AN: Well, about ten years have past since I posted this and admittedly it fell to the wayside in light of real life and other stories. Surprisingly it's held the test of time, with people reviewing to let me know that they would like to see me continue on with it. I have read the reviews of course, and recently I pulled up the document for it and read over what I have to see if my interest was still in writing it. I'm sure many of you have experienced changes in fandoms that you like, but we are in luck. The muse for this one is still about.

My writing style has changed a bit over the years- as I've noted in the other story that I've picked back up and re-posted, so I've reworked this first chapter and added over 1K in words to it. That being said this posting has it's own history that I will not be disturbing. The new and continuing story will be posted separately to preserve this one, while giving me the chance to make continue a story that has some potential.

Keep an eye out for His True Family (which will be the title of the reworked story). I hope you all enjoy it.

Love the Author