, 14 at the most." Sookie closed her eyes tightly, trying to calm herself.

"He's 16 Bill, that's how bad it was and no one there thought to remove him, if his best friend hadn't sent Grams a letter those.. things would have killed him!" She hissed. Bill growled as he came closer and the child's sweet scent filled his senses. How anyone could have harmed this child was beyond him.

"He's safe here Sookie, you know that." He assured her. She nodded, brushing her nephews hair again.

"I never knew about his mother, but he's blood Bill, he should have grown up laughing and playing, but instead he was beaten and manipulated. I want to sooth his hurt, his pain. I want to see him smile and laugh. He's been here two days, but not once has he smiled, he flinches away from contact, and he honestly believes that we'll turn out like the woman he called aunt before and her family. It breaks grams heart, and mine too. He's like me, but he can quiet his mind, quiet the other minds." She murmured. "It's only when he sleeps that I can get close to him. I don't know how to help him, but I want to." Bill nodded, sitting down in a chair.

"That's how family feels when one of their own has been hurt." He assured her. She nodded again. The two watched the sleeping boy for the majority of the night, Sookie calming any nightmares that tried to overtake the world weary boy.